TurtleYogi Technologies Pvt Ltd

TurtleYogi is a startup founded by telecommunications veteran with 15 years of industry experience and incubated at the prestigious IIM-Bangalore. OneKlikStreet, a flagship product from TurtleYogi technologies, is a virtual office setup in the ‘clouds’ with seamless Audio-Video facility. OneKlikStreet is a zero download, zero plugin, simple to use browser based video and audio, cloud hosted service offered to businesses with subscription pricing. With web API we offer businesses customizable video and audio collaboration services. We offer the best price-bandwidth performance in the video collaboration industry. Our promise to businesses is to enable wide customer reach at the lowest cost with simple user experience.

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MobiusBobs Inc.

Knowledge is a “degree of separation” problem, and MobiusBobs aims to connect each node of knowledge, viz. people, with the edges designed to include their interpretations of a given knowledge. MobiusBobs’ mission aims to create contextually curated networks of all knowledge. The curated networks allow global citizen to better navigate around the accumulated knowledge. MobiusBobs enables the World’s innovation to be better together.

MobiusBobs creates a platform for transferring knowledge that derives tangible value from the economy. MobiusBobs is crowd knowledge exchange community that initially targets IP (Intellectual Property). While bad patents, like bad programs, are everywhere that blocking the innovation progress, MobiusBobs aims to fix it. Our clients post enquiries of IP uncertainty and globally sourced experts compete to “debug” patents for a bounty. Each contribution of “debugging” is aggregated to our knowledge base by the community of expert with diverse domain knowledge in depth.

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VMFive Inc.

VMFive is a cloud-based technology company, targeting global mobile market with its leading virtualization and streaming technologies. The premiere innovative product, AdPlay, is a cloud service that transforms mobile apps into playable ads, and enable users to try apps before downloading. In December 2014, VMFive announced collaboration with Japan’s top-three mobile advertising companies D2C and ADWAYS to introduce to Japan playable ads solution and the world’s first app pre-order platform “Yoyaku Top 10” with instant demo features. And in March 2015, VMFive announced the partnership with Trend Micro and General Mobile on Mobile World Congress. By integrating collaborators’ products and resources, VMFive has quickly established its presence in the Japanese market and is moving on to the Asia-Pacific market, actively engaging potential collaborators to create a brand new mobile advertising model.
VMFive not only earned high recommendation from customers, but also from competitions. It won the championships at TechCrunch Beijing in August 2014 and Slush Asia Tokyo in April 2015.

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