Extreme Vision Ltd.

With independently developed computer vision analytic algorithm, Extreme Vision extended the function and application of the surveillance system. In the coming future, the surveillance will become cleverer and cleverer, which means it can handle plenty of task done by human being before, such as detecting some actions like robbing and calling for help automatically. Furthermore, not only in Security and Protection field, but also in Business Intelligence field, the surveillance system can provide us useful information.

Through proven technology, Extreme Vision can already help companies to identify data from existing surveillance system, such as total customer number, custom gender, predicted age of customer and so on from existing surveillance video, which allow the company get to know the real-time changing feature of target customers, increase employee performance and forecast sales opportunity, leading the offline company to the new era of big data management.

Our company registered in Macau, and up to now we have nearly 10 employees most of whom come from well-known university such as Peking University. The excellent education background in some way can guarantee the future development of our Company which is in a high-tech industry.

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Fuller, Inc.

FULLER mainly develops B2C Device Management Application Businesses and B2B Application Data Analysis Businesses. In the Device Management Application Business, we offer a free-of-charge power-saving application called “Ojisan”, in which users can save smartphone battery while raising a lovery middle aged guy. At the same time, we obtain users’ application usage data and provide an application analysis service called “App Ape” to analyze such data in order to compile it into smartphone application use trend data. This service has been used by over 3,000 customers in total, including application development companies, game companies, and advertising agencies. In this service, attribution information, such as the number of active users, users’ ages and genders on about as many as 70,000 types of applications can be analyzed to utilize it for understanding market trends, application planning and marketing, and optimization of ad placement, etc.

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Algo Engines Pvt. Ltd.

Algo Engines provides operational intelligence for wind turbines, met masts, solar plants and other Internet of Things (IoTs). SCADA systems, sensors, and smart meters generate massive volumes of machine data that is complex, but contain a gold mine of information. Algo Engines helps transform this mountain of data into actionable insights.

Weather sensors in wind and solar plants capture wind speed, direction, humidity, temperature & solar irradiation which help assess the energy potential. Sensors from other subsystems like the solar panels, inverters, generators provide information on the performance and health of the system. Algo Engines interfaces with a range of protocols and adapters to acquire data from different sensors onto the cloud for analysis. We leverage the power of “big data” to offers customers a web based platform to gauge health, monitor performance and predict component failure which ultimately leads to lower cost of renewable energy.

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