Motorica is a company with offices in Russia (HQ), China and India focusing on research and development in medicine and robotics. Since its establishment, the company has been developing artificial hand systems and rehabilitation with assistive technologies. Half of the team are R&D staff and medical specialists.
 Motorica challenges the outdated ideas about prosthetic care. The team taught prostheses to communicate with the user, go online, perform voice commands, pay for purchases. In 2018, Motorica launched the development of a rehabilitation platform based on virtual reality and a platform for collecting telemetry via gsm-module in prosthetic devices. Nowadays, people with disabilities become the primary users of the cyber technology market and turn weaknesses into strengths.

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Warden Machinery/Machine Vision LLC

Warden Machinery – Russia-based startup with an office in Lithuania specializing in serial R&D and integration of machine vision-based solutions for the following industrial applications: quality control, sorting and segmentation, manual service labor control and augmentation, compliance control, safety and security monitoring, robotics, and automation. In brief, we optimize manufacturing and service procedures wherever possible, reinforce compliance control and support for those who are essential, enabling our clients to do more with less — more yield with less energy, fewer materials, and fewer labor hours.

 Our three major domains of operations comprise human behavioral analytics, visual defects detection in complex engineering systems and conveyor manufacturing, and real-time vision systems for industrial robots based on AI. Our neural networks can work in both GPU server and edge computation architectures.

 Our team consists of 16 PhD/PhD Student-level researchers in Computer Science and Robotics.

 We have received international recognition within startup contests conducted by large corporations including, for instance, Hager Group and Schneider Electric. Being focused on back-end technologies, we scale up by outsourcing sales and marketing to our strategic industrial partners, such as SAP CIS&SE, Schneider Electric, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
SAP and BIG4 consultants trust us. Will you?

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UNIM is a Russian medical IT company who develops solutions for oncology diagnostics. Company has created Digital Pathology© system – end-to-end solution for digitalization of the pathomorphological laboratory. UNIM has opened 100% digital pathology laboratory in Technopark Skolkovo in January 2018, where more than 3,500 patients get their diagnosis every month. More than 1000 highly specialized consultants use the Digital Pathology© system to meet remotely via the Internet same as they would at a multi-head microscope, and perform real-time case analysis. Digital Pathology© provides collective work on each case, attraction of narrow specialists from all over the world, transparency of the diagnostic process, opportunities for interdisciplinary communication and integration of neural networks in diagnostic process. The company combines all the competencies necessary to develop a competitive convenient product and its successful commercialization: management, developers, doctors, sales.

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Brain Beat, Ltd

The Brain Beat Glucometer (BBG) is the blood glucose non-invasive self-monitoring device for Diabetes Mellitus sufferers. Unlike the traditional methods of monitoring blood glucose, BBG causes absolutely no pain or discomfort to the user and will immeasurably improve the quality of life of diabetic patients. It also offers significant cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive consumables, which cost the average diabetic approximately €3,118 per annum.
Brain Beat team has over 50 years cumulated research experience in the fields of biophysics, high performance computing and medicine, and over 32 years experience creating, growing and managing successful start-ups and companies in biotech industry. The company has developed a pre-production prototype and holds negotiations with large medical device manufacturers on licensing the technology to them for manufacturing and distribution of the device through their own established networks. Discussions are underway with potential key stakeholders such as LifeScan, Abbott and LG.

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DRD Biotech (DRD ltd.)

DRD Biotech, R&D company based in Russia, Ulan-Ude city (Buryatia republic).

DRD develop and implements a point-of-care rapid test kits to accelerate and improve the early detection of brain damage. We have a mission to create a simple and affordable solution, requires no technical equipment to accelerate decision support in acute situations such as Stroke management and TBI.

There are two main directions in our pipeline:

  • ・Diagnostic assay for assessment of Ischemic Stroke/TIA
  • ・Diagnostic assay for assessment the severity of concussion.

The key element of our lateral flow immunoassays are brain biomarkers of brain damage peptides and antibodies of NMDA and AMPA glutamate receptors.

There are several areas of implementation for brain damage immunoassays:

  • ・Ambulance and Emergency department (Acute Ischemic Stroke, Strove vs. no Stroke, mTBI)
  • ・Rehabilitation and treatment monitoring (to monitoring efficiency of treatment of chronical ischemic events)
  • ・Neurosurgery and cardiac surgeries (to avoid risk of ischemic events during and after surgical operations)
  • ・Maternity and childbirth (children risk assessment of near-term ischemic events during and after childbirth especially after complicated childbirth)
  • ・Screening people with pre-existing conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, artherosclerosis, smoking, alcohol intake, etc. (To accurately risk assessment and monitoring of preventive therapy)
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DRD Biotech (DRD ltd.)

DRD Biotech(DRDバイオテック)はロシアのウランウデ市(ブリヤート共和国)を拠点とする研究開発企業です。



  • ・虚血性脳卒中/TIA(一過性虚血発作)を調べるための診断分析
  • ・脳震盪の重篤度を調べるための診断薬(装置)



  • ・救急および緊急診療科(急性虚血性脳卒中、脳卒中の有無や軽度外傷性脳損傷の判定)
  • ・リハビリおよび治療のモニタリング(慢性虚血性イベント治療の効率性をモニタリング)
  • ・神経外科および心臓外科(外科手術の術中および術後の虚血性イベント発生リスクの回避)
  • ・妊娠および出産(出産、特に合併症のある出産の最中および出産後の短時間の虚血性イベントでの小児リスクを査定)
  • ・高血圧、糖尿病、関節硬化症、喫煙、アルコール摂取などの既往歴のある患者のスクリーニング(予防的治療のリスク評価およびモニタリングの精緻化)
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Webgears WGT

Webgears ( is a software technology company focusing on novel web-based 3D graphics for industrial applications, and gaming. Our product is a graphics engine, which lets our clients extract significantly more value from 3D models and interactive 3D graphics by almost eliminating hardware requirements and moving interactive 3D content to the cloud.

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