Blincam Inc.

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
Blincam is an wearable camera which attaches to any pair of eye glasses. You can bring it to anywhere and whenever you see something impressive, all you have to do is to give a wink or a blink. It allows you to capture the very moment you are seeing as it is. Beautiful scenery, smiling faces, authentic moments you spend with your family or friends, you will get it in Blincam. We are offering the simplest way to take pictures and shape memory. The world’s quickest cam, Blincam.


Nominated by

Partnership Manager,
Orange Japan
Blincam develops an wearable camera attached to eye glasses, which allows you take pictures of moments you like by just a blink or wink. I recommend Blincam for Asian Entrepreneurship Awards for three reasons. Firstly, Blincam has capability to design and develop the camera small and light enough to attach to eye glasses. The team has a plenty of experience and strong will to achieve the goal. Secondly, the product could be easily accepted in the global market. A need to take photos at the right timing is universal and also very simple, which is I think very important particularly for Japanese startups to overcome the language barrier for aiming at the global market. Finally, the product and the core technology has wider potential than attachable device for eye glasses for consumer usage. It could be used for medical, manufacturing, construction or various types of B2B use cases. I believe that Blincam team and their product has huge potential to re-design the way to capture the moments people want to record.