Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh

Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh is a tech-enabled and impact-driven internet restaurant platform that utilizes mobile and web platforms to help existing restaurants drive additional revenues and improve bottom-line. Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh’s business model revolves around a impact-driven cycle, called GKB Network, through which we empower thousands of small food entrepreneurs who are impacted by the changing dynamics of the industry. Through innovative collaborations, 4 key nodes of the network are connected: Our Brands, Restaurant Partners, Delivery Partners, and lastly Customers.

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Shenzhen Bixuange Technology Co. , Ltd.

Shenzhen Bixuange Technology company was established in 2015, specializing in research and development of IOT monitoring equipment, data visualization, data mining, project-based innovative enterprises
The company has a number of overseas high-level talents including experts who are engaged in the development of such products, and also corporate with professors from fields with rich experience, forming a scientific R&D team.

In recent years, the frequent occurrence of high wind disasters has brought a lot of adverse effects to our life and production. Typhoons occur has the attributes of high intensity, wide range, suddenness and concurrency. The high wind and rainstorm disasters can be derived from sub-level disasters, so that high wind prediction is great importance at the level of disaster prevention. Our simulation model result complements the detection equipment data insufficiency, provides very high spatial resolution in a city scale with comparatively cheap cost.

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Algal Bio Co., Ltd.

Algal Bio Co., Ltd., a biotech startup, was established in March 2018 based upon 20 years of research results at the University of Tokyo. We possess around 3000 algae strains.These algae strains produce naturally occurring functional substances such as carotenoids, long chain unsaturated fatty acids , protein and oils. In addition to the strains isolated from the environment, these algae strains include strains obtained by mutation breeding with heavy ion-beam irradiation. The need for biologically-derived functional substances is increasing globally due to consumer health and natural orientation, the avoidance of genetic modification, and various regulations on chemically synthesized substances. Our algae strain does not use genetic recombination technology, so it can meet a wide range of needs. We can provide functional substance, functional foods (health foods and supplements), cosmetics, functional beverages, natural additives, medicines and biofuels, etc.

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Nanotronics turns highly renewable indigenous plants into nanotechnology materials for use in various industrial applications. Our nanomaterial products serve as key ingredients in the production of advanced materials suited for both conventional and additive manufacturing. Currently, the primary market we are serving is the packaging industry due to the need for sustainable materials.

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ADVANCED GREENFARM is a research-driven startup whose vision is to develop sustainable cultivation technology for novel plant food that can provide optimal health benefits and fits the modern lifestyle of all ages. Our current innovative solution is the cultivation of Wolffia, the world’s fast-growing, smallest flowering plant. Wolffia has superfood nutrition, with high protein content and essential minerals and vitamins surpassing several current superfoods. Wolffia contains bioavailable natural B12, which is not found in plants outside its family. Our proprietary technology not only significantly enhances the nutritional profile, but also emphasizes on optimizing the production while maintaining high quality and food safety. In terms of sustainability, the astronomical productivity of our Wolffia can lead to 30 times more proteins produced per acre compared to soybean, or about 2,400 times more than beef! Wolffia has also been estimated to capture more CO2 per area than a healthy forest.

ADVANCED GREENFARM aims to use our core technology to supply Wolffia to health-conscious consumers, primarily focusing on consumers who seek plant-based sources of high-quality protein and natural B12 through modern trade and food distributors through the brand “flo Wolffia”. We also aim to supply Wolffia as ingredients for business partners, including restaurants, food industry, and nutraceutical industry.

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Arcadian Eco Co., Ltd.

Water shortages are experienced in many regions of the world and will be major global issue by 2025. As reported by, the Biological Wastewater Treatment market in U.S. is estimated at US$ 2.2 Billion in the year 2020. China, the world`s second largest economy, is forecast to reach a projected market size of US$ 2.4 Billion by the year 2027 trailing a CAGR of 7.9% over the analysis period 2020 to 2027. However, the technology is expensive, require big land, high construction cost, use lots of electricity and high cost for energy bill.

We, Arcadian Eco, develop an innovative Wastewater Treatment System called “Wonder Bubble”. We use special Enzymes to speed up the chemical reaction (without chemical usage) and Micro-Nano Bubble to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen at the deep-water level. Our solution helps to reduce sludge, TS, BOD and COD while use one fourth energy of the present technology, less space and no cost for construction at affordable price. Our system comes in 1 sq.m. compartment with complete control and sensor.

Our solution is now used by companies in Thailand (Thai-Danish Dairy Farm, Bangchak Bioethanol, I.P.One). It can be applied to factory, residential, farm, aquaculture, hospital etc.

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More Foods Innotech Co., Ltd.

More Foods Innotech is a leading plant-based food start-up in Thailand under product line, namely “More Meat”. With the consumer’s increasing awareness of food ingredients, as well as growing interest in natural, eco-friendly and sustainable food sources, we offer products made with quality ingredients, highlighting on nutrition, using local plants of Thailand that have bioactive compounds to promote good health, as well as sourcing from smaller producer groups to create sustainable income and job opportunities for the community.
Since its establishment in 2019, we have partnered with large food companies like V Foods Thailand and Thai Union to scale up and create impacts for the people.

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PT MaxZer Solusi Steril

Milk is a source of essential nutrients. Because milk is commonly embedded with microorganisms that may disrupt its quality, it is imperative to find appropriate technology that extend milk shelf life. Heating has long been the common method. However, heating caused protein content in the milk to burst. On this reason, we need to have more effective, economical and efficient method without changing color, smell and nutritional value of the processed products. A non-thermal method being developed is the use of high-voltage electric shock or Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) based on the application of short pulses at high voltage (20-80 kV/cm) to foodstuffs at room temperature or below for a few seconds. This method called SULIS, is effective for it inactivates microorganisms up to 97% instantly.

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