Wifinity Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Wifinity Technology is an architect in the IoT space. With Internet of Things (IoT), objects or people are provided with unique identifiers and gives the ability to automatically transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Wifinity Technology’s vision is to be the Facebook of connected devices. The wireless sensor and wireless control world allows enterprises to lower energy, water and resource consumption.

Wifinity’s solutions use disruptive technologies like M2M (Machine to Machine), Artificial Intelligence and wireless sensor networking to enable enterprises to lower their energy and water consumption levels. The solution uses disruptive meshed wireless technologies, making it easy to install, mount & configure. The artificial intelligent system learns, adapts and controls lighting, HVAC and water supplies – thus lowering the total cost of ownership to the customer. The solution has helped customers save up to 20% of their utility bills and 15% of the water bills

Wifinity is one of the fastest growing ventures backed by IIM Ahmedabad & IIM Bangalore., two of India’s top 4 business schools. Ever since its inception in 2010, Wifinity team has won numerous international awards for our innovation.

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Beijing weiming imagination science and technology Co., LTD.

Our company located in the traditional field of Chinese massage in good health, we are the first company in this area depends on pattern implementation of Internet health O2O concept of the company. Company positioning platform to provide services to connect consumers and massage technician, provide consumers with housebound massage service, at the same time, ensure the massage technician benefit maximization.

Health O2O entirely is a new business models, getting rid of the traditional health club for stores, decoration, such as the huge cost of fixed assets. Our company do not need to hire a large number of employees in advance, in accordance with the signing of orders, recruiting and training of technicians, can effectively avoid the artificial cost of idle and waste.

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POKI Learning Asia

POKI Learning Asia has created an online education platform, which is:

  • ・An online learning environment for children to practice 21st century skills, including life, communication, thinking and ICT skills as well as to increase the excitement for practicing them in a comprehensive and well-balanced way;
  • ・The combination of technology and teaching methods that
  • Offers life skills training programs with fun online educational activities, with the method of learning by playing and practicing;
  • Raises the urge of education competition and supplementing the main courses at school, as well as stimulate the open and creative mind for students
  • ・An e-education system which helps students learn anywhere at any time with excitement. It also helps parents join and control the process of developing skills for their children by various interactive functions of the online portal.
  • ・A supporting system for teachers to deliver class-room activities that provides direct experience for students. A full teacher kit is prepared and can be downloaded from POKI server to help them facilitate the teaching process.
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Monkey Junior

Researchers have proven that early language learning is crucial to a child’s mental development. According to longitudinal studies by Harvard University, learning additional languages increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of the mind in young children. The brain, like any muscle, functions better with exercise. Learning a language involves memorizing rules and vocabulary, which helps strengthen that mental muscle. Meanwhile, children are geniuses at learning as their brain grows tremendously to nearly the same size of an adult’s at their age of 6.

Monkey Junior aims at bringing early language learning to every single family in the world. We provide parents with a mobile solution which fits their pocket: a learn to read app with offline use. Their babies, toddlers and preschoolers will benefit from a comprehensive reading program which engages them in daily play-like activities year after year. The first version of Monkey Junior was released in late 2014 on iOS, Android and Amazon stores and our number of users has increased by 10 times to nearly 500,000 in the last 7 months with 3,000 daily downloads. Monkey Junior becomes #1 popular learn to read program on both iOS and Android and one of the 100 most downloaded and purchased educational apps in many countries such as Vietnam (#10), Singapore (#20), Canada (#50), USA (#86), Japan (#131), etc. Our revenue has been increasing 30% month after month and in February 2016 our monthly revenue is $10,000 USD compared to less than $500 in July 2015.

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6Estates Pte Ltd

6Estates develops live marketing solutions by correlating relevant online & corporate data silos to provide intelligence for businesses to compete in the dynamic consumers market.

Intelligence on consumers product usage and preferences, and predictions on points of influence affecting their purchase decisions offer businesses an edge like never before.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies including Natural Language Processing technology particularly in Chinese & English, proprietary mining strategies and Product Attribution-Sentiment analysis, 6Estates uniquely bridges businesses with consumers between China and the world and assists deep understanding of Chinese consumers’ consumption insights of products and services.

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Spectee Inc.

Current news publishers take approximately 90 minutes after an incident, accident, or disaster to start reporting on it. On the other hand, social media-based citizen journalism has risen alongside pervasive smartphones use, as citizens at the scene report breaking news faster than traditional news media.

Spectee’s Newdeck is a real-time citizen-based news publishing platform, for all news publishers and television’s newsrooms, that aims to shorten the time it takes to report on information by curating video and images posted on social media, and then analyze and sort the information using artificial intelligence.

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Coitor IT Tech Private Limited

We are an organization focusing on delivering cutting edge solutions in augmented reality domain. We are a firm that started in 2013 by two UNISA, Australia graduates with the desire to connect people and products virtually. Our mission since then has been creating products which will enhance the purchasing process of customers and enabling them to make decisions quickly to complete a sale.  This decision was prompted after recognizing the growing need to create a unique experience for shoppers to enable the sales conversion. We have successfully developed products which has helped retailers to increase sales conversion and end customers to trail products within seconds from a minute.

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Lively Impact Technology Limited

The company focuses on customer interaction analytics and offers Fingereach as its flagship platform. Fingereach is a Mobile Advertising Platform designed for advertisers to buy mobile ads across thousands of apps and webs in real-time, supported by the analytics found using Big Data technologies. Fingereach integrates with leading global and regional Ad Exchanges (e.g. Google AdX, Smaato, Adsmogo) to buy mobile ad slots in real time, based on the data pattern found in billions of usage behavior data made by different mobile users.

Fingereach has proprietary technologies in discovering under-priced inventory, identifying deep customer segments and has a social scheme to enable physical social connections. The platform was benchmarked to have a 30% impression-fee-cut and 50% click-fee-cut compared with other competitors. Fingereach has won numerous awards, including HK ICT Award 2015 (big data), Cloudera Data Impact Award Top 3 (amid AMD and Mastercard), GD-IOT Most Creative Award, and TechCrunch Beijing Top 15.

Fingereach has generated from 0 to US$300,000 revenue, 30 customers (8 channels) and enabling 3 social communities in the last 12 months operations.

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