Social & Mobile, Inc.

ColorNote, our flagship product, is a notepad app that hit over 35MM downloads recently. We have focused on global market to acquire 92% of users outside Korea. In particular, US is the key growth area with the largest user base, and ColorNote ranks the highest among note apps in U.S Google play stores.

We don’t see ColorNote as the tool to just save and collect information like other notepad apps. We aim at making simple for people to remember and manage things so that they can concentrate on their lives without stress. For example, ColorNote allows people to effortlessly stay organized and to easily transfer the data with online sync service. Also it actively reminds people of important things.

Currently, we are working on developing ColorNote’s paid versions to generate revenue. We will charge users for enhanced cloud service and better organization. At the same time, we are planning to promote ColorNote.

In long term, we want to provide ColorNote’s cloud platform as a service to other developers. Opening our API would enable us to grow with 3rd parties together. In this sense, we believe ColorNote can contribute to not only individual users but also eco mobile system.

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Piktochart Sdn Bhd

Piktochart is a web application that helps non – designers create infographics. The application contains features to make impressive visual graphics to represent information. Piktochart was launched at March 2013 and currently has over 200,000 users on the database. The company has 11 full time members and has a month on month revenue growth of 10%.

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Beijing iKangTai technology Inc.

Beijing iKangtai Technology Co. Ltd., aims to empower women’ reproductive health with the newly Internet of things and big data technology. Our first product is the “Shecare Fertility Tracker” ,which is a connected smart basal thermometer with Bluetooth low energy, and can predict a woman’s most fertile days based fertility awareness methods (FAM).

Shecare includes three parts, the Shecare thermometer sensor, the mobile App and a health cloud. Different from traditional basal thermometer, Shecare is a fertility tracker, which can leverage indicators such as body basal temperature (BBT), cervical mucus, ovulation test paper, etc., to accurately predict the ovulation period of women. Compared with traditional fertility tracker such as lady-comp and Clearblue, Shecare is much smarter and less expensive. The Shecare hardware can interact with smartphones via BLE, and automatically generate curves based on your temperature data. Moreover, there is a core and patented algorithm used in the Shecare App and the health cloud based on fertility awareness methods. Fertility in your hands, as Shecare claims, the goal of the Shecare project is to make both pregnancy and contraception easier and much more relaxed. Our mission is to empower their reproductive health by providing them with information and insights about their body and their health.

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Shanghai Benqumark Network Tech. Co., Ltd.

We developped our fast and accurate face alignment technique and make it an easy tool APP on phones. With our technique, we offer convinient way for user to take well-shaped, better looking, and with more effects video selfies. Producing a good video via our technique no longer needs complex after edit, and even regular users can make it as good as professionals.

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MyStart-Apps, our Game Changer.
The FREE mobile application platform which aims to revolutionize MSMEs game in business. It allows MSMEs to create decent, neat, and quality mobile apps for FREE, saving the cost of development for these small businessmen, so they can use it in advertising. It gives them the power to make their customized mobile app through a user-friendly platform in less than 30 minutes.

Why build it on MyStart-Apps?
It is FREE.
It provides more value to your brand if you have your own mobile app.
It can exponentially expand your promising start-up enterprise because you can communicate directly with your customers through their IOS and Android phone, by sending notifications, updates or advertisements in your mobile app.

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BackTech Inc.

As a startup at Kyoto University, we provide a service to help those who suffer from back pain improve their productivity. Currently it is limited to employees a corporate.
There are countless people in the world who suffer from bodily pain everyday, including the 20 million people in Japan.
Back pain is the number one cause of unproductivity, yet most of the sufferers don’t visit the medical institution until it becomes serious. And their reason? “they’re too busy with work.”
The CEO at Backtech, who has been practicing chiropractic for many years, has seen this too many times.
Most people with some sort of a bodily pain are stuck with the fear of never ending suffrage and with no clue of what to do.
PocketTherapist is an application that we’ve developed that links busy people who suffer from pain and certified therapists through technology in the comfort of their home.
Just like carrying a smartphone in your pocket, we want people to “carry” their therapists in their pocket, anywhere, anytime.
About 12 corporates have joined PocketTherapist after just 2 months of releasing our application.
About 80% of the population in the world experience a back pain, but this worldwide problem, somehow stays unsolved, even though it is the number one reason why people aren’t as active as they should be.
We thrive to improve health in Asia so that people can stay energetic and thus increase productivity, which will lead to the development of the economy.

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Beijing Qingfan Yuanhang Networking Technology Co. Ltd.

Qingfan provide mobile innovation management tools and solutions for innovative organizations. By crowdsourcing projects, contest/competitions and workshops, an organization can leverage social power to solve problems and build a highly engaged innovative community. By community based innovation, the cost can be reduced by up to 30-50%. For innovation management tools, there are no prominent competitors. Qingfan provides a comprehensive solution for this problem, with a very easy to use mobile app as well as a very powerful dashboard and BI tools. The features of the product include community building, large scale project management and data management. The technology and algorithms are on the edge, with authorized innovation patents and software copyrights.

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