Exergy Power Systems, Inc.

 Exergy Power Systems, Inc. is a startup company from the University of Tokyo that provides IoT solutions to flexibly adjust sudden fluctuations of the electricity originated from renewable energy. Electricity generated from solar power and wind power always fluctuates under the influence of clouds and wind. As the proportion of renewable energy increases in the power system, conventional methods of preventing a sudden loss of renewable energy output can no longer be used. The company developed a new way of dealing with sudden fluctuations and provides a solution as a flexibility service. Flexibility services are especially needed in countries and regions that are engaged in energy transition from fossil resources to renewable resources. The company develops and manufactures next-generation energy storage systems which utilize proprietary storage batteries. The company’s storage battery has excellent rapid charge/discharge characteristics and durability, and can stabilize the power system when renewable energies are introduced into the power grid. Currently, MW-class energy storage system demonstration project is underway in Europe and Hawaii.


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The University of Tokyo
 Exergy Power Systems, Inc. provides flexibility services that flexibly adjust sudden fluctuations of the electricity originated from renewable resources. The company was originally founded based on the storage battery technology developed in the University of Tokyo and expanded their product to IoT solutions targeted for electric power companies combining storage battery systems, emergency power generators and an energy network. Since the transition of energy source from fossil resources to renewable resources is inevitable, fluctuations of electricity is becoming a critical issues for power companies. The social impact of stabilizing the power system by providing flexibility services is very large.