AI Communis Pte. Ltd

We develop automatic speech recognition (ASR) SaaS solutions. Our ASR engines are developed by our Co-founder, Ian Lane, one of the best R&D teams at Carnegie Mellon University. Our recent product, Auris Edit, aims to make digital content accessible to the world.
Auris Edit enables content creators to easily create caption, transcription and inserting foreign subtitles, reducing their 50% of post-editing time. Creators can spend more time on contents creation rather than on less creative editing processes.
Our primary target is light users like mid-entry level YouTubers, or freelancers who help top YouTubers to add captions/subtitles. YouTube has over 50m content creators, and only with YouTube, we expect that the demand is high.
Captions/Subtitles are a must-have feature for content creators because 60% of YouTube views are from non-native English speakers, say people in South East Asia!
So Auris Edit will first target Asian market making digital content accessible.

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Soft Space Sdn Bhd.

Soft Space is a digital payments company that was incorporated in March 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our business primarily focuses on development of Mobile Point-of-Sales (MPOS) and innovative solutions for the banking and payment industry. Soft Space’s MPOS solution is the first in Asia to obtain Europay, Mastercard & Visa (EMV) Level 1 and Level 2 approved and certified. Soft Space’s solution and accelerated growth had won recognition both locally and internationally.

Today, Soft Space is steadily growing market share in South East Asia (ASEAN) with live deployments in 13 banks across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

Soft Space has won multiple awards including the Red Herring Top 100 Asia 2014, Merit Winner of the WITSA’s Global ICT Excellence Awards, APICTA’s Best Financial Application Award 2013, APICTA’s Best Start Up 2013, and AICTA’s award for the Best Start Up in the ASEAN region.

Read More→ is a marketplace and agrifintech at the sametime that intends to integrate the up-stream to the down-stream value chain of agro-based economy, in such away to achieve a certain level of efficiency that is a pre-condition to improve the life being of farmers, ranchers, smallholders etc in villages and remote areas. In this effort, through the implementation of digital technology simplifies and shortens the distribution chain by bringing producer to get closer to end user. Being the most critical aspect in the Country agribiz, includes also financing schemes for agribiz.

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