AusAir Essentials

AusAir Essentials has created the world’s first anti-pollution mask with unique health benefits. Our mask is comprised of two components, a stylish reusable outer skin, and replaceable woollen filters. The reusable component of the mask comes in a range of different designer patterns and block colours, making our mask not only functional, but fashionable. Our filter range is called ‘Air+’ as each filter contains an organic plant compound, benefiting the user’s health. We have three filters in our botanical range: ‘Tea Tree Skin’, ‘Eucalyptus Clear’, and ‘Lavender Serenity’. We also have the option for a blank filter. Our mask not only solves the problem of air pollution, but goes beyond by solving both the problems present in current mask designs, as well as health and wellbeing problems. Our mask will address the pollution problems by meeting Australia and New Zealand respiratory protection standards (AS/NZS 1716). This means it filters out 94% of particulate matter between 0.02 to 2 microns, providing an extremely high level of respiratory protection to the user.

Head of Marketing

Nominated by

Entrepreneurship Programs Manager,
University of Sydney Business School
AusAir entered the Sydney Genesis start-up program (The University of Sydney) in March 2018 and were awarded the prize for ‘Best Scalable Business in Asia. Throughout the program, AusAir have demonstrated a high level of commitment to their company’s vision, a high level of creativity and innovation across their product range, and uniqueness in the category of aesthetic face masks. Given that the start-up’s target market is focused in Asia, we believe that AusAir are a well-suited candidate to compete in the Asia Entrepreneurship Awards.