Vibrasindo Inc.

Started from our meeting with BIC (Business Innovation Center) as an institution founded by Indonesia Ministry of Research & Technology (MRT) to bridge the innovation process contained in Academia, Business and Government, then BIC actively brings us to the Associated Research and Technology Institutions until we meet R&D Center of Mineral and Coal Technology (TEKMIRA) and R&D Center of Machine Tool, Production Engineering and Automation (Meppo). BIC has set up a formal-cooperation agreement between us to cooperate with each others in developing this technology.

Idea is to make a product that can prevent loss of beings life with providing an early warning system with competitive price. Learning from other competitions while most of them are expensive and complicated brings to less familiar for Indonesia communities. This product provides the high economic potential. Geographic of Indonesia have a lot of hills and landslide prone areas.

PDM (Positioning, Diferentiation, Marketing Mix) together with other strategies are our ways to control market and persuade the customers to use this product by training to public and mining industries about landslide hazards. It is expected being standardization of instrument for monitoring landslide-prone from Government.

This product bring advantages of economic and social impact especially to prevent beings life victims, relieve publics worry who live in landslide-prone areas, more security for mining employees to do their works and open the new job vacancy . And we also participate raising the economic and reduced losses caused by landslide.

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BorderPass is an opt-in service that expedites travellers through airports by replacing paper immigration forms with online profiles, sent to the destination government the moment a flight is booked. Pre-cleared passengers get to skip the immigration form and queue using a multi-biometric BorderPass automated gate. We have received government approvals to start at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (1 and 2) in 2016. Our 5-year goal is to cover all major ASEAN and Asia Pacific airports after.

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Startbahn, Inc.

Startbahn is an online platform specializes in art. The platform is a combination of a social networking service (SNS) and internet auction. Startbahn system consists of three kinds of Accounts (Artist account, Reviewer account and Collector account) and two kinds of Auctions (Primary auction and Secondary auction) as well as many functions unique to this system. Artist account can post and sell his/her art works and Reviewer account is paid for writing a review of art works. Collector account can buy and resell art works. Primary auction is for selling new art work and Secondary auction is for reselling art works. Startbahn offers a profit share to the Artist from the transaction of an art work when the art work is resold at the Secondary Auction. Startbarn system also offers a profit share to the Reviewer when an art work wins a bid with the influence of its review. Through these profit-sharing mechanism, the value of the art work is distributed fairly to all parties including artists, reviewers and collectors.

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Spectee Inc.

Current news publishers take approximately 90 minutes after an incident, accident, or disaster to start reporting on it. On the other hand, social media-based citizen journalism has risen alongside pervasive smartphones use, as citizens at the scene report breaking news faster than traditional news media.

Spectee’s Newdeck is a real-time citizen-based news publishing platform, for all news publishers and television’s newsrooms, that aims to shorten the time it takes to report on information by curating video and images posted on social media, and then analyze and sort the information using artificial intelligence.

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Recruiting key talent is the No 1 business challenge facing any CEO. Top talent helps companies make a greater impact on the economy. Every good employee hired helps a company reap significant impact. Employees and employment are social activities and teams that like each other get much better results. RippleHire is a young and highly ranked company solving a Global problem of talent acquisition from India. Bringing together many disparate but very important concepts – Gamification, Social Networks, Technologies based social networks, RippleHire address a “Top 3” business problem for any company in any industry in any part of the world.

Every organization has a wealth of talent within the workforce. Top talent knows top talent and Rippleire helps an organization unlock the value in their employee networks to find talent that fits their culture and can succeed in that environment.

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Coitor IT Tech Private Limited

We are an organization focusing on delivering cutting edge solutions in augmented reality domain. We are a firm that started in 2013 by two UNISA, Australia graduates with the desire to connect people and products virtually. Our mission since then has been creating products which will enhance the purchasing process of customers and enabling them to make decisions quickly to complete a sale.  This decision was prompted after recognizing the growing need to create a unique experience for shoppers to enable the sales conversion. We have successfully developed products which has helped retailers to increase sales conversion and end customers to trail products within seconds from a minute.

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