Acumen Research Labs

Acumen has developed AcuSeptTM — a novel, blood-based Sepsis Host Response test using sepsis-specific mRNA biomarkers — that can assist the doctos to detect sepsis in patients in 4-5 hrs, earlier and more accurately than current methods.

Intended Use:
AcuSeptTM generates diagnostic scores which fall in the range of either above or below a validated threshold level that determines the risk of sepsis. AcuSeptTM results are to be used in conjunction with clinical assessments and other laboratory findings as an aid to identify patients with low or high risk of infection and sepsis.

Clinical Utility:
・To differentiate patients with and without infection
・To differentiate patients with and without sepsis
・Can identify sepsis early

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Advent Access Pte Ltd

Advent Access is a medical technology startup focused on end-stage renal disease management. A Stanford StartX company and spin-off from A*STAR, Advent’s mission is to pioneer innovations to significantly reduce dialysis cost and restore quality of life for kidney failure patients. The company’s first product is the av-Guardian™ – an award-winning implant technology that aims to improve vascular access reliability, enable less-painful self-cannulation and, in the long run, potentially reduce vascular access related hospitalizations. The av-Guardian™ forms a key component of Advent Access’ dialysis-machine agnostic platform to empower patients to perform hemodialysis independently, safely and more affordably – at home or in novel care environments.
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BioCheetah Pte Ltd

BioCheetah Pte Ltd (Co. Reg. No. 201803287H) is a Singapore-based, A*STAR-IMCB spin-off diagnostics company. It is primarily set up to develop and commercialize non-invasive, protein-based diagnostic applications. First diagnostic applications in development are based on the proprietary bladder cancer biomarkers and detection antibodies discovered and developed in IMCB by BioCheetah’s Scientific Founder (Prof. Jean-Paul Thiery) and the co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer (Dr. Kian-Chung Lee). Both Intellectual Property of bladder cancer biomarkers and detection antibodies are licensed from A*STAR. Products to be developed include professional use in-vitro diagnostic ELISA and Point-of-care test (POCT) kits. The kits will employ a novel multiplex urine-based biomarkers panel with high sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis and monitoring of bladder cancer. BioCheetah’s target markets are to encompass local and overseas public and private healthcare providers. BioCheetah is in the midst of building an ISO 13485 production facility at Block 79, JTC LaunchPad in Singapore, setting up its Quality Management System (QMS) for the purpose of development and manufacturing of its diagnostic products as well as in discussion with SingHealth and overseas hospitals for clinical validation of the to-be-developed bladder cancer diagnostic products.

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Ministry of Movement Pte Ltd (aka SWAT)

SWAT is a high-tech mobility company that focuses on demand responsive, high capacity ride-sharing technology. With a world-class routing engine that dynamically matches vehicle routes based on a passenger’s booking location, city governments are able to utilise the software to optimise public transport and improve traffic situations. SWAT has implementations in Singapore and Sydney, and will soon be across ASIAN cities. SWAT also uses its technology to improve corporate staff transport that brings higher convenience for staff and reduces costs through greater efficiencies.

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ProSpace is a B2B Proptech start-up that provides a unique and powerful analytics solution (incorporating both hardware & proprietary software) for MNCs to quickly and easily strategize and optimize their workplace portfolio globally. We specialize in creating a time-series Activity Map of their employees working in their offices as well as other office spaces. This map (created without compromising the privacy of staff) and our analytics – allow companies to leverage activity data to plan and design office space. This significantly reduces costs and shortens planning cycles, while boosting the quality and productivity of corporate real estate & facilities organisations.

ProSpace is in early stage market expansion outside Singapore. Since launching our MVP platform in 1st Quarter 2017, ProSpace has successfully secured many reputable clients such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Temasek Investment, Rio Tinto, Capitaland and others. Our clients are located in Singapore, China and Japan.
ProSpace is headquartered in Singapore and have satellite offices in Indonesia and China.

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AyoxxA is a start-up company commercializing a novel technology platform developed at the National University of Singapore. This platform enables the measurement of a large number of different proteins and biomolecular analytes from a very small volume sample – so called “multiplexing” . In the field of genomic analysis, DNA microarrays have become a powerful tool. Yet, despite a rapidly growing multi-billion US$ market for protein analysis, comparable tools are not available at the protein level. AyoxxA addresses this need for multiplexed protein analysis with its platform technology of bead-based protein microarrays on a substrate biochip. This technology will benefit many disciplines, including biological research, pharmacological screening and medical diagnostics.

AyoxxA raised a Series A investment round of 4 Million US$ with several international venture capital companies as well as 1 Million US$ in grants in 2012. For 2013 AyoxxA is looking forward to closing a significantly larger multi-million US$ Series B investment.

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T.Ware Pte. Ltd.

A technology company based and incorporated in Singapore in 2011 with a global user base, T.Ware aims to design and bring to life the most innovative, elegant, useful and user-friendly technology products that use touch to communicate and comfort to expand the human experience. T.Ware’s vision is to bring touch to life. The core innovation is the ability to apply continuous and varying pressure to the human user, through devices that are lightweight, wearable and mobile. T.Jacket is the first product. Built on a flexible multi-functional wearable haptics platform that can both detect and reproduce touch sensations, T.Jacket simulates a hug by applying deep pressure points to the wearer’s body to produce a calming effect. Touch is a fundamental human need, and we envision the huge potential of touch technology in the intersection of heath, wellness and lifestyle. T.Jacket has undergone successful trials in Singapore and we are looking forward to mass production and overseas expansion in by forming partnerships with distributors in the segments of healthcare and wellness. Some areas of application include the autism community and therapy for the elderly with dementia, stress management, personal communication and gaming.

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Intraix Pte. Ltd.

Intraix is a Singapore-based company focused in deriving value out of Energy Consumption Data.

The Intraix Home Energy Management Solution makes use of Smart Meters, Smart Plugs and Smart Sensors to provide optimisation modules to reduce Household Energy Consumption. Instead of merely the provision of raw data trends and notification modules which is aimed at sculpting behavioural changes, Intraix provides a comprehensive Energy Management Solutions that provides Actionable Intelligence to our system owners which could allow passive energy savings through automated energy optimization controls provided by our analytical engine.

Data is also fully liberalised for our System Owners in which they possess full ownership of the data they generate and have the ability to make the decision who/which company or agency they would like to market their data. Intraix, in this case will only play the role of Data-Vaulting services and a Data Marketplace Platform for Data Providers and Data Acquirers.

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