POKI Learning Asia

POKI Learning Asia has created an online education platform, which is:

  • ・An online learning environment for children to practice 21st century skills, including life, communication, thinking and ICT skills as well as to increase the excitement for practicing them in a comprehensive and well-balanced way;
  • ・The combination of technology and teaching methods that
  • Offers life skills training programs with fun online educational activities, with the method of learning by playing and practicing;
  • Raises the urge of education competition and supplementing the main courses at school, as well as stimulate the open and creative mind for students
  • ・An e-education system which helps students learn anywhere at any time with excitement. It also helps parents join and control the process of developing skills for their children by various interactive functions of the online portal.
  • ・A supporting system for teachers to deliver class-room activities that provides direct experience for students. A full teacher kit is prepared and can be downloaded from POKI server to help them facilitate the teaching process.
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Monkey Junior

Researchers have proven that early language learning is crucial to a child’s mental development. According to longitudinal studies by Harvard University, learning additional languages increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of the mind in young children. The brain, like any muscle, functions better with exercise. Learning a language involves memorizing rules and vocabulary, which helps strengthen that mental muscle. Meanwhile, children are geniuses at learning as their brain grows tremendously to nearly the same size of an adult’s at their age of 6.

Monkey Junior aims at bringing early language learning to every single family in the world. We provide parents with a mobile solution which fits their pocket: a learn to read app with offline use. Their babies, toddlers and preschoolers will benefit from a comprehensive reading program which engages them in daily play-like activities year after year. The first version of Monkey Junior was released in late 2014 on iOS, Android and Amazon stores and our number of users has increased by 10 times to nearly 500,000 in the last 7 months with 3,000 daily downloads. Monkey Junior becomes #1 popular learn to read program on both iOS and Android and one of the 100 most downloaded and purchased educational apps in many countries such as Vietnam (#10), Singapore (#20), Canada (#50), USA (#86), Japan (#131), etc. Our revenue has been increasing 30% month after month and in February 2016 our monthly revenue is $10,000 USD compared to less than $500 in July 2015.

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Hygia Sanitation

Hygia Sanitation is a profit-oriented enterprise that aims to improve sanitation for all, by harnessing proprietary technologies offering disruptive onsite waste treatment capabilities. Our primary clients are the over 400 million households in Asia that use sanitation facilities that do not treat sewage, and are situated in either remote rural communities or densely-populated urban communities where conventional centralized wastewater treatment is too costly.

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Health innovation and design limited partnership

The SkillMinute is a platform that solve the problem of two major groups with specific needs. First, the biotech, pharmaceutical and life science companies need to present the product in special interest way.  The companies want to know who is the key doctor who are the main user.  The companies spent a lot of money for finding key doctors because it can help to reduce the cost of the market.   The time to wait for the physician are major cause of lacking in the efficiency. In addition, the company give priority to the attractive presentation because of time limit of doctors meeting. Secondly, the doctors need to know the update reliable information of treatments, medication, surgical technic and also new method of treatment.

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Gimer Medical Co. Ltd.

GiMer Medical produces electrical stimulation systems applied to pain relief of chronic back pain, cancer and carpal tunnel syndrome. Founded in 2013, the company is commercializing novel biomedical engineering research from the National Taiwan University (NTUon the animal responses to electrical stimulation of various parameter. The premier product, GiMer Neuroblock, is an implantable Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) system for the chronic pain management market and the first SCS therapy system developed in Asia. Back pain is one of the most common ailments, next to the common cold. The current SCS market is estimated at $2B globally, and projected to grow significantly with the aging population and significant adoption in Asia. GiMer Medical is one of the top medical device start-ups in Taiwan, and has been awarded the rookie award at the Taiwan Biomedical Show and National Innovation Award for Outstanding Academic Research Spinout. In 2014, its space also was approved as a production facilitye, becoming Taiwan’s first implantable devices facility. The company is positioned to become the leader of Taiwan’s implantable devices market and will lead Asia into the era of neuromodulation treatment.

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Apollo Medical Optics Inc.

The foundation for Apollo Medical Optics Inc. (AMO)’s technology is found at National Taiwan University, where inventors first began investigating the basics of medical optics. These researches eventually led to the development of the advanced technique used for the establishment of AMO’s specialized Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system. The difference in the AMO system is due to several factors: the system’s design, the implementation of the single-clad crystal fiber, the development and use of the system’s broadband light source, and the technique’s superior imaging quality. Due to the unique crystal fiber in place in AMO’s OTC system, it provides the AMO system’s images with stronger axial resolution and faster scanning speed when compared to other products. This fundamental technology has already successfully performed non-invasive scans on living patients, giving 3D images of the epidermis, part of the dermis, and the blood flow in capillaries within these areas. With a multidisciplinary and passionate team, AMO believes that the company can become the leading company of non-invasive technology in the world. Our first market will be focused on Mohs surgery (one of the skin cancer treatment), and it could apply our platform to the field of dermatology and pathology.

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SoundEye is a non-intrusive emergency monitoring system that can be placed on the wall or any surface that passively monitors scream sound event and motion events. The sound event classification technology is based on deep machine learning architecture. The sound event classification technology was deployed for a surveillance platform to classify gun-shots and large vehicle sound. The development of the SoundEye is based on hundreds of hours of verbal and non-verbal data performed by elderly in their apartments. SoundEye revenue model is through hardware sales of B2C and B2B channel. The go-to-market strategy will involve crowd-funding, online sales and retail shop. SoundEye will be priced at an affordable price of USD$89 with no monthly subscription. Possible B2B channel includes service, telcos, property developers and healthcare institutes.

SoundEye was incorporated and spin-off from A*STAR in May 2015. Our vision is to develop innovate technologies related to IT healthcare that benefit the society. Since 2013, SoundEye has won numerous awards, which includes Hacknovate Healthcare Technology Competition and SingaporeUP Carepack Well-Being Challenge, Eldercare Innovation Award 2014, Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation Award 2015 and Access Health Modern Aging 2015.

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6Estates Pte Ltd

6Estates develops live marketing solutions by correlating relevant online & corporate data silos to provide intelligence for businesses to compete in the dynamic consumers market.

Intelligence on consumers product usage and preferences, and predictions on points of influence affecting their purchase decisions offer businesses an edge like never before.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies including Natural Language Processing technology particularly in Chinese & English, proprietary mining strategies and Product Attribution-Sentiment analysis, 6Estates uniquely bridges businesses with consumers between China and the world and assists deep understanding of Chinese consumers’ consumption insights of products and services.

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