DotSpace Biomedical Inc.

DotSpace biomedical Inc. devoting their talents to provide of Medical Internet of Thing (MIoT) solutions, integrating hardware, software and database systems, and expanding from clinical intensive care to other clinical monitoring and health examinations. DotSpace biomedical Inc. is a preclinical-stage company taking a targeted approach in the development of realtime wireless intra-abdominal hypertension monitoring system to improve critical intensive care. We are delveloping a capsulized pressure sensor effectively transmit data in monitoring key intra-abdominal pressure and motility believed to be involved in acute pancreatitis, trauma, infection and inflammatory bowel disorders.

Two distinct, first-in-class devices have been developed that precisely detect gastrointestinal physiological changes—with minimal invasive process that has little side effects seen with other methods from this class. DotSpace biomedical Inc. is positioned to deliver a intra-abdominal monitoring system for FDA approval approximately 12 months after program funding, and their intention is to pursue integration in standard intensive care monitoring system.

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KURA Care Inc

Promotional description of the business: heart disease is the number 1 reason for death in the US. The medical cost for heart failure will be $69B by 2030, and an estimated 26 million people suffer. As the entire world steps into an aging society, this problem will worsen and eventually make our healthcare system not sustainable. Our solution can effectively reduce the mortality rate and save medical costs by empowering patients to manage their health more effectively and help physicians take care of patients more efficiently.

Motivation for starting the business: I am a Leukemia survivor, and I spent lots of time in the hospital to fight my cancer. During a hospital stay at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), I carefully observed clinical workflow and found many opportunities. Meanwhile, I have over 15 years of experience researching and commercializing Artificial Intelligence (AI) products; Qualcomm sponsored my Ph.D. Therefore, I decided to use AI to craft future healthcare and wish people like me could suffer less, eventually, fewer people like me.

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AcroViz Inc.

AcroViz develops novel imaging biomarkers for brain health, in an effort to prolong human health span and aims to end dementia with state-ofart technologies. Comprising of members who were research fellows at eminent academia and experienced industrial professionals, our team are devoted to advance scientific research, its clinical significance and application, as well as commercialization of our technologies to achieve extended impact. Our first product: AcroViz Axonal Brain Age – Brain Health Report, is the first to the market, adopting diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Machine Learning techniques to provide accurate and objective brain health assessment, which can serve as a Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) marker in predicting the risk and prognosis of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). AcroViz aims to end dementia with advanced neuroimaging technologies, currently working with medical or health-care institutions, and pharma or medical device companies, on various clinical trials to validate the effectiveness of intervention on MCI patients.

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Smart Tag Inc.

Smart Tag is a flexible wireless IoT sensor, just like a sticker. You just paste them onto the surface of your current device. It will collect the manufacturing pattern and send it to the cloud for analysis automatically.

Instead of purchasing a brand-new equipment or waiting days for sensor installation. Now you can have a clear view on what happens in your factory, just in minutes.

We sell Smart Tags to factories for manufacturing lines monitoring, and bundle with our analyzing software. The price is varied by data usage volume. The tags and software are standardized products and can be easily delivered by our local sales partners.

We also provide consulting service to some power users with our data science team. We share the value created by our projects.

After our founding in 2020, we won the title of Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge and AWS startup award. We already have successful use cases in semiconductor, PCB, and oil & gas industries. We help clients to deduct the product check time up to 70%, and save the machine diagnose cost up to 90%. We expect to have 116,000 tags installed in 2023 and generate 22 million USD revenue.

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ucfunnel Co., Ltd.

ucfunnel is an AIaaS pioneer in Martech & Shoppable Media. ucfunnel is an AI toolkit suite provider that helps our partners to manage their workflow. We offer end-to-end automated solutions (including bidder, Ad Exchange, SSP, DMP, CDP, ad serving system, OM SDK, and EC) that cover the entire platform-based technology space.

In addition, our product line extends to Trading Desk, Smart Media on CTV, visual search app, and the EC recommendation engine. All of which was collaboratively developed with ucfunnel’s partners, who include the chipset manufacturer MediaTek, numerous CTV vendors, telecommunications operators, and various premium global media brands.

ucfunnel presently serves over 150 billion impressions monthly worldwide (especially in the APAC and NAMER regions) by partnering with over 50,000 publishers such as Tencent JOOX, WeTV, TVB, and Samsung.

ucfunnel is backed by well-known angel investor Inventec (TPE.2356), a premier international Cloud Server vendor. In addition, we offer a 24/7 online technical support service to ensure our partners can trade and deliver via ucfunnel’s AI platform without any service interruptions.

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Hugreen Corp.

After knowing 70 percent of humanity’s water supply goes toward growing plants, Hugreen decided to make plants production more efficient. Hugreen is a modern agriculture company that develops a solution for flower/delicate plants growers, integrating international resources to develop a precise and automated managing system. Automated facilities, irrigation, temperature controller, and lightening systems are controlled by precision agriculture sensors.
A cloud base plant library recommends the optimum conditions for different types of plants. Sensor-database cross comparison system prevents all diseases and pests beforehand by showing the alarm/recommendations to customer’s smart phone. The flexibility, accuracy and price over performance ratio let us receive more than 10000 sets preorders from Australia, north America, and Europe. Hugreen dedicate ourselves to help small farmers also can grow better and save more resources.

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Neurobit Technologies Co. Ltd.

Our mission
Neurobit is dedicated to providing a solution — A portable, wireless, eye movement/ nystagmus recording and analysis device (Neurospeed). When the medical imaging database established via artificial intelligence, we can make early detection and prediction to prevent the stroke and other brain diseases.

Company and management
Neurobit is headquartered and incorporated in Taipei City. The management of Neurobit consists of co-owners is listed below:

Travis YangCEONTU-MSE PhDBiomedical Engineering and Biomaterials Design
Roger ChenCOO & CFOFJCU-MGEMMarketing and Management
Jim HuangCTO & CDONTU-BME MSIndustrial and Mechanical Design
Ching-Fu WangTechnical ConsultantNYMU-BME PhDBiomedical Data Science Analysis

In addition, we have assembled a board of advisors to provide management expertise. The advisors are:
Tzu-Pu Chang, M.D., Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Ke-Hung Chien, M.D., Oculofacial plastic and Orbital surgery, Ophthalmology, UCI Health Gavin Herbert Eye Institute
Tzu-Ming Liu, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau Chun-Yi Huang, Ph.D., Former TFDA Supervisory Medical Technologist

Our services
* Rapid Screening of Stroke and Brain Diseases
* Classification of Nerve Diseases
* Pre-treatment Evaluation & Post-treatment Monitoring

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ioNetworks inc.

ioNetworks is an AI-Powered Video Analytics & Management Solution Developer. We provide enterprise-level management open platform & AI Applications for the demand of smart traffic, factory, airport, casino and large scale spaces.

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