Hachi Tama Inc.

【AEA 2019 Alumni】
Our product is called “Toletta®” it is a smart IoT cat litter box that has different layers to separate urine and feces for easier and more convenient clean up. This system also ideal for detecting any abnormalities in your cat’s health that may not be directly noticeable, such as Chronic Kidney Disease. Chronic Kidney Disease is an incurable disease that affects 30% of the whole cat population, it is also tone of the leading causes in cat death. Early symptoms of this disease include an increased urine volume and decreased body weight, which toletta can measure simultaneously. We can also distinguish between various cats via our camera/face recognition technology, and all of your specific cat’s information will be available on our app, which makes our product more convenient for those who lead busy lives like those in the workforce or those who have limited energy to take care of their pet, such as the elderly. Our technology is very unique and innovative to the pet industry because we can help provide early detection, which leads to early treatment to one’s cat, which can prolong their lives so that everyone can live a happy cat life.


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 Hachi Tama took part in the TOKYO Accelerator Program in 2017 and achieved great growth. Hachi Tama also developed a creative product in pet health care. We highly recommend Hachi Tama as a candidate for the Asia Entrepreneurship Award.