Sac Moc Tinh Co. Ltd (Dr. Shaving)

The 500-Dalton rule states that for a substance to be able to cross the skin barrier, it must have a molecular weight of fewer than 500 Daltons. Though there are certain exceptions to this rule, it is generally considered a standard rule of thumb for cosmetic manufacturers. Our innovative technology can overcome this 500-Dalton rule. We find out the super hydrophilic carriers help substances weighing up to 4.5 billion daltons penetrate the skin through the intracellular mechanism. With this technology, we can create an ecosystem of beauty and personal care products with therapeutic properties. Not only that, these products are also aimed at reducing daily water use to preserve clean water for the future. Revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care Vietnamese market amounts to US$2.20 bn in 2022 and grow at a 5.9% compound annual growth rate through 2025. Based on the size of our market and our defined market area, our sales projections for the first year are $30,000. We project a growth rate of 10% per year for the first three years. However, we are planning to change our business model into core technology, formula and materials. With this plan, our revenue is expected to increase 10 times this year.

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Deep Signature Ltd.

Deep Signature core team invented and filed international patents for a novel algorithm which is applicable to employ any public blockchain for anti-counterfeiting, product tracing, and advertising purposes. The team successfully developed a software system named Deep Signature, which helps any producer exclusively hash their product’s ID codes and store the hash codes onto a distributed public blockchain as a way of product authentication. Later, consumers can verify the legitimacy of the products through their ID codes on the blockchain. By this way, mass production of counterfeits is impossible while the solution can protect consumers from being cheated into buying counterfeits. Overcoming current anti-counterfeiting solutions based on centralized systems, Deep Signature is much more simple, much more economic, and highly secured. Also differing from other systems, Deep Signature provides producers self-service ability with high control. Producers can activate thousands of anti-counterfeting ID codes for their products per minute within a few simple actions. They themselves also can create and print thousands of anti-counterfeiting labels containing the product ID codes to tag them onto the products easily with the supporting tools developed by Deep Signature.

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MUI Robotics Company Limited

MUI Robotics is the provider of Artificial Sense platform (Sensor, AI and IoT technologies).
Our Electronic Nose (MUI Nose) is a tool for odors monitoring and analyzation. Our device mimics human olfaction
and turns it into data for consistent quality control, product development or environmental & safety control without
human error.

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LEET intelligence Co., Ltd.

LEET CARBON (LEET Intelligence Co., Ltd.) provides data-driven solutions and nature-based carbon capture for a low-carbon society through emission reductions and removals, Carbon credits, transparent monitoring, reporting, verification, and public engagement at any scale.

LEET building its most affordable data-driven services for low-carbon societies yet, LEET continues to make products accessible and affordable to more and more people ultimately accelerating the advent of nature-based carbon capture and introducing the web 3.0 technology as part of our decentralized management of trees and forests to optimize the benefits for local people, support to Green Banking and B2B Agri products but when combined, they become even more powerful that’s the future we want.

Our target clients are Carbon emitting Industries, Local governments, Impact investors, Researchers, Landowners, Conservationists, and Farmers. Our technologies allow us to offer customized individual solutions to clients which are simple and easy to modify at scale and speed in any place.

In terms of sustainability, our technology tackle 6 dimensions of sustainability with one solution: 1. Social impact 2. Economic impact 3. Environmental Impact 4. Natural resources 5. Technology and 6. Governance.

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RealBone Technology Co., Ltd.

RealBone® Technology Co. Ltd. has developed a new surface modification technology for calcium phosphate powder which obtained a Taiwan invention patent (Cert. No.: I427050) and Japan patent (JPN: 5280403).
The technology improves the physicochemical properties of the derived biomedical ceramics by increasing the linkages between the particles to allow crystal growth. Accordingly, we have developed an excellent product “REALBONE” resorbable calcium phosphate bone graft substitute (injectable).

Compared with other products, it not only has better operability, but also has good injectability and disintegration resistance. The initial setting time is 9 minutes, and compressive strength is 18-24MPa. It can be applied to various surgical operations that require strength, even under load-bearing conditions. This product has obtained the Class II medical device license from Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan in 2021. It has passed the trial procedure and has won the tender from Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and is waiting for tender at National Taiwan University Hospital. As a result, the product has flourished due to its wide range of applications to accelerate healing and thus improve the quality of life. Just like RealBone® Tech. slogans “REALBONE, Reborn all your bone & are those who make others’ Real Bone healthy”.

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Mesh Technology Taiwan Limited

Mesh Technology Taiwan provides Video as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service for private/public 5G networks. We combined 5G FWA and MEC to enable 5G applications on edge. Our 5G Distributed Edge Network supports trillions of connections from Smart City, Smart devices, and Smart Applications to Autonomous vehicles.

Our current clients cover Telehealth, Esports, Telcos (Smart Pole), etc.

Highlight 2021: Top 30 Taiwan Startups by BNext Media
Highlight 2022: Qualcomm 5G Innovative Taiwan Competition 1 of 10 finalists out of 200+ teams

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Humetrics focuses on elderly and respiratory care, and was founded in July 2020 with 6 team members. Our first product is the iCue smart mat. It is used to be placed underneath the mattress and to measure the minor vital signs of the users lying on top of it.

iCue provides real-time caring information, including the bed-exit notice, bedridden, respiration rate, and sleep report, and has been demonstrated to increase the efficiency of the caregiver in the nursing home. It is also proven to reduce fall risk by 60%.

Until now, more than 1,200 beds are distributed in the caring facilities and help care for the elderly. Besides the real-time caring information, iCue has been experimentally proven to measure abdominal breath profile with the benchmark of polysomnography (PSG).

This new feature helps to cover more detail of the breath information. This caught the interest and successfully introduced the installation in higher intensive facilities.

Besides the local market, Humetrics is also introducing the product to Japan. Beta-site testing is undergoing in Zenkoukai, and more than two Japanese distributors are engaging in the Japanese market initiative.

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Heyday Fitness

Heyday is a connected strength training solution for 60+. Strength training is the most important workout for older adults to stay active and prevent falls. Heyday combines personalized programs, safe digital resistance, and supportive community to provide the best active aging experience.

Heyday is cofounded by Teresa and Oscar. Before started Heyday, Teresa was a product manager and received her MBA/MPP degree from UChicago. Oscar is a Forbes 30 under 30 alum and a second-time entrepreneur in consumer hardware space. Heyday is now a team of 7 people. It will soon launch pilot testing with a large rehab clinic in Taiwan.

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Sungreen H2

SunGreenH2 is an award-winning startup building the world’s highest performance water electrolysis technology
that doubles (2x) production of green hydrogen while significantly reducing platinum group metal loading and energy consumption. Our proprietary component technology is the result of over 10 years of research in nanotechnology and electrochemistry. The company is currently working with leading electrolyser manufacturers and hydrogen end users to bring its products to market.

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Nervotec is the world’s first provider of HaaS (Healthcare as a Service), a software only solution that measures and analyses physiological biomarkers remotely and contactlessly across multiple mobile platforms.

Nervotec’s proprietary video-based technology enables the rapid measurement of physiological biomarkers with medical grade accuracies, while creating actionable insights on stress and heart health.

Nervotec’s solutions are used in professional sports, construction, insurance, healthcare, and governmental sectors worldwide.

Through its technologies, Nervotec is transforming the way people access healthcare, truly enabling healthcare anywhere.

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