Health innovation and design limited partnership

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
The SkillMinute is a platform that solve the problem of two major groups with specific needs. First, the biotech, pharmaceutical and life science companies need to present the product in special interest way.  The companies want to know who is the key doctor who are the main user.  The companies spent a lot of money for finding key doctors because it can help to reduce the cost of the market.   The time to wait for the physician are major cause of lacking in the efficiency. In addition, the company give priority to the attractive presentation because of time limit of doctors meeting. Secondly, the doctors need to know the update reliable information of treatments, medication, surgical technic and also new method of treatment.

MD, Asst. Prof.

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Change Maker,
I have know the founder for years and he has always been sharing interesting ideas he has. As a creator for specialized surgery knives, he designed tools, which he uses to explain to surgeons on how the knives are being applied. He showed me one of that tool and I was excited. With further exploration into what he is doing, it is then I understand that there is a gap with which the medical industry has. There are lots of medical knowledge out there. New findings and medical methodologies are coming out all the time. But there is not a comprehensive platform with which those knowledge is being captured and consolidated. A platform like this would be a great destination for physicians to keep themselves updated with regards to the findings in the medical sector. With such platform, medical knowledge, tools, medicines and etc. will be made more available easily to the doctors which then extends those access to the treatment to the patients.