Terra Motors Corporation

Terra Motors Corporation will create a new mobility lifestyle in Asian region. With elaborate strategy and technological capability, we will not only introduce ecological and economical products, but also create whole new eco-system that many electric mobilities will be built upon.
We have become No.1 electric motorcycle manufacturer in Japan in three years. We have gathered human, financial, and technical resources through our business experience in Japan.
We opened our branch in Vietnam and the Philippines. There will be new branch in India as well in the near future.

With the Tesla Motors business model combined with a battery checking station, we will give the electric motorcycle a whole new image as a business and as a lifestyle as well.

Through electric motorcycle and trycycles, we not only provide new means of transportation, but also tackle the environmental problems in the Asian region. In addition, establishing factories and employing local people will create new opportunities and jobs in the country. Lastly, we will lead the electric mobility as an industry, in the Asian region. This will make Asia the new industry centre.

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Hydrogen is considered as one of the most important clean energy sources for future. However, the use of hydrogen has been hindered due to its high flammability and difficulty of storage.
We propose to use inexpensive “ferrum” (= iron) powder instead of hydrogen as an energy source. Ferrum can produce hydrogen when oxidised. By utilizing this reaction, we have developed patented novel0 “Shuttle-SOFC” device that generates electrical power from ferrum. This device can store 5 to 10 times higher energy than conventional Li-ion batteries. With this technology, humongous social investment into the infrastructure for transportation and storage of hydrogen (such as long pipeline, high-pressure gas bomb or liquid hydrogen container) can be avoided. Since ferrum is one of the most common materials on the earth, unlike fossil fuels or lithium, there will be no concern for shortage.
Our business is to manufacture Shuttle-SOFC devices for electrical cars (EVs) and various energy storage systems (ESSs). The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) expects that at least 20% of the cars sold in Japan will be electric in 2030. And the market for ESS is expected to grow to $1,750M in 2020. Our ultimate business goal is to provide stable and sustainable energy solution at global level.

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Shanghai CamRay Photonics Co., Ltd.

Established in Oct. 2012, CamRay has 2 R&D centers in Nanjing and Cambridge and one head office in Shanghai. CamRay is a high-tech company dedicated in researching and producing new X-ray generators and X-ray image system with superior properties including lower radiation, higher resolution, instantaneous scanning time, longer lifetime and lower power consumption. Our founding team invented the world’s leading new cold cathode X-ray generator technology after ten years’ R&D in Cambridge, and have owned over 20 patents. By now, we have established strategic cooperation with several leading enterprises in the field of X-ray image. CamRay obtained A round financing from VC in 2012, and “Leading Talent” and “Science and Technology Entrepreneur” awarded by the government.

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Kyoto Materials Co., Ltd.

Kyoto Materials Co., Ltd. is directed to develop various university researches especially from the field of materials science to a more extensive field, then advancing and marketing it to applicable technology in service.
Now two pillars, Departments of Precise Materials and Environmental Materials, of Kyoto Materials have begun to work and already given an effect. DPM can supply precise mold technique for manufacturing hard materials. On the other hand, extension of life of social capital such as steel structures, bridges and energy facilities, is becoming realized by corrosion control technology of DEM. For instance, corrosion control coatings, wear resistant materials, special surface modification, are our typical high performance materials.
We hope that our further innovation and business development can continue evolving so that the richness of life is given in the global society.

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EDP Corporation

Diamond has many excellent characteristics, such as highest hardness, highest thermal conductivity, and transparency of UV to IR etc. Moreover, diamond is the ideal semiconducting material which may be applied in large power devices, promising to save energy for electric vehicle etc. Single crystal diamond can be made by “Vapor deposition methods” and AIST Japan developed the way to fabricate large crystals. EDP was established in order to utilize diamond in various applications as supplying novel single crystals.
The advantage of EDP is the capability to fabricate larger single crystals than ever commercialized. 10x10mm mono-crystal or 25x25mm mosaic crystals are characteristics of EDP and wide variation of their thickness from 0.02mm to 2.5mm may be applied in wide range application field. Facility for mass production was set three years before and the capacity of fabrication has been growing with successfully equity finance up to 5 million dollars.
The policy of EDP is “From starting in conventional market to creating novel market” and this has been kept for five years. Now, EDP is going ahead toward newly developed market with developing leading-edge technology.

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AgIC, Inc.

AgIC Inc. provides solutions to make circuit boards more accessible. We developed technology to turn off-the-shelf home inkjet printers into circuit board printers and developed conductive ink pens. Those solutions led us to raise $80,000 from 900 people in Kickstarter during March 2014. Utilizing our circuit prototyping tools, we are enabling people to make and use circuit boards in easier, faster, and affordable manner, as 3D printers have changed prototyping for 3D objects.

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BK Contech

Nowadays, it is the trend of using reasonable resources, saving energy, protecting and friendly with environment. Thus, science and innovation in all producing areas, as well as in producing lighting equipments must accordingly to the common trends. World leading companies are now applying new science and technologies in producing products with smaller sizes, less resorces, but higher efficiency, longer life and specially using new ligh resorces such as LED – Light Emitting Diodes.

LED has been known as a future lighting, blue lighting and friendly with environment. With the advantage in high efficiency and long life, saving electric, colourful, non quicksilver, LED is now considering as lighting to replace traditional products, as efficient methods in saving and efficient energy. LED technology is making deeply changes in lighting industry by widening areas using artificial lighting which help people more enjoyable their lives and applying LED Panel is typically.

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DynaOptics’ technology allows an optical zoom camera module to fit inside the footprint of today’s mobile phone – without the bulky protrusion. Not only will consumers love it as it enables better photos and videos in a slim form-factor, phone OEMs will love it as it employs established high-volume manufacturing techniques and off-the-shelf materials. The smart phone camera lens module market alone, is about $10bn in 2015. Other potential markets include consumer electronic devices (wearables, tablets, laptops), surveillance cameras, medical devices, robotics and defense.

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