BackTech Inc.

【AEA 2017 Alumni】
As a startup at Kyoto University, we provide a service to help those who suffer from back pain improve their productivity. Currently it is limited to employees a corporate.
There are countless people in the world who suffer from bodily pain everyday, including the 20 million people in Japan.
Back pain is the number one cause of unproductivity, yet most of the sufferers don’t visit the medical institution until it becomes serious. And their reason? “they’re too busy with work.”
The CEO at Backtech, who has been practicing chiropractic for many years, has seen this too many times.
Most people with some sort of a bodily pain are stuck with the fear of never ending suffrage and with no clue of what to do.
PocketTherapist is an application that we’ve developed that links busy people who suffer from pain and certified therapists through technology in the comfort of their home.
Just like carrying a smartphone in your pocket, we want people to “carry” their therapists in their pocket, anywhere, anytime.
About 12 corporates have joined PocketTherapist after just 2 months of releasing our application.
About 80% of the population in the world experience a back pain, but this worldwide problem, somehow stays unsolved, even though it is the number one reason why people aren’t as active as they should be.
We thrive to improve health in Asia so that people can stay energetic and thus increase productivity, which will lead to the development of the economy.


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