Plant disease reduces the yield quality and quantity globally. Each year, 20% to 40% of total global crops production is lost because of pest and plant diseases in important crops such as maize, potato, and tomato. According to our survey, the majority of farmers diagnose plant diseases using their own assumption which makes it not accountable and not accurate enough. Technology solution could be the answer to the problem.
We develop Dr. Tania, a chatbot based mobile application that could help farmers to diagnose and manage plant diseases. The user could interact with Dr. Tania using daily language so the user can use the apps easily. The only thing a user needs to do is to take a picture of plant, upload it through Dr. Tania, and she/he will get quick plant disease diagnosis alongside recommended treatments and related products. Powered by Deep Learning, Dr. Tania presents a clear path towards smartphone-assisted crop disease diagnosis on a massive global scale. It could be integrated with satellite imagery, drone, IoT, e-Commerce, etc. Dr. Tania is projected will pass the turnover at the end of 2018 with ROI at 2019 reach 64%. It shows that this business is not just impactful, but also sustainable.

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Hugreen Corp.

After knowing 70 percent of humanity’s water supply goes toward growing plants, Hugreen decided to make plants production more efficient. Hugreen is a modern agriculture company that develops a solution for flower/delicate plants growers, integrating international resources to develop a precise and automated managing system. Automated facilities, irrigation, temperature controller, and lightening systems are controlled by precision agriculture sensors.
A cloud base plant library recommends the optimum conditions for different types of plants. Sensor-database cross comparison system prevents all diseases and pests beforehand by showing the alarm/recommendations to customer’s smart phone. The flexibility, accuracy and price over performance ratio let us receive more than 10000 sets preorders from Australia, north America, and Europe. Hugreen dedicate ourselves to help small farmers also can grow better and save more resources.

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Robotics Plus Ltd.

Manufacturing and distribution businesses around the world are being dramatically disrupted by robotics, automation and data analytics. However, primary industries such as horticulture, agriculture and forestry have struggled to adopt this hi-tech revolution and are viewed by independent reports as been the least automated industries globally. Harsh and highly variable environments in these industries have traditionally made measurement and automation very difficult. Processes are highly labour intensive and data collection is fragmented and disparate.
RPL’s success is to deeply understand complex food and fibre value chains as well as have a deep understanding and experience with emerging technologies such as machine vision, artificial intelligence, computing, electronics and robotics. We partner with leading research organisations to ensure that our solutions are at the forefront of technology capability.
We consequently have a track record of developing robotic, automation and analytics solutions which free the primary industries workforce of repetitive work as well as minimising waste, optimising hygiene and creating more control for farmers, crop managers and post-harvest industries who seek to power up productivity in food and fibre value chains.
“Robotics Plus is the future of in-orchard and post-harvest automation, with its real-world, sophisticated, precision robotics being developed today to meet the significant and increasing agricultural demands of tomorrow.”
Andrew Dawson Acting Group Manager – Sensing & Automation at Callaghan Innovation

Read More→ is a marketplace and agrifintech at the sametime that intends to integrate the up-stream to the down-stream value chain of agro-based economy, in such away to achieve a certain level of efficiency that is a pre-condition to improve the life being of farmers, ranchers, smallholders etc in villages and remote areas. In this effort, through the implementation of digital technology simplifies and shortens the distribution chain by bringing producer to get closer to end user. Being the most critical aspect in the Country agribiz, includes also financing schemes for agribiz.

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