Dimensionless Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Human inspection tasks are slow, inefficient and costly. We have developed a set of products namely BaggageAI,CounterfeitAI and SolarAI to automate the tasks making them faster and far more efficient.

BaggageAI automatically detects threat items in the X-Ray scan of Baggages at security checkpoints. Once the baggage passes through the X-Ray baggage scanner, the X-Ray image is generated. This image is processed by BaggageAI software to detect threat items in it and raise alarms for the operator.

CounterfeitAI automatically detects counterfeit/fraudulent electronic items in the e-commerce supply chain.When the package passes through X-Ray baggage scanner the X-Ray image of the package is generated. CounterfietAI figures out the item details of the item being scanned through the database and then compares the X-Ray image of the package with that of the original one.

SolarAI is an AI powered solution that identifies and classify defects in thermal images of solar panels. SolarAI works on the thermal images captured through drones and identifies and classifies type of defect in these images. It also provides the detailed location of defect in the power plan which enables auto-scheduling of the maintenance tasks.

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Karmasthal Healthtech Private Limited

Karmasthal’s aim is to create a one-stop solution to address the elder care market backed by technology. A complete solution where healthcare professionals are assisted by real-time reporting through IoT & predictive technology to create a preventive care solution.

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Plutomen Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Plutomen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded in November 2016, provides Augmented & Virtual Reality Solutions to Enterprises. We have more than 7 years of experience in serving & consulting clients from diverse sectors. We are focused on creating solutions which empower enterprises to improve productivity, extend workforce capability & enhance customer satisfaction. Our solutions cater to industrial challenges ranging from digital transformation to upskilling the workforce. Modern challenges including democratizing expert’s knowledge, keeping up with the increasing complexity of products and processes and filling the gap created by lack of specialised resources at geographically sparse locations make it much more essential for us to offer robust solutions. Understanding the trend, we offer in the areas of AR based remote assistance, guided instructions and planning-compliance management.

AR powered remote assistance tool – ARMS enables frontline workers to collaborate with experts for remote field service, installation, MRO, training and aftermarket services.
AR based planning and compliance management tool – Vnotes enables quick information exchange, task assignment, and to communicate important information for functions including planning, survey, auditing and compliance.
AR based guided instructions solution – machinARe digitalises the assets for On-the-Go Manual, On-Board Training, assistance in Inspection, Maintenance & troubleshooting.

Our clientele includes outstanding players of their domain: Virtusa, Adani, Wipro, Sterlite, L&T and many more. Backed by accelerators like Oracle for Startups, JioGenNext, Nasscom and being a recognised finalist of National Startup awards 2020 (Industry 4.0 – Augmented Reality Category), Plutomen has come a long way.

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At Lifeform AI we create IoT interfaces for healthier habits. The LifeChair is our IoT platform that uses our patented eTextile sensing technology and AI-based human behaviour models to improve the quality of life at work and in the home. The LifeChair IoT cushion and its partner app train healthy habits through posture training, stretching guidance and tailored work-life balance management. We’ve partnered with Fujitsu to create the offices of tomorrow by using the LifeChair to provide a suite of wellness features and AI-powered personalised feedback. Our innovations have also sought new ways to assist those working remotely and from home by offering an in-home wellness platform for employees and team management tools for employers.

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Onikle Inc.

Onikle is the preprint search platform with the simple UIUX and AI recommendation to help scientists discover best papers. In addition to AI recommendation, users can follow and create Chronicle – research specialised bookmark – to find what other top scientists are reading and be updated to trending papers. With these features above, we have successfully reduced the search time up to 80%.
Onikle currently has 3000 Monthly active users from tech companies such as Facebook, IBM, and Amazon and users spend 3 times longer than the exisitng service, and MAU is increasing double per month.
Onikle will be monetised with 3 business models, which is highly targeted advertisement, $10 monthly subscription, and Recruitment model and has the potential to reach $1.2billion dollars with 10 million potential users from all over the world.
Google and Amazon believed that the Internet would become the world’s infrastructure even before it became widespread, and expanded their market share at an overwhelming speed. Onikle believes that preprints will become the infrastructure of the world, and we will grab our market share at an overwhelming speed. We create global platform that drives the knowledge of mankind.

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Sintez LLC

Your Personal Trainer (UpT) is a software platform for teaching tennis, golf, and other sports. It helps athletes to:
— find a coach and organize a remote training process with video stream analysis;
— practice basic exercises independently under the AI supervision;
— keep track of the development.
The comprehensive solution combines cutting-edge technologies with scientific and practical groundwork – the relevant experience was accumulated when the team had performed a digital project for the Russian Tennis Federation.

Features for the athletes:

1. Reduced training cost: practicing basic exercises with high-quality feedback by AI.
2. Digital twin technology to prevent injuries.
3. Remote training: match with professional coaches regardless of their location.
4. AR technologies to train in real time.
5. Training history and progress tracking.
6. Search for a sparring partner with a given skill level.

For the coaches:
1. Demonstration of portfolio and ratings.
2. Increased earnings: simultaneously training more athletes from different countries.
3. Assistance in choosing the right technique by providing analysis of the athlete’s progress.
4. Ability to adjust model / learning patterns for AI.

Business model: subscription sales; royalty for an on-demand analysis by a pro coach; in-app purchases: premium content and cloud storage space.

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AI Communis Pte. Ltd

We develop automatic speech recognition (ASR) SaaS solutions. Our ASR engines are developed by our Co-founder, Ian Lane, one of the best R&D teams at Carnegie Mellon University. Our recent product, Auris Edit, aims to make digital content accessible to the world.
Auris Edit enables content creators to easily create caption, transcription and inserting foreign subtitles, reducing their 50% of post-editing time. Creators can spend more time on contents creation rather than on less creative editing processes.
Our primary target is light users like mid-entry level YouTubers, or freelancers who help top YouTubers to add captions/subtitles. YouTube has over 50m content creators, and only with YouTube, we expect that the demand is high.
Captions/Subtitles are a must-have feature for content creators because 60% of YouTube views are from non-native English speakers, say people in South East Asia!
So Auris Edit will first target Asian market making digital content accessible.

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Ampotech Pte Ltd

Ampotech develops internet of things (IoT) hardware and AI-enabled software to help businesses collect, analyze, and integrate electricity usage data from the built environment to deliver intelligent solutions and services. Launched in 2015 and headquartered in Singapore, Ampotech is supported by investors from the electronics, telecommunications, and deep tech sectors, with customers throughout the Asia Pacific region in industries such as energy & facility services, commercial real estate, manufacturing, and utilities.

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