Beijing Qingfan Yuanhang Networking Technology Co. Ltd.

Qingfan provide mobile innovation management tools and solutions for innovative organizations. By crowdsourcing projects, contest/competitions and workshops, an organization can leverage social power to solve problems and build a highly engaged innovative community. By community based innovation, the cost can be reduced by up to 30-50%. For innovation management tools, there are no prominent competitors. Qingfan provides a comprehensive solution for this problem, with a very easy to use mobile app as well as a very powerful dashboard and BI tools. The features of the product include community building, large scale project management and data management. The technology and algorithms are on the edge, with authorized innovation patents and software copyrights.


Nominated by

Deputy Director of the Communist Youth League,
Tsinghua University
Enterprise innovation management is of great importance for companies. Qingfan’s team solve this problem by a solid product as well as a fresh perspective. Their product, a mobile app called Virtual Workshop and Business Intelligent tools form a comprehensive solution for the large scale community based innovation. Qingfan’s team members come from Tsinghua University, Stanford University etc. who are very capable and share rich experience in software and artificial intelligence. We think Qingfan’s idea and product is very innovative, with both economic potential and social impact.