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Intercity bus transportation is very wide spread, sometimes also the only possible means of transportation in developing countries with high density but mobile population.
Economic route buses can stop and pick passengers anywhere along their route, offering a cheap and flexible travelling option for the low and middle class.
These buses will do their best to get as many passengers as possible, doing highly risky maneuver on the street to beat others to reach the daily deposit.
Roads are not safe, passengers often overcharged, bus owners has no visibility over the economic of their buses, and bus operators are paid by their daily deposits.
Our GPS based bus ticketing machine will solve this problem at many levels:
• Passengers pay the exact fair price by traveled kilometers, no more negotiations, no more ‘paying too much’ for strangers and tourists
• Bus owners know their real income, can offer the best price for passengers, and pay their employees fairly
• The roads are much safer without the rodeo driving buses
• Low cost, high tech, we use recently available open source cheap computing device, locally availble components, and free available everywhere GPS technology
This solution is already in pilot project in Indonesia, and will apply for every high density population countries in ASEAN and other parts of the world.

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Hygia Sanitation

Hygia Sanitation is a profit-oriented enterprise that aims to improve sanitation for all, by harnessing proprietary technologies offering disruptive onsite waste treatment capabilities. Our primary clients are the over 400 million households in Asia that use sanitation facilities that do not treat sewage, and are situated in either remote rural communities or densely-populated urban communities where conventional centralized wastewater treatment is too costly.

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Omnimatics Sdn Bhd is an early stage startup focused on connected cars. Based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Omnimatics is building its flagship product, CARdio™ – a FitBit for Cars! In the same way that FitBit quantifies various metrics of the human body to help individuals improve their health and lifestyle, CARdio™ is designed to do the same for car owners by helping them solve various problems associated with driving.

We are engaged with automotive manufacturers, and are poised to initially roll out to the B2B market in the 2nd half of 2016. There is potential revenue of up to RM1.4 million (USD 350,000) in the first year alone, and more so once we hit the consumer market via motor insurance telematics – which is a multi-billion ringgit industry by itself. By capturing even just 5% of the market share of cars produced and sold in Malaysia annually (30,000 cars), Omnimatics will be looking at revenues of at least RM15 million ringgit (USD3.75 million). Once the company matures and is ready to open operations in other countries in South East Asia, Omnimatics will be able to generate 2 – 3x more revenue at similar market share of 5% in those respective countries.

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Beijing Tsinova Technology Co.Ltd.

TSINOVA is a high-tech company, committed to change the traditional way of travelling with continuous innovation, and to make cities more livable. The company independently developed pedelc equipped with the world’s leading VeloUP! ™ power system, equipped with top automotive chip and control technology, which can understand road conditions and riding intent, so that it can provide users with real-time power. With very fashionable design in form, TSINOVA makes urban travelling easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

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KATSANA is a data company focusing on usage-based insurance & connected cars. Our prediction and gamification engine excels in understanding driver behaviour patterns, scoring drivers based on actual risk on the road, and engage them to become better drivers. We work with motor insurers and auto manufacturers to enable safer roads for all through a unified & API-centric automotive platform. We have so far collected 440 million kms of driving data, and managed to reduce risky behaviors by 62% within 12 months.

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Airbike is Sydney’s first station-less bike sharing platform that is designed to make inner city transport fast, convenient and healthy, and to provide a way for you to cover that last mile to reach your destination. Airbike uses technology, developed in Australia that combines with the Airbike smartphone app to bring you greater access and convenience to a bike when you need it the most. In bringing Airbike to the world, we know that we can reduce traffic congestion and create efficient transport in our beautiful cities for everyone to benefit from.

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