Xcode Life Sciences Private Limited

Our genomic code carries a wealth of information about us and can be used to identify genetic disorders. There are approximately 4000 genetic disorders that are caused by mutations in individual genes. Additionally, there are several disorders like asthma, autism, obesity, diabetes etc. that are caused by mutations in multiple genes.

We intend to use genetic as well as environmental parameters to predict onset of diseases and susceptibility. The genetic parameters would comprise of markers (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms – SNPs) specifically for Diabetes, Obesity and Coronary heart disease. The environmental parameters would comprise of diet, weather, lifestyle, quantitative traits etc. We plan to utilize these parameters to calculate risk of diseases. We hope this will aid in promoting preventive health behavior in India, create an educated society that practices good health behavior early on so as to control the environmental influence that cause diseases and establish cause and effect for major disorders.

Xcode has developed technology to analyze genetic data that is obtained by means of saliva sample from an individual and provide information on their risk to certain non-communicable diseases based on their genomic profile.

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X2wave Systems Inc.

X2wave’s Patent-pending fully integrated single unified EMR (Electronic Medical Record), PHR (Patient Health Record), EPM (Electronic Practice Management), and EHR (Electronic Health Record) is a complete healthcare product innovation called “HealthSync”, a state-of-the-art solution in delivery and quality healthcare in connecting healthcare professionals, providers, patients and information via hybrid (private/public) mobile Cloud Computing-based platform. With HealthSync, healthcare professionals and patients are offered accurate
and timely information through accessibility to our Secure Single
Unified Patient Repository (SSUPR)TM and seamless integration and
applicability to our Secured Unified Record Gateway (SSURG)TM.
Combined with x2wave On-Demand & Online-Offline Multi-Synchronization Technology thus enable a borderless multi-tenant architecture for all users, even reaching remote villages or hard to reach areas/population, and therefore advancing e-Health or TeleMedicine capabilities to the next level.
Our cloud computing solution are fully integrated into a single platform and engineered for ease-of-use applications making our solution easy and quick to deploy, customize and inter-operate or integrate with other third-party software applications supplemented by value-added services. As a result, our competitive advantage lies on our ability to provide healthcare professionals, providers and patients with speedy and quality access to SSUPRTM at low-cost, low-risk and ease-of-use On-Demand services.

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When businesses in developing countries like Vietnam want to enter the world market, when poor people want to explore the outside world, the first thing they need is to understand others and make themselves understood. In the world like a global village nowadays, being able to speak a foreign language is one thing that can help businesses and people in poor countries live a second beautiful life. Taking into consideration of the importance of language, our company design a package of solutions not just products in order to
– help schools, businesses, and government agencies change their ways in training and testing foreign languages.
– help people change their way in learning and using a foreign language.
– reduce the costs of training, testing and learning.
– make a foreign language become a companion of people not just a tool.
– make a foreign language go in line with knowledge to enrich people’s life.
The formation of our solution is based on the fact that:
– Vietnam has been spending a lot of money and decades to improve the foreign language competency of people, but finding itself far losing behind many neighboring countries.
– It is urgent for Vietnam to become more competitive in the world market.
– Vietnam and Vietnamese people are trying hard to be more integrated with the rest of the world.
– Vietnam’s tourism industry is facing language obstacle.
– Vietnamese people need one tool to learn more about the outside world.

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TurtleYogi Technologies Pvt Ltd

TurtleYogi is a startup founded by telecommunications veteran with 15 years of industry experience and incubated at the prestigious IIM-Bangalore. OneKlikStreet, a flagship product from TurtleYogi technologies, is a virtual office setup in the ‘clouds’ with seamless Audio-Video facility. OneKlikStreet is a zero download, zero plugin, simple to use browser based video and audio, cloud hosted service offered to businesses with subscription pricing. With web API we offer businesses customizable video and audio collaboration services. We offer the best price-bandwidth performance in the video collaboration industry. Our promise to businesses is to enable wide customer reach at the lowest cost with simple user experience.

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Terra Motors Corporation

Terra Motors Corporation will create a new mobility lifestyle in Asian region. With elaborate strategy and technological capability, we will not only introduce ecological and economical products, but also create whole new eco-system that many electric mobilities will be built upon.
We have become No.1 electric motorcycle manufacturer in Japan in three years. We have gathered human, financial, and technical resources through our business experience in Japan.
We opened our branch in Vietnam and the Philippines. There will be new branch in India as well in the near future.

With the Tesla Motors business model combined with a battery checking station, we will give the electric motorcycle a whole new image as a business and as a lifestyle as well.

Through electric motorcycle and trycycles, we not only provide new means of transportation, but also tackle the environmental problems in the Asian region. In addition, establishing factories and employing local people will create new opportunities and jobs in the country. Lastly, we will lead the electric mobility as an industry, in the Asian region. This will make Asia the new industry centre.

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TaraFresh brings clean and safe water to any location that has a natural source of water. TaraFresh water purification is self-contained, use solar powered, can deploy at any location to provide 600 thousand liters of water/month, supplying the needs of 6,000 people/month in continuous service and provide emergency supplies during a natural disaster.
One TaraFresh water purification system can be installed at a remote site for approximately USD 20,000. The system is producing the disinfectant out of the minerals in the water by and does not need any addition of chemicals. Running costs are virtually non-existent: the entire system is solar powered, and the filtering system can be cleaned with a simple toothbrush brush and lemon juice; the primary maintenance is the need to replace water pump every three years (USD 300/time). TaraFresh is investigating a number of pricing models, but one of the most likely ones would yield an annual gross profit margin of 95%, while providing a rural village continuous healthy water supply.
In a world of water problems, TaraFresh represents a technological, social, and economically sustainable water solution, and is seeking like-minded investment partners who can provide the resources and networks to scale as fast as possible in order to take on the challenge of providing clean water, community by community, to the world.

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Social & Mobile, Inc.

ColorNote, our flagship product, is a notepad app that hit over 35MM downloads recently. We have focused on global market to acquire 92% of users outside Korea. In particular, US is the key growth area with the largest user base, and ColorNote ranks the highest among note apps in U.S Google play stores.

We don’t see ColorNote as the tool to just save and collect information like other notepad apps. We aim at making simple for people to remember and manage things so that they can concentrate on their lives without stress. For example, ColorNote allows people to effortlessly stay organized and to easily transfer the data with online sync service. Also it actively reminds people of important things.

Currently, we are working on developing ColorNote’s paid versions to generate revenue. We will charge users for enhanced cloud service and better organization. At the same time, we are planning to promote ColorNote.

In long term, we want to provide ColorNote’s cloud platform as a service to other developers. Opening our API would enable us to grow with 3rd parties together. In this sense, we believe ColorNote can contribute to not only individual users but also eco mobile system.

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Rayark Inc.

♦ 2011.9 Rayark Inc. founded
♦ 2012 Q1 Cytus, music rhythm game, released on iOS and Android, to great acclaim
♦ 2012 Q4 Mandora, character based casual game, released on iOS and Android, 4 million downloads in 3 months
♦ 2013 Q2 & Q3 Scheduled releases of 2 new music rhythm games on mobile platforms
♦ 2013 Q4 Scheduled release of next-gen 3D action game

Rayark is a team of passionate game developers who are dedicated to creating high-quality gaming experiences on various platforms.

As a content provider, Rayark also seeks for integration of online/offline applications, such as the following events;

♦ Cytus live concert 2012 @Taipei
♦ Cytus musical 2013@Seoul
♦ Mandora collectibles pre-order
♦ Rayark artist collaboration 2013

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