AI Communis Pte. Ltd

We develop automatic speech recognition (ASR) SaaS solutions. Our ASR engines are developed by our Co-founder, Ian Lane, one of the best R&D teams at Carnegie Mellon University. Our recent product, Auris Edit, aims to make digital content accessible to the world.
Auris Edit enables content creators to easily create caption, transcription and inserting foreign subtitles, reducing their 50% of post-editing time. Creators can spend more time on contents creation rather than on less creative editing processes.
Our primary target is light users like mid-entry level YouTubers, or freelancers who help top YouTubers to add captions/subtitles. YouTube has over 50m content creators, and only with YouTube, we expect that the demand is high.
Captions/Subtitles are a must-have feature for content creators because 60% of YouTube views are from non-native English speakers, say people in South East Asia!
So Auris Edit will first target Asian market making digital content accessible.

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Chronoptics Limited

We create and integrate 3D depth sensing technology. 3D cameras are enabling new intelligent products across a spectrum of markets from automotive, robotics, industrial automation, consumer electronics and security. We are masters in time-of-flight depth sensing and bridge the gap from pixel to point cloud, expertly tailoring fit-for-purpose 3D solutions for our partners. We partner with silicon technology developers leveraging our 20+ patent portfolio to generate licensing revenues and work alongside customers to integrate tailored 3D camera solutions into their products.

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4Blind company conducts research, develop, create and produce innovative technologies for the rehabilitation and improvement the quality of life of blind and deaf-blind people. 4Blind technical solutions: help them to communicate; give access to information around them; help develop in the professional field.

Advantages of 4Blind solutions: multifunctionality, its suitability for various objectives such as reading, writing, communication, the use of mobile phone, tactile access to graphic information; lack of comparable analogues in the market or absence of analogues; ease of use and servicing; affordable price.

Market opportunities: according to the latest report of the WHO in the world more than 7 million deafblind and more than 285 million blind people.

Sales strategy: direct sales to support organizations and foundations for people who are blind and deaf-blind, rehabilitation centers for the deaf-blind people, public and private companies providing jobs for people with disabilities, insurance companies; sales through international distributors of technical rehabilitation equipment, as well as sale of licenses for the right to manufacture the device in other countries.

We’ve already conducted testing of devices in associations and funds engaged in the support of blind and deafblind people having received confirmation that users need them, and devices meet expectations.

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Opsis Pte Ltd

Opsis is spin-off from A*STAR based on 5 years of R&D in MedTech research. The technology has use-cases in:
• Tele-Health, where video care providers get real time emotional feedback on the state of the people in needs. Discover and interventions with any video platform or devices.
• Tele-Education with insights metrics on teaching content receptiveness and help educators to identify online learners: Confuse, Stress or Bored.
• Tele-HR for online recruitment or training with deepen behavioral analysis data for interpretation based on psychometric evaluation.
Awards and Accolades
• 1st place in the OMG Emotion Behaviour Challenge 2018
• 2nd place in EmotiW2016 competition (ICMI)
• 3rd place in EmotiW2015 competition (ICMI)
• 2nd place in Grand Challenge Competition (ACM Multimedia 2012)
The key differentiating from those in the market are:
• Only 1 in the world using psychology circumplex model resulting in more precise emotion measurements with 2 Dimension data points.
• Real-time processing and analysis for individual and large crowd group emotional state. Most competitors allow for only single analysis.
• Technology accounts for ethnicity differences with high accuracy of 93% vs 70% available in the market.
• Thousands of mood detection with interactive responds vs 7 basis labelling
• Deployment platform includes: APP, SDK, Raspberry Pi, Cloud Service

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LOOP is an internet company that was founded on the vision that everybody in the F&B and retail business should have access to the best tools to manage and grow their business. Small and medium shop owners should have the same smart tools that bigger chains are using but made simpler. Our mission is to be the #1 Smart POS in South East Asia helping shop owners manage and grow their business. Whether they’re running a small convenience store, a neighbourhood cafe chain or a vintage fashion boutique, LOOP Smart POS is commited to support customers in their journey.

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