Robotic dexterity falls far short of human ability due to inadequate tactile sensing in the gripper fingers. This prevents the use of robotics in unstructured environments in many industries to alleviate job shortages and open new markets. Contactile gives robots a human sense of touch and enables robotic dexterity. Our tactile sensor array measures 3D deflection, force and vibration at each array element, and torque, incipient slip and friction. With our sensors, a robotic gripper can grasp any object with optimal grip force, regardless of object weight, size, and friction – simply through real-time tactile feedback.

There are endless applications of dexterous robotic gripping systems: in the food value chain; manufacturing; e-commerce fullfilment; prosthetics; surgical robotics; and space. Our three channels to market give us enormous reach into almost every conceivable application of robotic manipulation: 1) sales to robotics integrators who develop custom automation solutions; 2) sales to researchers who are developing next generation robotics solutions; and 3) channel partnerships with multinational robotics manufacturers.

Our founders are engineers with extensive experience in research, project management and securing funding. We have worked together for 4+ years on the invention and R&D behind our sensor product and we are passionate about revolutionising robotics!

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Anavision Ltd

Anavision is a new startup company that focuses on A.I. image analytics technologies. We develop world leading A.I. technologies for analyzing images and videos collected from Robots, Drones, Aircrafts and Satellites. Our aim is to free humans from jobs that can be done by a robot.
We differentiate ourselves from othe A.I. analytics companies by utilizing automated devices to collect proprietary A.I. learning datasets for training our A.I. algorithms. For example, we collect plantation image data from Oil Palm, Eucalyptus, Accacia, Cassava fields using drones in Indonesia, Cambodia and China, helping plantation companies to count their crops and analyze the health status of crops. These analytics data can help plantation companies to have better business insights in futures trading and risk management. Pests and disease detection using A.I. detects issues at an early stage, and using less pesticides in crops means less damages done to the Earth. We also use drone image data and Satellite image data to do Land Use analysis, helping governments to plan a better city for the residents.
During Covid-19 pandemic, we developed an A.I. Fever screening system, that helps to reduce the close contact of frontline staff and unknown visitors during temperature measurement.

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Healtell(Guangzhou) Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

HealTell, is focus to use mature technology in semiconductor industry, to design, manufacture and build super low cost, micro flow, precise infusion micro-fluidics MEMS pump with self-owned core IP, and apply for Bio-Medical market. We are building the 1st in China and world leading, ultra low cost precise insulin pump patch system, and in the future, it will extend to artificial pancreas, precise drug delivery system, IVF, cell culture and other Bio-Medical applications.

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Onesight Technology Co.,Ltd.

Onesight is a Hi-Tech company dedicated to the technology and innovation in architecture industry. Ground-breaking technologies in AR and AI have been developed and applied in the life-cycle of the building.
The company has launched open and multifarious products and solutions to gear up the needs in AEC field. Software and services are continuously provided to satisfy the overall and needs in each phase of buildings from design display, construction acceptance, to project maintenance. The company is available in the life-cycle of this industry to provide digital visualization services and assistance.

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Ai Health Highway India Private Limited

NCDs (Non Communicable Disorders) are the world’s no 1 killer – ie 38 million deaths every year.

Our GOAL is to reduce 25% premature deaths due to NCD’s by 2025

PROBLEM: Most of the current Cardiology screening devices (ECG, ECHO, Angio etc) are hospital-based and 10-100x costelier. However, for > 80% patients the 1st point of contact is at the primary care clinics. Hence, there is a huge MISSED OPPORTUNITY to detect Heart Disorders at the primary care clinics

SOLUTION: AiSteth is a smart stethoscope to screen, detect & predict Heart/Lung disorders using Ai/ML. It has got 3 key components:
i) Device – picks heart/lung sounds and converts them into visual wave patterns
ii) Data – the heart/lung sounds are streamed via bluetooth to a companion smart phone app for visualization + record, store and share capabilities
iii) Intelligence – ML algorithms run on top of the above two layers of device + data

4 SEGMENTS: Adult, Pediatric, Mother & Child, Co-morbidity

AiSteth has Covid indications as below:

1) for use by elderly at home
2) remote monitoring of Heart/Lung sounds for “at high-risk groups” with co morbidity (chronic heart and respiratory conditions)
3) use along tele-health, tele-medicine platforms for remote tracking of vitals

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Worldwide, an estimated 3.6 billion diagnostic medical examinations are performed every year and there’s a severe shortage of radiologists who can interpret these scan. This leads to large influx of patients, understaffed radiology departments, and overworked radiologists.

In cognizance of this demand, we are developing a SAAS based artificial intelligence cloud platform that can reduce delays in diagnosis, facilitate earlier detection of diseases and reduce cost to patients.

We have been in the field of AI for the past 2.5 years, our passion, expertise and potential to impact global health experience has been well received and rewarded by esteemed organisations. We have previously reported the utility of using artificial intelligence in the early diagnosis of lung cancer from CT scans, lung abnormalities from chest x-rays and COVID-19 from CT scans and x-rays.

Our AI algorithm for Lung Nodule detection stood first in India in LUNA-16, an International AI hackathon and is currently being clinically validated at Tata Memorial, largest cancer hospital in India. Our work for covid is recognized by the government of India.

Our cloud infrastructure is supported by NVIDIA and Microsoft. Our technology is generic and can be extended to identify diseases from x-rays, CT, MRI, mammography and other modalities.

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Swasthya aims to leverage technology to solve the challenge of workplace safety created by the pandemic.
It is a platform for businesses that helps them to
1. Make the employees feel safe
2. Brings back customers by gaining their trust

We do this through AI/ML and computer vision solutions that provide workplace safety ratings as well as key insights/recommendations on:
1. Covid health risk for customers and employees using IoT and voice analytics
2. Social distancing score
3. Mask compliance
4. Visitor location analytics
5. Contactless systems & processes score

Using this insights Swasthya empowers a business by
1. Allowing management to make data-driven decision to reduce risk at workplace
2. Driving revenue by gaining the trust of the customers to use their services

We are a dynamic startup with team members from prestigious universities like Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, IITs and IIMs.

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Turtle Shell Technologies Pvt Ltd

We are Dozee, we specialise in a contact-free remote vitals monitoring. Our proprietary technology converts any bed into step-down ICU like vitals monitoring. Dozee tracks heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, sleep and stress levels without need for any wires or electrodes, with clinical grade accuracy. Just place under the mattress and sleep, the data is available over cloud interface to enable healthcare providers to provide continuous stream of health data.

We have over 5000 devices installed in hospitals and home and have provided care to over 20000 individuals, and has played a critical role in India’s fightback in the COVID pandemic empowering hospitals, Covid Care Centers and Quarantine Centers with proactive vitals monitoring.

Growing at 30% MoM, we are looking to serve 2500000 individuals in next 12 months.

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