WorkLohas Technology Co., Ltd.

Justaple is a social curation service where users can save any webpage permanently. The service includes numerous functions which can not be found on traditional bookmarks, such as making a traditional bookmark visualized, full-text search, synchronization of PCs and portable devices, and off-line reading. In addition, it enables the users to categorize thousands of webpages by their specific perspective and share the contents with friends and families. Therefore, people using this service are not just receivers of information, but curators who actively share the information.

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Vibrasindo Inc.

Started from our meeting with BIC (Business Innovation Center) as an institution founded by Indonesia Ministry of Research & Technology (MRT) to bridge the innovation process contained in Academia, Business and Government, then BIC actively brings us to the Associated Research and Technology Institutions until we meet R&D Center of Mineral and Coal Technology (TEKMIRA) and R&D Center of Machine Tool, Production Engineering and Automation (Meppo). BIC has set up a formal-cooperation agreement between us to cooperate with each others in developing this technology.

Idea is to make a product that can prevent loss of beings life with providing an early warning system with competitive price. Learning from other competitions while most of them are expensive and complicated brings to less familiar for Indonesia communities. This product provides the high economic potential. Geographic of Indonesia have a lot of hills and landslide prone areas.

PDM (Positioning, Diferentiation, Marketing Mix) together with other strategies are our ways to control market and persuade the customers to use this product by training to public and mining industries about landslide hazards. It is expected being standardization of instrument for monitoring landslide-prone from Government.

This product bring advantages of economic and social impact especially to prevent beings life victims, relieve publics worry who live in landslide-prone areas, more security for mining employees to do their works and open the new job vacancy . And we also participate raising the economic and reduced losses caused by landslide.

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Telehouse International Vietnam

TELEHOUSE is a recognized global pioneer in carrier-neutral data centers, launched by KDDI in the United States in 1989. We are currently available at 43 sites in 12 countries.

TELEHOUSE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION OF VIETNAM established in July 2010, as an joint venture between FPT Information Systems (FPT IS Vietnam), KDDI and ITX (Japan).

We provide world-class data-center services, facilities and operations under the brand name of “TELEHOUSE”. The services provided include server co-location, cloud computing, system integration, IT system rented and tailored to specific needs, enabling customers to streamline operations and reduce IT costs.

With the expanding business of MNCs in Vietnam, the need for local back-up facilities to retain business continuity is raising sharply. There has been a rapidly increasing demand for information communications infrastructure configuration and operations support cored on highly reliable data centers among many corporations. Therefore, TELEHOUSE Vietnam, with TELEHOUSE standards of global quality, cover a wide range of conditions including facilities, operation, security and quality management, shall meet the above customers’ requirements. For systems that incorporate data centers as one element, KDDI and FPT IS will collaborate with TELEHOUSE Vietnam to offer comprehensive planning, design, maintenance and consultation covering total system integration and solutions.

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Smart Solar International Inc.

Smart Solar International (SSI) is a venture-backed company, spun off from University of Tokyo, with an ambition to deliver the most inexpensive electricity power available to leapfrog the crowded solar marketplace. The key to the SSI solution lies on its Smart Solar architecture which enables the production of ultra-high conversion efficiency of concentrated photovoltaic electricity through the use of high performance boost up converter, unique power-free cooling technology, and effective use of multi-stacked configuration of solar cells made of environmentally friendly materials.

Takashi Tomita is the founder and inventor of SSI architecture. He is a world renowned leader with a proven and accomplished track record of technology and business success. Mr. Tomita also serves as Visiting Professor of the University of Tokyo, Research Center of Advanced Science and Technology; and as a Member of the Market Strategy Board of the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC). Prior to founding SSI, Mr. Tomita provided 34 years of successful leadership at Sharp Corporation. As an Executive Director of Sharp and head of the Solar Business Group, Mr. Tomita guided the company to become the largest solar supplier in the world for seven consecutive years, achieved a total solar business volume of US$1.5B in 2006.

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We suggest a new traffic infrastructure “Codekake”. We place the ultra-compact electric vehilcle, is a single-seater or a two-seater, in the city. You may rent a these vehicle anytime anywhere if there is a “Codekake-station”, and before you rent these electric car, you can see the remaining battery power, drivable distance, position of the vehicle on the WEB.

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Quality eXperience Design Co., Ltd. (QXD)

• Make it 3D
Provide integrated services in relation to stereoscopic (3D) conversion and imaging technologies in which binocular disparity is added to two dimensional (2D) images.

• Remake it 3D
Build a new business model based on remaking of past 2D image content by 3D conversion and imaging technologies.

• With QXD
Perform as a player capable of striking a balance of the above-mentioned services between the perspective of quality and cost at the global top level.

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PSP Security Co. Ltd.

Traditionally, facial recognition product is associated with high security and has a limited market scope and applications. Understanding facial recognition technology has competitive edge over other biometric technologies, PSP Security (PSP) objective is to enhance the capability of facial recognition technology/product, expand the use of such product to broader market segments, and ultimately provide a convenient and safer working and living environment to everyone.

Our facial recognition technology and products have competitive edge over our competitors in terms of capability, flexibility and scalability. In particular, our products share the same hardware platform (EFR-M1) which is a credit card size multi-functional module designed for intelligent video applications. We can port different intelligent video algorithms (e.g. facial recognition, object counting) onto EFR-M1 to quickly develop product with specific function. This system design approach has shortened our product development lifecycle, lower development cost, and made our product more scalable and product customization easier.

Since the launch of our core product (AccuFACE) in mid-2009, we have executed our marketing strategy carefully and expanded our reseller network to cover over 30 countries. We continue to develop new features for AccuFACE to meet changing market requirements and our company objectives.

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“Gazee” Direct transaction mobile application service scenarios

Sera sent unnecessary used things to thrift stores or second hand shops for money or free. However, she does not have to take the trouble to carry unused items to such stores any more. Now she uses a direct transaction service, “Gazee”, on her smart phone. She posts photos and description of unnecessary items on “Gazee”. Some of friends from contact on her smart phone will leave a message about items of interest. Thus users bring their unneeded items and exchange them for some items they need on “Gazee”.

Markets and consumption patterns are changing.

  1. Shared economy and second-hand market are growing.
    1. Environmental protection and energy conservation becomes increasingly important.
    2. Development of production technology contributes to lengthening of the life spans of product.
    3. Product replacement cycles are getting shorter as shown in smart products, fast fashion, etc.
  2. Smart device products help people easily participate more in social activities.
    1. Contacts on smartphone have high levels of mutual trust.
    2. People in contact list on smartphone have similar lifestyle.
    3. People can easily produce product information with Smartphone.
    4. Geo-Location information can be obtained from the smartphone devices.
    5. Social networking services helps people to be more socially active.

Needs of reliable private direct transaction service

Private direct transaction is based on mutual trust. Trustworthy networking environment should be established and maintained.

“Gazee” is the online private second-hand trading.

  1. Human Relationship-oriented trading network
  2. Exchange of used goods between contacts on smartphones
  3. Target goods
    1. Used books, kids bikes, beginner exercise equipment, outdated clothes, wine gift, chair and desk, audio equipment, electronic products, small appliances, labor, experience, wisdom etc.
  4. Service scenarios
    1. No longer needed varied items that occupying my living spaces
      i. Users can sell or hand over them to their friends.
    2. Pile of useless items in friends’ warehouse.
      i. Users can buy or take over them from their friends.

“People need jobs and things need someone to use them.”

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