Heart Diary

33 million people around the world are suffering from irregular heartbeats and expecting to increase 5 million more annually due to aging population. Thailand and many countries globally are become aged society. Irregular heartbeats increases 5x risk of stroke. By 2021, 1 million out of 13.1 million people of aged population are at risk in Thailand. Early detection of irregular heartbeats or Atrial Fibrillation (“AFib”) can save lives. However, an early detection of AFib is limited due to lack of accessible to affordable devices. Hear Diary intends to solve this problem by providing a remote patient monitoring platform together with disposable patch. So, we can solve the affordability of devices as well as reduce cost of care for patients.

Unique features of Heart Diary is FDA approved ECG patch that is thinner and lighter than all FDA approved patches available on the market. This reduce restrictions that imposed by traditional Holter monitoring. Pay-Per-Screening business model allows care provider to focus on providing service and less worry about procuring the devices.

Heart Diary is interested in providing service to Japanese. We aim to collaborate with Japanese care providers to service 72,754 Japanese in Thailand and extend globally.


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Program Director,
This service addresses an important part of the trend of aging societies found in Japan and across Asia. Personalized medicine (in this particular case, personalized heart monitoring) offer opportunities for people who are living longer lives to also live happier lives. The market opportunity is suitable for Thailand, where this company has been launched; in Japan, which also has an aging society; and in combined market opportunities such as longstay and medical tourism from Japan to Thailand, another important trend.

The technology and product have undergone initial tests and now the team is focusing on developing the appropriate service and customer development model. The underlying technology is proprietary and held in a close partnership among three technology suppliers.

The team is headed by an accomplished technologist with significant business experience across Asia in related technologies, and other members of the team are experts in medicine, including holistic medical practices. Partners include the manufacturer of the underlying monitoring chip, the manufacturer of the heart monitor and communication system, and a large medical group in Thailand.

• Large market with a clear, important problem.
• A tested technology and product which has undergone initial pilot development.
• A seasoned team and important partners.