Coitor IT Tech Private Limited

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
We are an organization focusing on delivering cutting edge solutions in augmented reality domain. We are a firm that started in 2013 by two UNISA, Australia graduates with the desire to connect people and products virtually. Our mission since then has been creating products which will enhance the purchasing process of customers and enabling them to make decisions quickly to complete a sale.  This decision was prompted after recognizing the growing need to create a unique experience for shoppers to enable the sales conversion. We have successfully developed products which has helped retailers to increase sales conversion and end customers to trail products within seconds from a minute.

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Coitor IT Technologies P Ltd – is the start-up that leverages the technology to address the problem in the purchase of apparels in the stores. The customers undergo challenges during the trial of the apparel by wearing the same in the trial rooms created in the stores. These include: ・To create a comfortable space for trial rooms, with safety and privacy. ・The stores were not able to show all the designs of the apparel available. ・The stores were not able to have the track of the trial apparels. ・The customers are forced to limit their choices because of the time consumed in the trial process. ・The customers feel fatigue after the trial of two or three designs – as a result the sales conversion does not happen or the customer is dissatisfied. ・Tracking of the customer taste and preferences. ・Choosing of clothes from across the chain of stores. ・Maintain the database of the fit of the customers over a period of time The Coitor IT Technologies addresses these challenges by developing a product using Augmented Reality (AR). The product has the potential to be deployed in other markets apart from Indian market and the potential is huge. The company will get an opportunity to get mentored, refine their business model to attract international business and to get exposed before the investors.