Early Start Co., Ltd

Early Start Co., ltd is designed to provide solutions that help children at very young age from six months old to six years old play and learn. The early-education research indicates that observing and reading skills can be developed among infants or toddlers as their brain is at the stage that allows them to be able to absorb any kind of inputs using the appropriate technologies. With that mission, Monkey Junior is our first reading program that guides parent through the whole process of helping their children to read in fun ways. Our program applies well-done methodologies from different early education researchers in the world such as Glenn Doman (1955), Shichida (1978). Monkey Junior was released in late October on both Google Play and App Store and has been downloaded more than 20,000 times with 150+ positive reviews from all over the world. We are at the final phase of completing the English curriculum and the next version in French, Spanish, Vietnamese will be released in the upcoming couple of months.

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BK Contech

Nowadays, it is the trend of using reasonable resources, saving energy, protecting and friendly with environment. Thus, science and innovation in all producing areas, as well as in producing lighting equipments must accordingly to the common trends. World leading companies are now applying new science and technologies in producing products with smaller sizes, less resorces, but higher efficiency, longer life and specially using new ligh resorces such as LED – Light Emitting Diodes.

LED has been known as a future lighting, blue lighting and friendly with environment. With the advantage in high efficiency and long life, saving electric, colourful, non quicksilver, LED is now considering as lighting to replace traditional products, as efficient methods in saving and efficient energy. LED technology is making deeply changes in lighting industry by widening areas using artificial lighting which help people more enjoyable their lives and applying LED Panel is typically.

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Trigger finger is one of the most common disease that widely occurs. Statistic-wise, there are 1% of national population who have the disease and need surgery. The surgery usually takes around 15 minutes to perform by a doctor and one assistant. The patients take 7 days to recover and need to came back to the hospital for unstiching. Therefore, the usual process is costly, time-consuming and risky for patients to get infect. A-Knife is an innovative medical equipment to aid all doctors in performing the surgery for patients with finger disorder. The equipment is designed in the form of unique knife which could pierce into the finger and finish the surgery within 2-3 minute without any stitching. Thus, A-Knife could reduce the cost and time consumed for hospital as well as reduce the risk of infection for patients and make them recover faster than current method. By solving these problems, the technology could enter into the market which has the value around 118 million dollars in Thailand, 937 million dollars in ASEAN, and 12,500 million dollars worldwide. Nevertheless, A-Knife is a disposable equipment; thus, it could sustain the revenue stream through repurchase from hospital.

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Innova Nanotech(Thailand), is the flocculating agent producer. The Int. Flocculants product that can be high efficiency entrapment in both of organic (protein, oil and starch etc.) and inorganic matters (metal complex, textile dye etc.) in the treatment of industrial wastewater. We also provide consulting system for both of management system and how to make value added from your sludge after treatment. Our products Int. Flocculants are made by environmental friendly materials which enable environmental sustainability.

We are working closely with our customers and develop the best appropriate water treatment solutions for each particular industry. We realise the actual value from the very beginning problems to zero waste result on behalf of business responsibility. And that positions us to be the leading wastewater treatment solutions for today’s business industry providing social responsiobility. From business value point of view, it would either significantly benefit time and cost efficiency to its manufacturing operation.

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VMFive Inc.

VMFive is a cloud-based technology company, targeting global mobile market with its leading virtualization and streaming technologies. The premiere innovative product, AdPlay, is a cloud service that transforms mobile apps into playable ads, and enable users to try apps before downloading. In December 2014, VMFive announced collaboration with Japan’s top-three mobile advertising companies D2C and ADWAYS to introduce to Japan playable ads solution and the world’s first app pre-order platform “Yoyaku Top 10” with instant demo features. And in March 2015, VMFive announced the partnership with Trend Micro and General Mobile on Mobile World Congress. By integrating collaborators’ products and resources, VMFive has quickly established its presence in the Japanese market and is moving on to the Asia-Pacific market, actively engaging potential collaborators to create a brand new mobile advertising model.
VMFive not only earned high recommendation from customers, but also from competitions. It won the championships at TechCrunch Beijing in August 2014 and Slush Asia Tokyo in April 2015.

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LinkNext Technology Co., Ltd.

As PCs, Tablets, and Smartphone growth become saturated, LinkNext takes a first step in 2013 synergizing the data on various brands of multi-devices. By synergizing, LinkNext provides trendy designed personal gadgets enabling end users to create his own cloud with a plug-n-play approach. Simplicity, elegance, quality, and cross-platform technology are the 4 pillars supporting our product creation.

When IoTs grow to 9 billion in 2018, LinkNext will already have a platform in place to enable cross-platform and multi-device environment. Meanwhile, we have a product roadmap that will address the transformation of “legacy” things to smart IoTs.

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Intraix Pte. Ltd.

Intraix is a Singapore-based company focused in deriving value out of Energy Consumption Data.

The Intraix Home Energy Management Solution makes use of Smart Meters, Smart Plugs and Smart Sensors to provide optimisation modules to reduce Household Energy Consumption. Instead of merely the provision of raw data trends and notification modules which is aimed at sculpting behavioural changes, Intraix provides a comprehensive Energy Management Solutions that provides Actionable Intelligence to our system owners which could allow passive energy savings through automated energy optimization controls provided by our analytical engine.

Data is also fully liberalised for our System Owners in which they possess full ownership of the data they generate and have the ability to make the decision who/which company or agency they would like to market their data. Intraix, in this case will only play the role of Data-Vaulting services and a Data Marketplace Platform for Data Providers and Data Acquirers.

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DynaOptics’ technology allows an optical zoom camera module to fit inside the footprint of today’s mobile phone – without the bulky protrusion. Not only will consumers love it as it enables better photos and videos in a slim form-factor, phone OEMs will love it as it employs established high-volume manufacturing techniques and off-the-shelf materials. The smart phone camera lens module market alone, is about $10bn in 2015. Other potential markets include consumer electronic devices (wearables, tablets, laptops), surveillance cameras, medical devices, robotics and defense.

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