ALI Co., Ltd.

 At Artificial Language Intelligence (ALI) Co., Ltd., we offer text summarization and chatbot solutions through deep learning based natural language processing technology. As our main product, abstractive text summarization solution provides important and concise information to the users from long texts for an easy understanding of the content. Our solution is implemented by using the state-of-the-art deep learning techniques to generate new and abstract sentences. It summarizes the content of an entire input document. Creating an abstractive summary provides a natural way to understand the given document compared to the traditional extraction based summarization that retrieves some important sentences from the input document. Similarly, our chat-bot solution using deep learning techniques, generate responses through contextual understanding.
Understanding the context allows our chat-bot to generate appropriate dialogue responses considering the conversations and dialogue history.
– The goal of the aforementioned products is mainly to provide a solution to call center services, where

① the counselors can reduce their workload,
② customers can get faster service,
③ executive members can design better service or solution with the summarizing report from customers’ complains, and also
④ the companies can save on labor costs.

We are also preparing an app service for individual customers where it can automatically summarize the conversation history for the users for easier and better understanding, which generates an automatic meeting minute.


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School of Business Administration, Kyungpook National University
 Company ALI is a new startup for providing a text summarization and chat-bot solution, using AI based deep learning technology. By applying it in our call center, it can innovate their performance in terms of

1) reducing labor cost,
2) better design solution for executives,
3) increasing customer satisfaction, and finally
4) improving counselor’s performance. This can create an environment for a company to achieve a work/life balance and establish a new corporate culture. .

It employs a smart deep learning system technology for both text summarization and chat-bot solution.
This enables a company to summarize a source document or dialogue as humans do, while old technologies lacks grammar consistency of the document, failing to provide context information of a dialogue.
The company has already its customer in Korea and it has a great potential to expand its market to other countries, including Japan, which is most similar with Korean market.
Its revenue structure is very solid since it can reduce labor cost significantly. The CEO is also a big asset to the company. He and his team are high-level technical experts and a sense of marketing for the business, which, I expect, make difference for the company performance.