LOOP is an internet company that was founded on the vision that everybody in the F&B and retail business should have access to the best tools to manage and grow their business. Small and medium shop owners should have the same smart tools that bigger chains are using but made simpler. Our mission is to be the #1 Smart POS in South East Asia helping shop owners manage and grow their business. Whether they’re running a small convenience store, a neighbourhood cafe chain or a vintage fashion boutique, LOOP Smart POS is commited to support customers in their journey.

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Energy Response Co., Ltd.

Despite the fact that machine is automatically controlled in each system, analyzing the whole system and between system is still done manually by analysts and operators. This results in losing on average of 30% of operation costs due to inefficient operation and unplanned downtime. ENRES develops an AIoT platform that connects sensors and machines via IoT to our platform. Then our AI shift in to automatically analyze the inefficiency in the system, visualize and recommend the potential solution that could be done. This helps business see the overall system, understand how the system is running, know the inefficiency and able to take action seamlessly.

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Eden Agritech Co., Ltd.

As reported by FAO, 1.3 billion tons of the food produced in the world for human consumption wasted. Out of this large amount, 40 – 50% is root crops, fruits, and vegetables. However, current solutions to prevent produce wastes are inefficient, Eden Agritech, or “Eden,” is founded to help prevent fresh produce from being easily spoiled by using FDA approved solution.

Eden offers the solution to maintain food quality and extend its shelf life up to three times. Our innovative technology is applied to modify the fresh atmosphere to lessen its stress and delay ripening. Eden business model is a business to business (B2B) as a technology provider that generates revenue from its food additive solution selling. The potential preservative market size is USD 567million in South East Asia and USD 8.1 billion globally. Eden will provide free-of-charge product knowledge training services bundling with our product solution selling, and the premium charged an advisory fee for sophisticated advice as post-harvest management and facility management. Eden customers include but are not limited to exporters, suppliers, food processors, and distributors who would like to secure from logistic spoilages in their supply chains.

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PowerArena Corporation

Despite headlines claiming that technology will replace human workers, 70% of manufacturing tasks are still performed by humans, and labour intensive operations are costly. A 24×7 assembly line with 40 workers in China costs USD 1M per year, but it still relies on manual management via time and motion studies by industrial engineers, and these are difficult to perform under Covid-19.

PowerArena is a computer vision platform that turns typical webcams into powerful sensors. By combining deep learning and computer vision, it identifies costly production line bottlenecks, enhances operation compliance and delivers superior quality check. All can be done remotely.

We focus on EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) factories. Among the global top 5, 3 of them (Foxconn, Jabil, Wistron) are our clients. In a case study, our client improves its UPH (Units Produced per Hour by the assembly line) by 5% and reduces its standard deviation by 70% after 4 weeks of use. Whenever a bottleneck occurs, plant managers now receive unbiased and real time update, taking off the workload for industrial engineers and enabling them to form plans for improvements.

We have offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China and we start engaging Japanese manufacturers about our services.

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Brain Pool Tech Private Limited

The global drone market was valued at USD 18.11 Bn in 2018 with a CAGR of 19.90% and is expected to reach 88.57 Bn by the end of 2027. While hardware companies continue to improve drone technology, drone service providers are creating solutions that provide an excellent return on investment. However the next five years will be about leveraging drone data to integrate, automate, and communicate multiple streams of data. Our team has the know-how to inform about the human and environmental factors in large workplaces. As drone hardware advances, more industries will bring this technology in-house reducing the need for service providers. Our technology bridges this transition by fusing the physical and digital to address present needs for a reformation of the work place.

Our platform as a service provides and integrates 2D maps and 3D digital twins of large spaces, real time tracking and various sensors, to address fast and slow disasters and their surrounding industries including insurance, real estate, construction, and renewable energy. Our software aims to change the way these industries communicate across stakeholders, allocate resources, and think about safety protocols. Our product can be thought of as workplace building blocks for the ‘new normal’.

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Rumarocket Limited Incorporated

The pandemic has brought to the forefront a challenge that organizational leaders have dealt with for decades: how
do I keep my team productive and high performing while also ensuring that they’re mentally resilient and engaged
with their roles? For a long time, we thought that these were two different challenges, but the pandemic has led
many organizations to the realization that both challenges are the same problem: just two sides of the same coin.

“A Nudge: A prompt that changes behaviour”.

We are the first to exclusively use personalized Nudges powered by Behavioral Science + Machine Learning to
incentivize your talents to be more effective, motivated and engaged.

Our solution is tried and tested: we have successfully increased organizational sales in real estate by 600%, while
also increasing retention by 22%.

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ECOPSY Technologies

ECOPSY Technologies proposes a new methodology to design and build HR-tools and HR-management tools using data-driven approach, which is becoming extremely popular these days as all products can be delivered to clients remotely.

• DEEP — Data Enabled Employee Profile. Utilizing mass online survey and modern machine learning methods DEEP supports developing valid and robust competency and value models. This approach helps to drastically increase level of predicting performance with competence model.
• – questionnaire that predicts real-life behavior and current performance (Purpose — assess candidates on their fit with companies’ requirements: their values, competencies and predicted performance
• PIF (Potential in Focus) – company is able to forecast employees’ effectiveness and to select ones with high potential (HiPo’s) with a test, which has been developed in ECOPSY. Companies’ financial results depend on employees for 31%. With Potential in Focus test companies can predict employees’ behavior and efficiency not only now, in current conditions, but in future as well, with unpredictable conditions.
• Echo — system of an automated video interview analysis powered by artificial intelligence. The forecast accuracy is 70–80%. This accuracy allows to filter out 20–35% of candidates with almost zero error.

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Mantra Inc.

– Problem:
The largest problem of global comic distribution is the slow speed / high cost of translation. These problems prevent publishers from delivering their comics abroad.
Consequently, manga (Japanese comics) are currently mostly served by low-quality, unprofessional, pirated translations on sleezy sites. The pirated Manga market in the US is estimated to be $10B/year, which is hugely damaging to publishers and Manga authors.

– Product:
We are building a comic translation tool for publishers to create an appropriate pipeline that connects comic artists and readers beyond language barriers. It contains i) a machine translation engine designed for comcis and ii) a post-editing tool for translators/letters. The translation engine achieves the best accuracy in the world (Compared with Google Translate, our engine performs similar to human translation by 3.6 points BLEU [Papineni+2002]). Combined with our online post-editing tool, the translation system accelerate the speed of comic translation by 2x.

– Business model & Tractions
We charge $1000-$5000 per month for our comic translation tool.
Within a month of the launch, 20+ publishers and online comic distributors had requested a free trial, and one of them had already switched to a paid plan ($1000/month).

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Ghoonuts Inc.

Densely populated areas and congested conditions are often cited as one of the best examples of the “three densities,” and these conditions must still be avoided from the perspective of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection. However, in order to accurately grasp such information on human positions and density, it is necessary to make preparations for fixed-point observations at the location. In addition, it is also necessary to invest in sensors and cameras in order to understand the situation at the location. Therefore, with existing technologies, in addition to the problem of positioning accuracy, there is also the problem of the human cost of preparation and the cost of investment in equipment.
We will develop a system that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create a network of smartphones that can acquire 3D location information of people, and we will provide this service.

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Onesight Technology Co.,Ltd.

Onesight is a Hi-Tech company dedicated to the technology and innovation in architecture industry. Ground-breaking technologies in AR and AI have been developed and applied in the life-cycle of the building.
The company has launched open and multifarious products and solutions to gear up the needs in AEC field. Software and services are continuously provided to satisfy the overall and needs in each phase of buildings from design display, construction acceptance, to project maintenance. The company is available in the life-cycle of this industry to provide digital visualization services and assistance.

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