iHandal is focused on creating a better environment for future generations. We are a turnkey provider of customized and modular heat pumps that are designed around commercial and industrial heat recovery and process application. Our solution is optionally combined with a guaranteed savings or performance contracting business models where we are focused on providing electrification and decarbonization by replacing traditional HVAC equipment and boilers, with high temperature natural refrigerant heat pumps using CO2, NH3 and R290. iHandal operates in 12 countries (South East Asia, Australia, Sri Lanka, US, Canada, Sweden) and is selected as part of the inaugural cohort of companies by NYSERDA for help to decarbonise New York. iHandal is developing to become an established advanced manufacturer of heat pumps to serve niche commercial and industrial Markets, globally for retrofits.

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Modular robotics is one of the most complex areas of robotics. Each added element allows new movements. Normally such robot stays in research labs, in places like MIT and Carnegie Mellon. We invented CellRobot which gives access to such cutting edge technology to non-specialists.
Cellrobot is the first complete consumer modular robotics kit which can be assembled in hundreds of different combinations to perform any task. Traditional Lego liked robots has thousands of building blocks, it’s takes hours for a child to build one robot, it’s really hard for them to create. CellRobot system replace these blocks with one smart and powerful Cell. Bring a perfect platform for children to create.

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DF Automation & Robotics

DF Automation & Robotics Sdn Bhd is one of the leading robotic company in South East Asia. DF designs and manufactures Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). AGV is an industrial mobile robot that can move autonomously from one point to another and very useful to carry heavy loads. This is very useful for manufacturing industries as they can reduce labor reliance and increase efficiency. The mobile robotics market worldwide is USD$8.58bn in 2016 and expect to grow to US$30bn by 2025. DF envisions to be one of the leading player in industry mobile robot. DF has developed many patent pending products including Zalpha AGV, Titan AGV, Suki AGV as well as our in-house developed software, NavWiz. NavWiz is an easy to use software to program the AGVs and with IoT enabled feature. DF has sold to many MNC companies includes Sony, Toto, Yamaha, Produa, Jabil, Sanmina, Flex, among others and has exported to Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philipines, Mexico, US and UK.

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AIM GLOBAL INNOVATION is a research venture spinning off from the AIMLAB at Mahidol University, Thailand. We build an innovation for improving people’s quality of life based through robotic technologies. One of the innovations that is ready for the market is an education robot for children with autism. The robot is used as assistive tool for teachers, caregivers, parents, and therapists in order to create training sessions for children with autism spectrum disorders at schools, households, and hospitals. While it helps with the creation of training sessions, the robot also makes learning more fun, interactive, thus enhances children’s engagement in the training and learning. It is suitable for children age of 4 to 12 years old. More than 100 teaching contents have already been developed and tested in six schools and hospital and a continuous development pipeline is part of the our business model. Users can freely download these contents from a content sharing platform. Moreover, we developed a robot control program that allows user to create teaching contents simply. The contents can be designed and created to fit with individual needs. These contents can be shared to other users through the provided platform. Efficient training sessions thus can be set up as frequently as possible and truly fit with each child.

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Robotics Plus Ltd.

Manufacturing and distribution businesses around the world are being dramatically disrupted by robotics, automation and data analytics. However, primary industries such as horticulture, agriculture and forestry have struggled to adopt this hi-tech revolution and are viewed by independent reports as been the least automated industries globally. Harsh and highly variable environments in these industries have traditionally made measurement and automation very difficult. Processes are highly labour intensive and data collection is fragmented and disparate.
RPL’s success is to deeply understand complex food and fibre value chains as well as have a deep understanding and experience with emerging technologies such as machine vision, artificial intelligence, computing, electronics and robotics. We partner with leading research organisations to ensure that our solutions are at the forefront of technology capability.
We consequently have a track record of developing robotic, automation and analytics solutions which free the primary industries workforce of repetitive work as well as minimising waste, optimising hygiene and creating more control for farmers, crop managers and post-harvest industries who seek to power up productivity in food and fibre value chains.
“Robotics Plus is the future of in-orchard and post-harvest automation, with its real-world, sophisticated, precision robotics being developed today to meet the significant and increasing agricultural demands of tomorrow.”
Andrew Dawson Acting Group Manager – Sensing & Automation at Callaghan Innovation

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Zhuhai Ziyan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Co. Ltd.

Ziyan is committed to manufacturing modern aerial robotic aviation platforms by using mature technology and leading edgy science. The company’s products include manufacture aircrafts with integrated avionics systems, intelligent flight control systems, integrated pistons and turbo-shaft engine technology, which targets to enhance the added value for potential buyers.

Ziyan’s feature product is unmanned helicopter, which has applicable uses in highway surveillance, rapid logistics operations, rescues, border patrol, counter-terrorism, special operations, aerial defense, aerial target drone training, agricultural protection, and other application scenario. Ziyan’s UAVs provide diversified choices for flight control systems and operation components, loading platforms and delivery systems to meet the demands of different industries and tasks.

Ziyan has a design team and produce flight control system, with all platform body using Black-Hawk glazed material and carbon fiber which makes structure solid and light. Ziyan’s UAV system and ground control station can be customized. There are various choices for distinctive-needed payload. All platforms are benchmarked upon Chinese military standard.

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