【AEA 2018 Alumni】
AusAir is the world’s leading high-tech filtration mask company, creating advanced performance technology to protect the world’s urban explorers. AusAir was born in 2017 with a simple mission, to provide people access to clean air. This was inspired by their travels overseas to places where airborne particulate matter was high. With this mission in mind, AusAir partnered with the University of Sydney and industry leading specialists to recreate the mask from the ground up. They started by looking at what the most important technical features were in high performing masks, and how to adapt these functional components into a product which is made for everyday wear. The result was a design which won numerous awards, including The University of Sydney’s Annual Innovation Award. After 3 years of research and development their flagship product was launched, the AirFlex Mask range. In 2021, AusAir released the world’s most breathable, sustainable mask with >99% filtration efficiency, tackling both the problems of air pollution and waste pollution.

Head of Marketing

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Entrepreneurship Programs Manager,
University of Sydney Business School
AusAir entered the Sydney Genesis start-up program (The University of Sydney) in March 2018 and were awarded the prize for ‘Best Scalable Business in Asia. Throughout the program, AusAir have demonstrated a high level of commitment to their company’s vision, a high level of creativity and innovation across their product range, and uniqueness in the category of aesthetic face masks. Given that the start-up’s target market is focused in Asia, we believe that AusAir are a well-suited candidate to compete in the Asia Entrepreneurship Awards.