AsukaLab Inc.

AsukaLab was launched from the University of Tokyo in Japan. Based on the Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technology of the university, we are developing Head-Mounted Display (HMD) specific virtual tour guide system. Just looking through the special goggle, you can appreciate 360-degree interactive 3D view of ancient landscape on historical site via our mobile audiovisual guide. Large screen and head-tracking function of HMD are of great advantages over existing mobile AR app on iPhone or Android. Our market is the tourism industry and customers are mainly local government at present. Though our initial source of income is customized software development, we are planning to introduce a revenue share solution to the local tourism market. We believe that our state-of-the-art mobile HMD can replace traditional audio guide service and that will be the world standard of tourist information system.

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There are several optical device package methods. Among them, the TO-can (transistor outline – can) package is the smallest and cheapest package solution. Because of the small volume of the TO-can package, the package cannot accommodate more complicated functionality such as a wavelength locker. As a start-up, Phovel is continuously working on adding new functionalities to the TO-can package such as wavelength locker, chirp management, and bi-directional functionality. Thanks to the small volume of the TO-can, more complicated devices are possible using the multi-functional TO-can type packages. With our products, fiber optic networking will be cheaper and easier to manage.
Phovel’s new developments cover nearly the whole area of fiber optic networking such as wired networking of FTTH, wireless networking of mobile telecommunications and the network in a data center. All of these products are based on our more than 70patents. Phovel’s products are not mere replacements of already used devices, but can provide new functionality to service providers.
Thanks to the cheap and small volume of TO-can type packages, Phovel can support the customer with new functionalities and cost. Phovel looks forward to continued growth as an optical devices maker due to our innovativeness.

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