Eigooo Inc.

English Anytime
During his time abroad in Japan Founder and CEO Peter Rothenberg found that texting his friends in Japanese was great for his language learning but wished his friends corrected him and that his friends would respond more often.
As a linguistics major at UCLA Peter began to study the effects of using text to learn a language and decided to pursue the idea fully, founding Eigooo Inc. in July 2013.
Eigooo is different from traditional classroom methods for teaching English. We do not “teach” English per say, but give students the tools, motivation, and confidence needed to want to learn, use, and enjoy English.

“Empowering Communication Freedom.”
Let’s Eigooo!

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Early Start Co., Ltd

Early Start Co., ltd is designed to provide solutions that help children at very young age from six months old to six years old play and learn. The early-education research indicates that observing and reading skills can be developed among infants or toddlers as their brain is at the stage that allows them to be able to absorb any kind of inputs using the appropriate technologies. With that mission, Monkey Junior is our first reading program that guides parent through the whole process of helping their children to read in fun ways. Our program applies well-done methodologies from different early education researchers in the world such as Glenn Doman (1955), Shichida (1978). Monkey Junior was released in late October on both Google Play and App Store and has been downloaded more than 20,000 times with 150+ positive reviews from all over the world. We are at the final phase of completing the English curriculum and the next version in French, Spanish, Vietnamese will be released in the upcoming couple of months.

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POKI Learning Asia

POKI Learning Asia has created an online education platform, which is:

  • ・An online learning environment for children to practice 21st century skills, including life, communication, thinking and ICT skills as well as to increase the excitement for practicing them in a comprehensive and well-balanced way;
  • ・The combination of technology and teaching methods that
  • Offers life skills training programs with fun online educational activities, with the method of learning by playing and practicing;
  • Raises the urge of education competition and supplementing the main courses at school, as well as stimulate the open and creative mind for students
  • ・An e-education system which helps students learn anywhere at any time with excitement. It also helps parents join and control the process of developing skills for their children by various interactive functions of the online portal.
  • ・A supporting system for teachers to deliver class-room activities that provides direct experience for students. A full teacher kit is prepared and can be downloaded from POKI server to help them facilitate the teaching process.
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Monkey Junior

Researchers have proven that early language learning is crucial to a child’s mental development. According to longitudinal studies by Harvard University, learning additional languages increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of the mind in young children. The brain, like any muscle, functions better with exercise. Learning a language involves memorizing rules and vocabulary, which helps strengthen that mental muscle. Meanwhile, children are geniuses at learning as their brain grows tremendously to nearly the same size of an adult’s at their age of 6.

Monkey Junior aims at bringing early language learning to every single family in the world. We provide parents with a mobile solution which fits their pocket: a learn to read app with offline use. Their babies, toddlers and preschoolers will benefit from a comprehensive reading program which engages them in daily play-like activities year after year. The first version of Monkey Junior was released in late 2014 on iOS, Android and Amazon stores and our number of users has increased by 10 times to nearly 500,000 in the last 7 months with 3,000 daily downloads. Monkey Junior becomes #1 popular learn to read program on both iOS and Android and one of the 100 most downloaded and purchased educational apps in many countries such as Vietnam (#10), Singapore (#20), Canada (#50), USA (#86), Japan (#131), etc. Our revenue has been increasing 30% month after month and in February 2016 our monthly revenue is $10,000 USD compared to less than $500 in July 2015.

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