Ai Health Highway India Private Limited

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
NCDs (Non Communicable Disorders) are the world’s no 1 killer – ie 38 million deaths every year.

Our GOAL is to reduce 25% premature deaths due to NCD’s by 2025

PROBLEM: Most of the current Cardiology screening devices (ECG, ECHO, Angio etc) are hospital-based and 10-100x costelier. However, for > 80% patients the 1st point of contact is at the primary care clinics. Hence, there is a huge MISSED OPPORTUNITY to detect Heart Disorders at the primary care clinics

SOLUTION: AiSteth is a smart stethoscope to screen, detect & predict Heart/Lung disorders using Ai/ML. It has got 3 key components:
i) Device – picks heart/lung sounds and converts them into visual wave patterns
ii) Data – the heart/lung sounds are streamed via bluetooth to a companion smart phone app for visualization + record, store and share capabilities
iii) Intelligence – ML algorithms run on top of the above two layers of device + data

4 SEGMENTS: Adult, Pediatric, Mother & Child, Co-morbidity

AiSteth has Covid indications as below:

1) for use by elderly at home
2) remote monitoring of Heart/Lung sounds for “at high-risk groups” with co morbidity (chronic heart and respiratory conditions)
3) use along tele-health, tele-medicine platforms for remote tracking of vitals

CEO and Founder

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Three Reasons:
(i) They address real problem in need of a solution
(ii) A great founding team and
(iii) a Good Business model.
Remote health delivery is here to stay in 2020 and beyond. They address a real problem in last mile health delivery – Alternates to a Doctor led Stethoscope. Since Jan 2020, telemedicine has exploded and is now the norm for level 1 health screen. With this category of solutions – the remote Stethoscope- remote telemedicine can become more complete.
Dr. Satish is a well rounded Doctor+ Entrepreneur. This is second entrepreneurial venture and he brings a rare business view to health problem solving.
While Telemedicine is a huge business case, they are starting out with a simpler business case- Rural India. In Rural India there is a shortage of quality doctors. Having some AI in the basic form of health screening will address this. Having two adjacent business cases- Rural Medicine/ Medicine for the masses and Telemedicine provides a lot of de-risking for the business.