Quantum Biosystems Inc.

Quantum Biosystems is developing a nanopore-based sequencing system called “Gating Nanopore” that will accelerate the use of DNA/RNA sequencing with broad applicability. The concept of the Gating Nanopore was originally proposed by Prof. Kawai and Prof. Taniguchi at Osaka University. In order to translate Gating Nanopore science into practical and commercial application, Quantum Biosystems was founded in Jan 2013. The platform consists of various innovative technologies including nano-technologies, electronics and informatics and is designed to provide excellent user benefits over important features as a DNA/RNA sequencer such as cost and speed with excellent quantitative capability. The Gating Nanopore technology together with new business model is expected to provide a huge economic and clinical impact on the market.

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Playnote Limited

Playnote is founded by a team of professional musicians and technology experts in 2010, specializes in products and services for music education and appreciation. Our mission is to make music learning and appreciation easy for everyone through our innovative and state of the arts technology with human-oriented design.
Our product, AURALBOOK is an application software for mobile education, which main objective is to help students to practice the aural skill required in professional music examination worldwide. AURALBOOK can recognize students’ singing and clapping through “digital ear” . It will then analyze students’ performance, including pitch, beat, singing skill, clapping strength, etc. and give feedback to students how to improve through “artificial intelligence” by showing and comparing the original music score and student’s performance on the same music sheet and telling the comments in real voice.
It significantly help music students to learn music in a faster, easier and much in-expensive way. All what we have done will change the business model of the entire professional music education industry completely.
Playnote is the winner of a number of regional and international awards, including:
– Grand Award, Startup Category, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award (APICTA) 2012
– Merit Award, e-Learning Category, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award (APICTA) 2012
– Gold Award, Best Lifestyle Award (Learning and Living), Hong Kong ICT Award 2012

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Piktochart Sdn Bhd

Piktochart is a web application that helps non – designers create infographics. The application contains features to make impressive visual graphics to represent information. Piktochart was launched at March 2013 and currently has over 200,000 users on the database. The company has 11 full time members and has a month on month revenue growth of 10%.

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Ningbo Greens Packing Technology Co., Ltd.

In November, 2012, Ningbo Greens Packing Technology Co., Ltd. (“Green Packing”) was founded in Zhejiang, China as the resulting company of a series of intercompany coorperation. The newly founded company aims to promote its former business of “Paper Profile”, a cushion packing material invented by its predecessor. “Paper profile” includes tens types of paper cuboids something like aluminium profile and iron profile. Differently, “Paper profile” is made of corrugated paper and environment-friendly glue. However, the business in Paper Profile was severely limited by the previous production mode of traditional manual workshop. Green Packing was thus founded to solve this problem, by introducing the independently developed Paper-Profile Machines and Auto-Assembling System. Productivity ensured, we now market both Paper Profile cushion packaging products and Paper-Profile Machines with vision to promote Paper Profile in packing industry.

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Our company focuses on using the 3D videos and tools to show the overviews or inner structures of houses as well as design the decoration of the houses in the real estate industry based on the Building Info Modeling technology. We provided two products that are 3D virtual tours and online 3D virtual design tool. Our customers are real estate developers, house buyers as well as house decoration companies.
The company can support itself by the cash cow product of the 3D virtual tours. The online 3D virtual design tool is the promising product for the future with leading technology and innovative business idea. We have now developed corporations with many large real estate developers who can be further leveraged as our promoting and expanding channels.
The core team members are excellent and experienced with rich knowledge in Building Info Modeling technology, real estate market and start-ups operation.

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GeneFrontier Corporation

GeneFrontier Corporation (GFC) is a Japanese biotech company, which is one of the group companies of KANEKA Corporation. GFC is focusing on biopharmaceutical R&D support business with innovative products and services especially in the area of protein based biologics including antibodies.

Now, GFC is developing its proprietary technology for R&D of antibody therapeutics, which is a red hot in pharmaceutical industry. As our proprietary product and service, we launched PUREfrex and PUREfrexRD recently. Those are innovative technologies which can contribute to the R&D in pharmaceutical companies developing protein based biologics, such as therapeutic antibodies. It is a simple, fast, easy and effective screening system which can handle highly diversified library. It can remarkably accelerate R&D in pharmaceutical companies.

Our aim is to explore the potential of protein based biologics, and to contribute to the development of innovative therapeutics in healthcare industry through the partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

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Gauss Lasers Technology Co., Ltd

Gauss Lasers manufactures high power next-generation ultrashort pulse laser in Shanghai, China for micromachining. Gauss Lasers develops solutions to picosecond(ps) fiber lasers. The value that Gauss Lasers delivers is the ability to create high power ps fiber laser and dramatically improve the stability and robustness of ultrashort pulse laser for the purpose of making non-contact micromachining more effective. It is committed to providing all-fiber laser solutions to replace traditional solid state laser. The products are competitive in comparison to other premium-quality commercial solid state lasers.
We predict fast growth in the third year with sales exceeding ($USA)
8 million, and we expect profits of ($USA) 4 million. We have positive indicators from current customers that the additional amount of lasers will be sold.

Our keys to success are:
• Unique high power ultrashort pulse all-fiber laser product line.
• Significant investments in research and development and engineering with the aim to focus on fiber laser technologies; and maintaining a strong R & Dteam.
• Effectively communicating, to current and potential customers, our position as a differentiated provider of the highest quality ps fiber lasers in the laser micromachining world.
•Supplying reliable and long term post-sales customer services.

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CV. IT PRO Solutions

Intercity bus transportation is very wide spread, sometimes also the only possible means of transportation in developing countries with high density but mobile population.
Economic route buses can stop and pick passengers anywhere along their route, offering a cheap and flexible travelling option for the low and middle class.
These buses will do their best to get as many passengers as possible, doing highly risky maneuver on the street to beat others to reach the daily deposit.
Roads are not safe, passengers often overcharged, bus owners has no visibility over the economic of their buses, and bus operators are paid by their daily deposits.
Our GPS based bus ticketing machine will solve this problem at many levels:
• Passengers pay the exact fair price by traveled kilometers, no more negotiations, no more ‘paying too much’ for strangers and tourists
• Bus owners know their real income, can offer the best price for passengers, and pay their employees fairly
• The roads are much safer without the rodeo driving buses
• Low cost, high tech, we use recently available open source cheap computing device, locally availble components, and free available everywhere GPS technology
This solution is already in pilot project in Indonesia, and will apply for every high density population countries in ASEAN and other parts of the world.

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