Startup Entrants outline

 In a similar way to sharing companies like AirBnB help make use of vacant or partially vacant accommodation, we are helping to make use of under-utilised computers. Those computers are everywhere, in the cloud, in bedrooms, offices, all over the world. We provide access to those computers in a way that is simple enough for anyone to use. Effectively, we sell access to computational power, but we own no computers.

Managing Director

Nominated by

Associate Lecturer and Startup Program Manager,
University of Sydney
 James is a successful serial entrepreneur supported by a talented team and I have no doubt that with the right support Crowdrender could have a huge impact on the world.

 Langzou Technologies develops state of the art 3D computer vision and computer graphics technologies and builds smart city platforms on top of them. It serves governments, campus owners and buildings with digital twin solutions with a series of IOT applications. With these solutions, space management from city scale to building scale becomes much more efficient. Langzou’s vision is to build a more reliable space management system that lets operators run with confidence.


Nominated by

Senior Investment Manager,
Ray VC
 Langzou’s advanced technologies could bring a totally new experience to video surveillance industry in real estate sector. It makes individual CCTV camera’s video stream joine together to become a whole world. And as a campus manager, who can add more data layers on top of this system. We believe that this project will bring values to Misti Fudosan and other Japanese real estate companies.

 Microblue Intelligence is a tech company which provides industry-wide AI visual technology. We are professional and capable to implement visual project quickly and to offer multiple deployment plans(including local deployment and cloud deployment) according to the situation of the project.
 We use mainstream AI algorithm in the insudtry and master core techniques(including target recognition, defect detection, visual classification,etc.).We can assess the actual application context of customers and provide customerized servise quickly and precisely.


Nominated by

JETRO Guangzhou
 This company is a tech company which provides industry-wide AI visual technology.
They have a lot of practical experience in the field of industrial intelligent vision through many high-end industrial projects. They can help manufacturing companies reduce cost, and speed, ensure the reliability of data in the factory environment. They have overseas cooperation experience with French Government and Large Korean Enterprises.

 Cavli Wireless is an IoT building block provider, bringing together connectivity, application processing capability and data management into one single platform. Cavli Wireless designs & manufactures industry-grade cellular IoT connectivity and compute modules that enable seamless cellular IoT implementation and faster product deployment different IoT applications worldwide. All of Cavli’s Smart Modules are loaded with global cellular connectivity with the integrated eSIM feature which is powered by our GSMA certified eSIM provisioning system. This ensures that our customers get to enjoy attractive cellular data rates around the world along with hassle-free deployment and subscription management through our proprietary cloud platform – Cavli Hubble. With our GSMA certified Connectivity as a Service platform & native connectivity hardware, we work with telecom operators around the world to facilitate global scale to IoT product makers around the world. Our proprietary stack embedded in the hardware enables it to interact with our connectivity platform monitoring several device performance parameters real-time. This layer of intelligence helps to automate several parameters related to devise performance like remote diagnosis, because of which the manual intervention required is less. We have designed a full suite solution in an industry that has many fragmented players in the value chain.


Nominated by

Zone Startups
 IoT promises to be one of the most disruptive technologies of 2020’s. To make IoT real, the basic building block is essential. Cavli Wireless is an innovative ground level IoT building block start-up. At a basic, Cavli is both a hardware and software company; the software is the key differentiator. Cavli hardware goes inside IoT aware equipment (such as a Refrigerator, Car, Industrial device) and provides for connectivity and control of the device. The Module also provides for some computing capacities, so that the hardware manufacturer can implement algorithms on the device (Say encrypting the IoT communication).They are also very aggressively following all emerging standards in this industry (Such as GSMA). The software and manageability features called as Cavli Hubble provides for a much easier rollout of IoT by handling manageability details (such as Cellular subscriptions, communications costs). They have good customer traction with customers such as Dialog Telecom in Sri Lanka, Industrial refrigerators and automatic power consumption calculators. They will greatly benefit from engaging with Japan; Japan and Japanese conglomerates are the emerging capitals of IoT.

 Examly is an AI powered platform for schools & universities specially designed to teach coding / programming skills. Examly also provides learning contents, practice exercises and assessments required to teach programming courses. Examly helps the underskilled faculty membres in schools / universities to upskill themselves and in-turn use the platform to teach their students. The AI engine of the platform creates a unique learning path for each student and adapts the practice exercises as per his / her understanding of the concepts and slowly guide them to move up the ladder. This data is provided to the faculty membres in real time, who now can guide the class more effectively by concentrating on students who are lagging behind. Examly has an easy to use course authoring tool which aids the faculty membres to add thier own contents & customize the courses. The platform is currently used by 100+ top universities in India including BITS Pilani, VIT University & Chitkara University. In these universities the platform is used inline with their course currículum to teach & assess their students. The platform is currently used by more than 60000+ learners across the country.


Nominated by

Executive Director,
 Examly solves the critical problem of lack of employability skills in India, in particular programming skills among the new graduates. Upon research the company carefully identified that there is a serious undersupply of qualified teachers who can teach coding effectively to these students. Despite the graduation of 200,000+ computer science engineers in India every year, only 15% of them are readily employable.  The platform is currently used by 100+ top universities in India including BITS Pilani, VIT University & Chitkara University. In these universities the platform is used inline with their course currículum to teach & assess their students. The platform is currently used by more than 60000+ learners across the country and the platform also used to identify bright talents; as an example leading job portal in Asia “” is using examly platform to assess fresh graduates for hundreds of their clients.

 The major use of seaweed has been predominantly for human consumption. Call to increase consumption has long been made for seaweed gets highly regard as sustainable food potential. Besides its use in functional foods, seaweed also finds its way in processed, powdered forms used as hydrocolloids, texturing agents, and/ or stabilizers, for food, pharmacy, and cosmetic industries. The Global demand for particular use of seaweed in the form of empty capsule for instance, is expected to further increase in an annual growth rate averaging 7.3% per annum since 2016 and is projected to continue until 2026.
 Seaweed as the main input to Inobi’s production system has been becoming an important commodity to support the economy of the coastal area. Indonesia, commonly known as a country with the second longest shore line in the World, has huge potential. Combination of climatological aspect and ecology provides a perfect environment for seaweed cultivation. These facts make seaweed become one of Indonesia’s leading marine commodity in the Global market to date. Currently, Indonesia is the second best world’s seaweed producing country after Chile. Indonesia seaweed production in 2010 reached 3.082 million tons, exceeding the target set by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) of 2.574 million tons. Further increase in production of 3.504 million tons in 2011, 5.1 million tons in 2012, 7.5 million tons in 2013. Indonesian seaweeds are commonly produced and exported in the form of dried seaweed and/or semi-finished product for example carrageenan, alginate and gelatine.
 Hard Capsules are solid preparations consisting of drugs in hard or soft shells that can dissolve. The shell is generally made from gelatin. Gelatin is a hydrolysis product from collagen that comes from the skin, tissue and bones of animals that are commonly used, namely from the bones of cattle or buffalo and pig bones. Hard capsule product from seaweed is an alternative gelatin capsule, important for Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Vegetarians and Others on dietary reason. The recent trends of increasing demand for plant based capsule husks finds its explanation not only in the aforementioned communities but more importantly in the changing lifestyle due to the improved awareness and the shift in the value of healthy life, whereby people exempt themselves from animal based- and derivate products and instead opt more for seaweed as healthier option.

M.Si., PhD

Nominated by

Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs (CMEA)
 Starting with the idea of building teaching factory in Marine sector, the University of Airlangga ends up having a Start-up – PT Inobi, that is a robust and promising seaweed based empty capsule maker. Their initiative proves that home grown technology based Start-up can provide not only healthier option to customers but impacts people in terms of social and economic in sustainable way. Having all the preparation done, PT Inobi now intends to broaden its business abroad while strengthening its niche in domestic market.

 Algal Bio Co., Ltd., a biotech startup, was established in March 2018 based upon 20 years of research results at the University of Tokyo. We possess around 3000 algae strains.These algae strains produce naturally occurring functional substances such as carotenoids, long chain unsaturated fatty acids , protein and oils. In addition to the strains isolated from the environment, these algae strains include strains obtained by mutation breeding with heavy ion-beam irradiation. The need for biologically-derived functional substances is increasing globally due to consumer health and natural orientation, the avoidance of genetic modification, and various regulations on chemically synthesized substances. Our algae strain does not use genetic recombination technology, so it can meet a wide range of needs. We can provide functional substance, functional foods (health foods and supplements), cosmetics, functional beverages, natural additives, medicines and biofuels, etc.


Nominated by

Managing Director, Chiba Industry Advancement Center
Director, Tokatsu Techno Plaza
 I recommend Algal Bio Co.,Ltd., a tenant company of Tokatsu Techno Plaza, to the Asian Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) 2019. This is because Algal Bio Co.,Ltd. has a good record of microalgal study results based on academic research and the company is promoting its commercialization.
Below are the detailed explanations.

1.  Algae is a useful resource that has low environmental impact when considering about the future global environment.
2.  Algal Bio Co., Ltd. is a start-up company from the University of Tokyo. Research and development include methods for microalgal cultivation, component analysis and the development of manufacturing methods for demonstration plants. The company also aims for microalgal mass production.
3.  The company has around 3,000 unique algal strains which were obtained by irradiating heavy ion beams to microalgae. These strains contain naturally derived excellent functional substances.
4.  Algal Bio Co., Ltd aims to utilize the characteristics of different ingredient of many microalgal strains and aims to sell microalgae as a supply to functional foods, supplements, cosmetics, and biofuels.

For these reasons mentioned above, I believe Algal Bio Co., Ltd will contribute to health care in the near future as the company will produce useful microalgae which can be made available not only in Japan but also around the world.

 Exergy Power Systems, Inc. is a startup company from the University of Tokyo that provides IoT solutions to flexibly adjust sudden fluctuations of the electricity originated from renewable energy. Electricity generated from solar power and wind power always fluctuates under the influence of clouds and wind. As the proportion of renewable energy increases in the power system, conventional methods of preventing a sudden loss of renewable energy output can no longer be used. The company developed a new way of dealing with sudden fluctuations and provides a solution as a flexibility service. Flexibility services are especially needed in countries and regions that are engaged in energy transition from fossil resources to renewable resources. The company develops and manufactures next-generation energy storage systems which utilize proprietary storage batteries. The company’s storage battery has excellent rapid charge/discharge characteristics and durability, and can stabilize the power system when renewable energies are introduced into the power grid. Currently, MW-class energy storage system demonstration project is underway in Europe and Hawaii.


Nominated by

Project Professor,
The University of Tokyo
 Exergy Power Systems, Inc. provides flexibility services that flexibly adjust sudden fluctuations of the electricity originated from renewable resources. The company was originally founded based on the storage battery technology developed in the University of Tokyo and expanded their product to IoT solutions targeted for electric power companies combining storage battery systems, emergency power generators and an energy network. Since the transition of energy source from fossil resources to renewable resources is inevitable, fluctuations of electricity is becoming a critical issues for power companies. The social impact of stabilizing the power system by providing flexibility services is very large.

 Our product is called “Toletta®” it is a smart IoT cat litter box that has different layers to separate urine and feces for easier and more convenient clean up. This system also ideal for detecting any abnormalities in your cat’s health that may not be directly noticeable, such as Chronic Kidney Disease. Chronic Kidney Disease is an incurable disease that affects 30% of the whole cat population, it is also tone of the leading causes in cat death. Early symptoms of this disease include an increased urine volume and decreased body weight, which toletta can measure simultaneously. We can also distinguish between various cats via our camera/face recognition technology, and all of your specific cat’s information will be available on our app, which makes our product more convenient for those who lead busy lives like those in the workforce or those who have limited energy to take care of their pet, such as the elderly. Our technology is very unique and innovative to the pet industry because we can help provide early detection, which leads to early treatment to one’s cat, which can prolong their lives so that everyone can live a happy cat life.


Nominated by

 Hachi Tama took part in the TOKYO Accelerator Program in 2017 and achieved great growth. Hachi Tama also developed a creative product in pet health care. We highly recommend Hachi Tama as a candidate for the Asia Entrepreneurship Award.

 Metcela Inc. is a pre-clinical stage biotech startup in Japan. At Metcela, we are developing an innovative, clinically viable and efficacious cell therapy for chronic heart failure using a specific type of fibroblasts found in the heart, called “VCFs” or VCAM-1-positive cardiac fibroblasts. The effects of VCFs in cardiac function have been demonstrated in various animal heart failure models. VCF’s main function is to modify the microenvironment of the infarcted heart to promote survival and proliferation of pre-existing cardiac cells. Unlike many other technologies, our approach is to simply yet truly regenerate the cells that already exist in the heart and help them thrive in a more favorable environment that VCFs create.

 For cell delivery, we have teamed up with a leading catheter manufacturer in Japan to develop a unique injection catheter system which can assist the clinicians to precisely inject VCF to the infarcted areas. Combining the novel characteristics of VCFs and a cutting-edge technology of the precision delivery catheter, we are preparing to initiate an investigator-initiated phase I clinical trial in Japan in early 2021 and later bring the technology to other parts of the world.

Co-founder / Co-CEO

Nominated by

Professor, Deputy director of headquarters for industry-university collaboration,
University of Tsukuba
 Metcela is attempting to address critically unmet medical need in heart failure, for which there are no treatments that can fundamentally cure the condition. Heart failure patients’ symptoms continue to get worse while repeating hospitalization for the rest of their lives.

 Since its launch in 2016, Metcela executed several pre-clinical studies on a tight schedule and demonstrated significant improvement in the heart function. With its exceptional pre-clinical results and its unique modes of action for cardiac regeneration, Metcela successfully financed more than $9M since establishment.

 Metcela has been also successful in attracting key talents and advisory board. Metcela has a tight relationship with cardiologists at the University of Tsukuba and transformed its technology to the clinical viable product by incorporating real needs at the clinical site.

 Taking advantage of acceleration programs including the Research Studio hosted by the University of Tsukuba and the UC San Diego, Metcela continues to improve its business and clinical trial plans.

 Metcela was also successful in corporate partnerships. With its capital and business alliance with Japan Lifeline, novel injection catheter has been developed and its usefulness was confirmed in the porcine pre-clinical study with the recovery of the heart function.

 Legislation of medical Device traceability will start in the United States in 2020 first and EU and other countries will follow.
Medical professionals pay attention to surgical instrument traceability issue in various countries including Japan as it contributes to patient safety in the end.
Looking at objective of tracability, some Japanese medical professionals misunderstand it as “Identification of indivisual surgical instrument” through barcode but it should include “evaluation of surgical instrument condition (cleaness, functionality and deterioration)” to avoid surgical site infection to the patients. Our goal is realizing quantitaive evaluation system of surgical instrument condition to contribute patient safety.


Nominated by

Assistant Manager,
 This company has the potential to innovate from the perspective of surgical instrument traceability to improve the overall hospital management. Therefore I recommend this company.

 An uptick in the lifestyle, triggered by jet-speed urbanization and industrialization, at times reveal a few clefts. The change takes people afar from the root which can adversely impact the body. One such is hypertension or high blood pressure. If allowed to persist longer, then it has the potential to lead to much more demanding diseases such as heart failure, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and others. To counter the disease, anti-hypertensive drugs have been introduced by various drug manufacturers. These drugs are primarily chemicals that can lower high blood pressure or tension and curb chances of contracting myocardial infarction or stroke. Keeping an eye on our blood pressure level is very important for a healthy heart and organ function. If not properly monitored and maintained, high or low blood pressure levels can lead to an assortment of health risks.
With our Smart Intelligent Materials, that show non-radioactive alpha, beta and gamma rays, non-toxic, non-conductive, non-migrating and non-magnetic properties, it can stabilize blood pressure. Through its unique chemical interaction of the impregnated materials in the plaster, it emits a low-frequency vibration to the blood, thus improving its circulation.


Nominated by

Associate Professor,
Putra Business School 
 This start-up was nominated because of its huge potential of its technology, which can be applied in diverse industries such as food care, energy management, machinery and healthcare. It has a well-balanced team of professionals and researchers and some of its products are already in the final stage of commercialisation. What this start-up currently need is the full support in term of financing and networking to scale up and reach wider audience especially in Asia region.

 SmartPeep has a mission to provide better elderly care with AI, by offering virtual elderly-sitter systems to help caregivers to monitor and respond better to older adults who are at risk, and who need help. They aim to penetrate the huge aging population market in Asia in the next 5 years. The company was co-founded in Oct 2017 by a machine-learning and pattern recognition specialist, a mobile software developer, a product, sales & marketing person, and a camera hardware expert. The team has grown to over 10 members now.

 SmartPeep has received several awards in Singapore and Malaysia, and has been covered by media including The Edge Singapore, Oriental Daily News Malaysia, and KrAsia. SmartPeep has secured more than US$400,000 funds from accelerator and angel investors.

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

Assistant Director,
JETRO KualaLumpur
 SmartPeep company, introduced a solution that ‘kill two birds with one stone’. The virtual AI patient-sitter system not only observes elderly safety, but as well provides caretaker the ease of monitoring their patients even when they are away.

Without additional equipment, the AI software leverages facilities’ existing CCTV and client can just plug in SmartPeep servers into the camera system. Everything will be converted into an intelligent fall detection device without the needs of equipment upgrade. In comparison with conventional bed sensor, the system supports multi-bed monitoring using a camera within the same room, which is catered for nursing home and hospital needs. The patients not needed to wear uncomfortable device on their body, as wearable accessories might give problems especially to elderly people.

The company is putting Japan their number one target country, as the aging population would be huge market for them to be in. They have signed a MoU with a Japanese company few month back, to explore the possibility of bringing fall detection technology into Japan home. Japan’s camera manufacturers also would be their potential future partner, as they have plan to integrate the software into cameras and scale out to general consumers.

 Aware Group was incorporated as a Data and AI company in September 2016. The company bootstrapped from the beginning using services revenue to grow the team and provide funds for developing products. There are now over 20 staff in New Zealand with teams growing in the United States and Singapore.

Aware Group has created deep ties with industry partners such as Microsoft (at the global level), to gain access to large customers across the world. These networks are especially important for Aware Group to understand the industry, but also to build a channel to sell products. Aware Group released its first Software-as-a-Service product, Aware Cognitive Platform (ACP) in 2019 and these networks have been invaluable.

ACP enables customers to rapidly deploy and realise the value of AI in their business. Aware Group have built several ACP Modules to support customer scenarios including (but not limited to) People Counting, Automated Number Plate Recognition and Audio Classification. Aware Group have run a number of pilots of the technology and are going through commercials for production deployments right now.


Nominated by

Investment Manager,
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
 Aware Group is considered a leader in AI focused solutions in New Zealand. Despite being a young start-up company (established in 2016) the team have established themselves as a integral partner to Microsoft in Asia Pacific and are running 70+ workshops to Microsoft customers (in AsiaPac) on AI. This has led them into hypergrowth mode and have been rapidly acquiring enterprise customers for the their solution which is leading to very impressive revenue growth. The team are young, driven, coachable and very knowledgeable in their respective fields of expertise.

Aware is also seeking to open an AI Innovation Centre in NZ where it will be attracting up to 60 schools p.a. to visit and interact in this centre to increase the understanding of AI and its possibilities. We believe this adds a strong social element to the company which adds to their overall nomination weighting.

 Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of every person by creating products and services that creates the importance of knowing the kind of environment people live in, how it affects their lives on a daily basis, and guide the actions needed to improve their environment, health and wellbeing.


Nominated by

JETRO Manila
 With the rising pollution and other environmental risks in the world, it is necessary to create solutions that will make us more environmentally aware and proactive. Thus, JETRO would like to recommend the uHoo Pte. Ltd. as we believe that the impacts of climate change and pollutions, more specifically, air pollution, can be mitigated. Moreover, the higher exposure to their product and services can contribute to healthier and cleaner environment, as well as a more conscious lifestyle. Through its feedback system that measures the most number of air quality parameters, and automation of existing products that aim to clean air, it would be applicable to every spaces – whether it be homes or commercial and business spaces. Lastly, their plans for expansion in Japan could greatly benefit from their involvement in this Awards event.

 Motorica is a company with offices in Russia (HQ), China and India focusing on research and development in medicine and robotics. Since its establishment, the company has been developing artificial hand systems and rehabilitation with assistive technologies. Half of the team are R&D staff and medical specialists.
 Motorica challenges the outdated ideas about prosthetic care. The team taught prostheses to communicate with the user, go online, perform voice commands, pay for purchases. In 2018, Motorica launched the development of a rehabilitation platform based on virtual reality and a platform for collecting telemetry via gsm-module in prosthetic devices. Nowadays, people with disabilities become the primary users of the cyber technology market and turn weaknesses into strengths.


Nominated by

Senior International Projects Manager,
Skolkovo Foundation
 Motorica is a fast growing company with a team of professionals in R&D and medical rehabilitation. They are working on making modern technologies (industrial 3D-printing with plastic and metal, IoT, VR, gaming) change lives of people with disabilities. In 3 years, Motorica has reached 20% share of the Russian market and has plans to expand globally, especially on the Asian markets.  I believe social impact that the team brings is tremendous, and that they have necessary vision and competencies to fulfil the ambitious goals they set upon themselves.

 UNIM is a Russian medical IT company who develops solutions for oncology diagnostics. Company has created Digital Pathology© system – end-to-end solution for digitalization of the pathomorphological laboratory. UNIM has opened 100% digital pathology laboratory in Technopark Skolkovo in January 2018, where more than 3,500 patients get their diagnosis every month. More than 1000 highly specialized consultants use the Digital Pathology© system to meet remotely via the Internet same as they would at a multi-head microscope, and perform real-time case analysis. Digital Pathology© provides collective work on each case, attraction of narrow specialists from all over the world, transparency of the diagnostic process, opportunities for interdisciplinary communication and integration of neural networks in diagnostic process. The company combines all the competencies necessary to develop a competitive convenient product and its successful commercialization: management, developers, doctors, sales.


Nominated by

JETRO Moscow
 UNIM is the first Russian clinical lab to develop digital pathology technology for end-to-end digitization in the Pathomorphology Laboratory. The quality of morphological diagnostics is critical in treatment for tumor, and the company's system with AI technology provides safe, rapid, high-quality pathological diagnosis and efficient laboratory information management.
The company has commercially successful experiences on implementing the technology in clinical practice, with a flow of 3500+ patients per month.

 Warden Machinery – Russia-based startup with an office in Lithuania specializing in serial R&D and integration of machine vision-based solutions for the following industrial applications: quality control, sorting and segmentation, manual service labor control and augmentation, compliance control, safety and security monitoring, robotics, and automation. In brief, we optimize manufacturing and service procedures wherever possible, reinforce compliance control and support for those who are essential, enabling our clients to do more with less — more yield with less energy, fewer materials, and fewer labor hours.

 Our three major domains of operations comprise human behavioral analytics, visual defects detection in complex engineering systems and conveyor manufacturing, and real-time vision systems for industrial robots based on AI. Our neural networks can work in both GPU server and edge computation architectures.

 Our team consists of 16 PhD/PhD Student-level researchers in Computer Science and Robotics.

 We have received international recognition within startup contests conducted by large corporations including, for instance, Hager Group and Schneider Electric. Being focused on back-end technologies, we scale up by outsourcing sales and marketing to our strategic industrial partners, such as SAP CIS&SE, Schneider Electric, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
SAP and BIG4 consultants trust us. Will you?

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

JETRO Moscow
 Warden Machinery provides the AI-based human behavior monitoring system for safe work operations.
Their technology is able to detect worker conditions such as sleepiness, inattention, fatigue, poor health and intoxication.
The solution greatly contributes to improving the safety of various transportation services and manufacturing sites.
Already, they support companies not only in Russia but also in several countries.

 Acumen has developed AcuSeptTM — a novel, blood-based Sepsis Host Response test using sepsis-specific mRNA biomarkers — that can assist the doctos to detect sepsis in patients in 4-5 hrs, earlier and more accurately than current methods.

Intended Use:
AcuSeptTM generates diagnostic scores which fall in the range of either above or below a validated threshold level that determines the risk of sepsis. AcuSeptTM results are to be used in conjunction with clinical assessments and other laboratory findings as an aid to identify patients with low or high risk of infection and sepsis.

Clinical Utility:
・To differentiate patients with and without infection
・To differentiate patients with and without sepsis
・Can identify sepsis early

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

Senior Director, Business Development,
JETRO Singapore
 Acumen Research Laboratories (ARL) has developed the first-in-kind sepsis test that can rapidly detect sepsis through gene expression profiling of patients’ immune cells in just 4 hours.

Sepsis is an emergency, life-threatening illness yet the conventional method based on microbiological blood culture takes several days to obtain a diagnosis result. With ARL’s Sepsis test, conditions can be improved significantly and saving lives of patients.

ARL has received strong support from several Singapore government agencies including the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Enterprise Singapore.

 Advent Access is a medical technology startup focused on end-stage renal disease management. A Stanford StartX company and spin-off from A*STAR, Advent’s mission is to pioneer innovations to significantly reduce dialysis cost and restore quality of life for kidney failure patients. The company’s first product is the av-Guardian™ – an award-winning implant technology that aims to improve vascular access reliability, enable less-painful self-cannulation and, in the long run, potentially reduce vascular access related hospitalizations. The av-Guardian™ forms a key component of Advent Access’ dialysis-machine agnostic platform to empower patients to perform hemodialysis independently, safely and more affordably – at home or in novel care environments.
For more information on Advent Access, please visit

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School
 Advent Access has developed an innovative biomedical device that empowers patients with kidney problems to perform hemodialysis independently, safely and more affordably at home or in novel care environments, thereby reducing vascular access related hospitalization costs. The device uses a novel implant technology that reduces the pain of dialysis by improving vascular access reliability. The technology can work with different existing dialysis machines, and is ready for market launch, having received the CE Mark certificate and ISO 13485 Certification.
Prior to founding Advent Access, the CEO has an excellent track record as a researcher and research manager, having been awarded more than 50 patents in renal, cardiovascular and surgical technologies, and recognized by MIT Tech Review as one of the “Top 10 Innovators under 35, Asia Pacific” in 2014. He has also acquired valuable business management experience as Program Director of Singapore-Stanford Biodesign (SSB), a joint venture between the Singapore government and Stanford University that has expanded to several Asian countries under his leadership.
As Japan is the world’s second largest kidney treatment market, Advent Access is keen to explore potential investment by Japanese VCs, partnership with leading Japanese biomedical companies, and collaboration with leading Japanese nephrologists and vascular access surgeons.

 BioCheetah Pte Ltd (Co. Reg. No. 201803287H) is a Singapore-based, A*STAR-IMCB spin-off diagnostics company. It is primarily set up to develop and commercialize non-invasive, protein-based diagnostic applications. First diagnostic applications in development are based on the proprietary bladder cancer biomarkers and detection antibodies discovered and developed in IMCB by BioCheetah’s Scientific Founder (Prof. Jean-Paul Thiery) and the co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer (Dr. Kian-Chung Lee). Both Intellectual Property of bladder cancer biomarkers and detection antibodies are licensed from A*STAR. Products to be developed include professional use in-vitro diagnostic ELISA and Point-of-care test (POCT) kits. The kits will employ a novel multiplex urine-based biomarkers panel with high sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis and monitoring of bladder cancer. BioCheetah’s target markets are to encompass local and overseas public and private healthcare providers. BioCheetah is in the midst of building an ISO 13485 production facility at Block 79, JTC LaunchPad in Singapore, setting up its Quality Management System (QMS) for the purpose of development and manufacturing of its diagnostic products as well as in discussion with SingHealth and overseas hospitals for clinical validation of the to-be-developed bladder cancer diagnostic products.


Nominated by

Senior Director, Business Development,
JETRO Singapore
 BioCheetah Pte Ltd was setup last year but already obtained 3 different grants from Enterprise Singapore - Proof of Value, Proof of Concept and Enterprise Development Grant. The strong support shows the promising potential of BioCheetah after Enterprise Singapore arranged a panel of industry experts plus their own internal experts to review the company.
In a very short time, the company has already built up a ISO 13485 facilities and will undergo ISO audit this or next quarter. It is probably one of the fastest growing medtech company in Singapore right now.

 SWAT is a high-tech mobility company that focuses on demand responsive, high capacity ride-sharing technology. With a world-class routing engine that dynamically matches vehicle routes based on a passenger’s booking location, city governments are able to utilise the software to optimise public transport and improve traffic situations. SWAT has implementations in Singapore and Sydney, and will soon be across ASIAN cities. SWAT also uses its technology to improve corporate staff transport that brings higher convenience for staff and reduces costs through greater efficiencies.

CEO and Co-founder

Nominated by

Managing Partner, President
The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd.(UTEC)
 SWAT is one of the leading On-Demand Bus Service platform provider based in Singapore. SWAT has the world’s best algorithm for the High Polling Dynamic Routing computation, with proven operational capabilities. Successfully completed the trials with LTA (Land and Transport Authority) of Singapore, SWAT customers include government, public transport agencies and corporates in Singapore, Australia and beyond. SWAT recently raised investment form ComfortDelGro Group, Singapore movement entity and UTEC - The University of Tokyo Edge Capital. SWAT will expand its business into Asia, including Japan which is facing huge social challenges around mobility as a heavily aging society to which SWAT services is in high demand. SWAT’ on-demand-bus platform can provide convenient and economical mobility services for both developing and developed countries in Asia and will become the key component of new smart cities in that region.

 At Artificial Language Intelligence (ALI) Co., Ltd., we offer text summarization and chatbot solutions through deep learning based natural language processing technology. As our main product, abstractive text summarization solution provides important and concise information to the users from long texts for an easy understanding of the content. Our solution is implemented by using the state-of-the-art deep learning techniques to generate new and abstract sentences. It summarizes the content of an entire input document. Creating an abstractive summary provides a natural way to understand the given document compared to the traditional extraction based summarization that retrieves some important sentences from the input document. Similarly, our chat-bot solution using deep learning techniques, generate responses through contextual understanding.
Understanding the context allows our chat-bot to generate appropriate dialogue responses considering the conversations and dialogue history.
– The goal of the aforementioned products is mainly to provide a solution to call center services, where

① the counselors can reduce their workload,
② customers can get faster service,
③ executive members can design better service or solution with the summarizing report from customers’ complains, and also
④ the companies can save on labor costs.

We are also preparing an app service for individual customers where it can automatically summarize the conversation history for the users for easier and better understanding, which generates an automatic meeting minute.


Nominated by

School of Business Administration, Kyungpook National University
 Company ALI is a new startup for providing a text summarization and chat-bot solution, using AI based deep learning technology. By applying it in our call center, it can innovate their performance in terms of

1) reducing labor cost,
2) better design solution for executives,
3) increasing customer satisfaction, and finally
4) improving counselor’s performance. This can create an environment for a company to achieve a work/life balance and establish a new corporate culture. .

It employs a smart deep learning system technology for both text summarization and chat-bot solution.
This enables a company to summarize a source document or dialogue as humans do, while old technologies lacks grammar consistency of the document, failing to provide context information of a dialogue.
The company has already its customer in Korea and it has a great potential to expand its market to other countries, including Japan, which is most similar with Korean market.
Its revenue structure is very solid since it can reduce labor cost significantly. The CEO is also a big asset to the company. He and his team are high-level technical experts and a sense of marketing for the business, which, I expect, make difference for the company performance.

 AcroViz develops novel imaging biomarkers for brain health, in an effort to prolong human health span and aims to end dementia with state-ofart technologies. Comprising of members who were research fellows at eminent academia and experienced industrial professionals, our team are devoted to advance scientific research, its clinical significance and application, as well as commercialization of our technologies to achieve extended impact. Our first product: AcroViz Axonal Brain Age – Brain Health Report, is the first to the market, adopting diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Machine Learning techniques to provide accurate and objective brain health assessment, which can serve as a Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) marker in predicting the risk and prognosis of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). AcroViz aims to end dementia with advanced neuroimaging technologies, currently working with medical or health-care institutions, and pharma or medical device companies, on various clinical trials to validate the effectiveness of intervention on MCI patients.

Co-founder and President

Nominated by

Associate Professor, DBA Director,
Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation & Intellectual Property Management National Chengchi University
 Missioned on “providing accurate and objective measures of brain health using brain magnetic resonance imaging and state-of-art technologies”, AcroViz Technology Inc. is a startup company aims to end the dementia through novel imaging biomarkers.
The founding team, a group of academic scientists, based on their publication in the “Science” journal, developed the “Axonal Brain Age”. It is the first product adopting diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Machine Learning techniques, to provide accurate and objective brain health assessment, which can serve as a Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) marker in predicting the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease conversion. As global ageing phenomenon aggravates, dementia has caused huge medical costs and society costs, and has no better solution up to now, AcroViz aims to end dementia with advanced neuroimaging technologies. AcroViz’s vision is for human being to benefit from “better brain health and longer health span”.

 Globally, eight million people suffered from Parkinson disease (PD) symptom called freezing of gait, which cause walking difficulties, high risk of falling ,fear and depression. PD number is about 1/100 after age of 60 and is rising associated with aging society. Rehab Happy Walk was founded by Dr. Peeraya, an inventor specialized in rehabilitation, and teams who strive to improve quality of PD’s life by living independently, not the burden of society.
 Our solution has been developed and proved based on patients and caregivers’ feedback in clinical research. The product was patents pending and will be launched within 2019, while continuouslly improving second version by 2020. Our market plan will initiate and focus in Thailand with collaboration with two Mahidol University hospitals, six hospitals in same district, and Thai Medical society, while attempt to find alliances in Japan in order to expand internationally, given Thailand and Japan moving to full aging society.The potential PD people are 150,000 in 2020. Our revenue in 2020 is $ 1.4 million and increase to $10 million in 2023, while NPV is $540,000 at 40% discount rate and IRR is 80%.
 We are looking for investors and fit alliances to join our vision and move forward.


Nominated by

IDE Center, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
 Over eight million people, globally, suffered from Parkinson disease (PD) symptom called freezing of gait, which cause a difficulty to walk and mobilization. This product addresses an important part of the trend of aging societies found in Japan, Thailand and many countries in Asia. Furthermore, PD number is positively associated with aging society, especially senior citizen who aged over 60 years old. The market opportunity is suitable for Thailand, where this company has been launched; in Japan, which also has an aging society; and in combined market opportunities to help people living independently. This product was founded by medical doctor and teams who specialized in rehabilitation in one of the research hospital in Thailand. The product solution has been developed and tested by PD’s patients and caregivers’ feedback in clinical research. The product has been designed and developed several prototypes in order to test and has been improved to the first version in 2019 and plan to improve second version by 2020.
• Large market with a clear, important problem.
• A developed and proved solution which has been completed in the clinical research
• Specialized Medical Doctor led and team member specialized in rehabilitation and engineer.

 Industry 4.0 trends are now impacting manufacturers and igniting awareness and desire for emerging technology that can improve business competency in our fast-evolving world.
 The major mission of any manufacturer is to improve the productivity and quality of their products. To do this they need highly conditioned machinery and facilities. Companies depend and rely on their maintenance teams; however, the human factor has an inherently high risk of error. Unpredictable situations like machine breakdowns still occur as nightmare scenarios for every manufacturer.
 System Stone specializes in industrial technology. We have developed machine maintenance management software on mobile application which ensures full transfer and control of maintenance engineering tasks to be regulated through our app. The workforce can no longer fail to achieve maintenance schedules.
 The System Stone predictive maintenance platform operates VIBRO as a cutting-edge ultra-sensitive vibration sensor IoT device with AI capability to track and predict future machine failure. This revolutionary technology will accelerate global manufacturing to the next level.
Our platform is now used by 415 factories in Thailand, including large companies (CPF, SCG, Kubota) and small companies alike.

CEO and Co-founder

Nominated by

Vice President,
JETRO Bangkok
 System Stone is an Industrial Tech to satisfy the trend of Industry 4.0. They have developed the machine maintenance management software with combining IoT and AI technology on mobile application. It is a platform/software to control the maintenance engineering tasks, enhance productivity, and reduce operation cost and equipment downtime – which are the important solution considered by any industry.

 Currently, system stone is used by 415 factories in Thailand, including large companies (CPF, SCG, Kubota, Yokogawa, Yokohama) and small companies alike. And they have experience to work with J-startup, namely Skydisc, Inc. All make them ready to grow in oversea and Japanese market.

 Also, system stone is sponsored by VCs and many organizations, including DTAC Accelerate, True Incube (Seed-stage), and Expara (Pre-series A).

 Minet is a technology company in marketing field. We build a platform connecting brands who want to advertise through influencers on social networks. Our platform use Big Data and AI into a problems of optimizing campaign effectiveness by analyzing demographics and followers of influencers on social networks as well as analyzing the real or fake interaction of their accounts. From there, the system will automatically propose list influencers which is the most relevant to the brands. Beside, Big Data and AI automatically search and filter list influencer which match with Minet’s influencer networks.

Dang Thanh Dinh
CEO and Founder

Nominated by

Associate Professor, PhD, Dean,
Foreign Trade University
 Minet as Asia's first and largest SocialFeed Marketing platform, Minet currently has 20,000 influencers in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. With the exclusive Deep checking technology, Minet can deploy a SocialFeed campaign with 5000 people at the same time.
SocialFeed Marketing is a form of conveying messages on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok through people that customers trust such as Influencer, friends, relatives ...
Minet is currently a reliable partner of more than 100+ large corporations such as SNOW Corp, Traveloka, Lazada, Viettel, ... with its strengths such as:
- Is a unit of 83% marketing campaign on Titkok
- 79% of customers return after the first campaign