Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh

Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh is a tech-enabled and impact-driven internet restaurant platform that utilizes mobile and web platforms to help existing restaurants drive additional revenues and improve bottom-line. Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh’s business model revolves around a impact-driven cycle, called GKB Network, through which we empower thousands of small food entrepreneurs who are impacted by the changing dynamics of the industry. Through innovative collaborations, 4 key nodes of the network are connected: Our Brands, Restaurant Partners, Delivery Partners, and lastly Customers.

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Peth Yoeung Healthtech

Peth Yoeung by First Womentech Asia Co., Ltd. is a Cambodia’s largest cloud-based Hospital Management Software Platform created to advance our healthcare ecosystem in Cambodia and ASEAN nations through securing medical records, patient data and smoothening hospital operating processes and is also integrated with a premier healthcare marketplace to help improving the pathway to access to healthcare of people anywhere, anytime conveniently. Peth Yoeung has set strong footprint in Cambodia and is recognized by the Ministry of Health of Cambodia. Peth Yoeung won national competition as the social start-up business to join the international competition in Geneva, Switzerland 2019 (distance) and award from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications last March 2019.

It has been deployed for nearly 200 public and private hospitals and clinics—covering 15 provinces and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Nearly 10k active users of combined medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, health professionals and hospital related administrative staffs signed up with Peth Yoeung. We have been making positive impact on the life and healthcare of nearly 2 million Cambodian population and have made millions of medical records available and accessible online anywhere, anytime for better healthcare and treatment.

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AirGuard Industries (HK) Limited

AirGuard Industries (HK) Limited is a start-up company that offers an Interior Air Quality solution: the testing of interior air, its constant cleansing by an award-winning, all-natural liquid formulation via active air purification technology, and the ongoing monitoring of air quality.
Unlike other products in the air sanitation market that contain noxious chemicals or use ionization, both of which are harmful to health (especially for young children), our AirGuard™ solution is plant-based, non-toxic and entirely bio-degradable. It works by moving through the air by way of active air technology, and as it moves in vaporized form it disables and inactivates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), bacteria, molds, viruses and pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2 (the COVID-19 virus).
Our service is a huge competitive differentiator for any institution – be it a food producer, school, hotel, bank, business office, entertainment venue, etc. – that believes clean internal air is indispensable in ensuring product safety and the health of its employees and clients. Our green credentials further serve to enhance a company’s commitment to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria as well as to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, though it should be added that our technology can equally be applied for home use.

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Shenzhen Bixuange Technology Co. , Ltd.

Shenzhen Bixuange Technology company was established in 2015, specializing in research and development of IOT monitoring equipment, data visualization, data mining, project-based innovative enterprises
The company has a number of overseas high-level talents including experts who are engaged in the development of such products, and also corporate with professors from fields with rich experience, forming a scientific R&D team.

In recent years, the frequent occurrence of high wind disasters has brought a lot of adverse effects to our life and production. Typhoons occur has the attributes of high intensity, wide range, suddenness and concurrency. The high wind and rainstorm disasters can be derived from sub-level disasters, so that high wind prediction is great importance at the level of disaster prevention. Our simulation model result complements the detection equipment data insufficiency, provides very high spatial resolution in a city scale with comparatively cheap cost.

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Cartosense Pvt Ltd

Cartosense’s vision is to make targeted surgery more precise and accessible. Cartosense has developed the world’s first mobile surgical navigation product – reducing a 200kg capital equipment product constrained to the OT, into a mobile unit that fits into a briefcase. Surgical navigation is technology that tracks the surgeon’s instruments while operating on a patient and provides real-time feedback about the current position and trajectory of an instrument with respect to the patient’s MRI/CT images. This makes it almost like a GPS system for the surgeon – only accurate to the millimetre level.

Our breakthrough product is a result of deep expertise in optics, mathematical modelling, computer vision, graphics, and precision engineering. In upcoming improvements to our platform, we are advancing the state of precision surgery through AR/VR and robotics.
Surgical navigation is currently an already established $900M market globally, of which the developed world is a $600M market and the developing world is a high growth $300M market. With increasing penetration in spine and orthopedic surgery and adoption in new applications within ENT, dental surgery, the global surgical navigation market is expected to become a $3B+ market in the next decade. Our technology aims to democratize surgical navigation by accelerating penetration in emerging markets and developing new clinical and business use cases through reverse innovation in the developed markets.

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Dimensionless Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Human inspection tasks are slow, inefficient and costly. We have developed a set of products namely BaggageAI,CounterfeitAI and SolarAI to automate the tasks making them faster and far more efficient.

BaggageAI automatically detects threat items in the X-Ray scan of Baggages at security checkpoints. Once the baggage passes through the X-Ray baggage scanner, the X-Ray image is generated. This image is processed by BaggageAI software to detect threat items in it and raise alarms for the operator.

CounterfeitAI automatically detects counterfeit/fraudulent electronic items in the e-commerce supply chain.When the package passes through X-Ray baggage scanner the X-Ray image of the package is generated. CounterfietAI figures out the item details of the item being scanned through the database and then compares the X-Ray image of the package with that of the original one.

SolarAI is an AI powered solution that identifies and classify defects in thermal images of solar panels. SolarAI works on the thermal images captured through drones and identifies and classifies type of defect in these images. It also provides the detailed location of defect in the power plan which enables auto-scheduling of the maintenance tasks.

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Immunoadoptive Cell Therapy (ImmunoACT) Private Limited

・ImmunoACT was founded by Dr Rahul Purwar and incorporated in 2018. It is a spinoff of his bio-science Immunoengineering lab from IIT Bombay which is the premier Science and Technology Institute in India, founded in the year 1958.
・ChimericAntigen Receptor (CAR) T cell therapy has shown enormous potential to revolutionize cancer treatment, and is an FDA approved therapy in USA.
・Currently the therapy is available at an exorbitant price close to USD 1 mio and hence not accessible to millions of terminally-ill patients in the low and middle income countries like India.
・ImmunoACT has indigenously invented the Novel Humanized CAR T therapy which is in advanced stages of human clinical trials for certain types of cancers, more specifically Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and Diffused Large B Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL).
・This CART Technology has huge potential in curing various types of cancers, including solid tumours that are otherwise non-treatable through current medicine.
・ImmunoACT is also working to use this technology to cure other auto-immune diseases like Sickle Cell Anaemia which has very high prevalence in India.
・Lastly, beyond the commercial success, the social impact of our technology will be significant in India and other developing countries in providing affordable healthcare.

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Karmasthal Healthtech Private Limited

Karmasthal’s aim is to create a one-stop solution to address the elder care market backed by technology. A complete solution where healthcare professionals are assisted by real-time reporting through IoT & predictive technology to create a preventive care solution.

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