ALI Co., Ltd.

At Artificial Language Intelligence (ALI) Co., Ltd., we offer text summarization and chatbot solutions through deep learning based natural language processing technology. As our main product, abstractive text summarization solution provides important and concise information to the users from long texts for an easy understanding of the content. Our solution is implemented by using the state-of-the-art deep learning techniques to generate new and abstract sentences. It summarizes the content of an entire input document. Creating an abstractive summary provides a natural way to understand the given document compared to the traditional extraction based summarization that retrieves some important sentences from the input document. Similarly, our chat-bot solution using deep learning techniques, generate responses through contextual understanding.
Understanding the context allows our chat-bot to generate appropriate dialogue responses considering the conversations and dialogue history.
– The goal of the aforementioned products is mainly to provide a solution to call center services, where

① the counselors can reduce their workload,
② customers can get faster service,
③ executive members can design better service or solution with the summarizing report from customers’ complains, and also
④ the companies can save on labor costs.

We are also preparing an app service for individual customers where it can automatically summarize the conversation history for the users for easier and better understanding, which generates an automatic meeting minute.

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Value and Trust Co., Ltd.

Value and Trust Co., Ltd.(hereafter VNTC) develops solutions to maintain the correct shape of the spine. Our main product is spine correction brace, Spinamic, but we also develop advanced diagnostic and prescription system to help produce more sophisticated devices. Our focus at the moment is on teenage patients with scoliosis(AIS) and we aim to ensure that children with scoliosis maintain the correct shape of spine without surgery.
Our product, Spinamic, is a fabric type scoliosis brace, which is easy to wear and washable, thus more hygienic. Through our brace, we can treat AIS(adolescent idiopathic scoliosis) patients the most effective way with minimized side effects that existing rigid braces have failed to deal with. Our focus is to improve the quality of life of the scoliosis patients without side effects, especially depression. We are now preparing to develop and apply our product and system to various vertebral deformities.
For our goal of improving patients’ quality of life, VNTC works with many spinal experts including spinal mechanic engineers, doctors, product designers, and textile experts.

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Social & Mobile, Inc.

ColorNote, our flagship product, is a notepad app that hit over 35MM downloads recently. We have focused on global market to acquire 92% of users outside Korea. In particular, US is the key growth area with the largest user base, and ColorNote ranks the highest among note apps in U.S Google play stores.

We don’t see ColorNote as the tool to just save and collect information like other notepad apps. We aim at making simple for people to remember and manage things so that they can concentrate on their lives without stress. For example, ColorNote allows people to effortlessly stay organized and to easily transfer the data with online sync service. Also it actively reminds people of important things.

Currently, we are working on developing ColorNote’s paid versions to generate revenue. We will charge users for enhanced cloud service and better organization. At the same time, we are planning to promote ColorNote.

In long term, we want to provide ColorNote’s cloud platform as a service to other developers. Opening our API would enable us to grow with 3rd parties together. In this sense, we believe ColorNote can contribute to not only individual users but also eco mobile system.

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There are several optical device package methods. Among them, the TO-can (transistor outline – can) package is the smallest and cheapest package solution. Because of the small volume of the TO-can package, the package cannot accommodate more complicated functionality such as a wavelength locker. As a start-up, Phovel is continuously working on adding new functionalities to the TO-can package such as wavelength locker, chirp management, and bi-directional functionality. Thanks to the small volume of the TO-can, more complicated devices are possible using the multi-functional TO-can type packages. With our products, fiber optic networking will be cheaper and easier to manage.
Phovel’s new developments cover nearly the whole area of fiber optic networking such as wired networking of FTTH, wireless networking of mobile telecommunications and the network in a data center. All of these products are based on our more than 70patents. Phovel’s products are not mere replacements of already used devices, but can provide new functionality to service providers.
Thanks to the cheap and small volume of TO-can type packages, Phovel can support the customer with new functionalities and cost. Phovel looks forward to continued growth as an optical devices maker due to our innovativeness.

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NEOFECT is developing the RAPAEL Smart Platform based on our desire to revolutionize the current rehabilitation treatment paradigm through digital solutions for rehabilitation. NEOFECT launched the first commercial product, RAPAEL Smart Glove, in December 2014. Major hospitals in Korea adopted RAPAEL Smart Glove as a new way of rehabilitation therapy. RAPAEL Smart Glove was approved by Korea FDA and FDA. NEOFECT established the U.S. office to enter the U.S. market, which is the biggest market in healthcare industry. In addition, NEOFECT formed clinical research partnership with major hospitals, universities, and research centers in Korea and U.S. We believe that we can solve this problem through the digital innovation by providing affordable service to people marginalized by the current system. Our solution can give hope of the normal and happy life of patients.

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HeSeL is developing applications and solutions of mobile healthcare for patients and their families. Currently our products adapts the concept of PoR (patient owned repository) of PHR (patient health record), and will support EHR (electronic health record) in near future. Using mobile devices, patients can get medical records including medial images from multiple medical facilities and carry them anytime and anywhere. The medical records of patient’ mobile device can be used by physicians for comparison studies. Patients can save money and time due to unnecessary exams and get second opinions from remote specialists. Eventually doctors can make better diagnosis as they refer to prior exams of patient prior medical records.

We encourage peoples to own and maintain medical records for life-long healthy and sensible lives.

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“Gazee” Direct transaction mobile application service scenarios

Sera sent unnecessary used things to thrift stores or second hand shops for money or free. However, she does not have to take the trouble to carry unused items to such stores any more. Now she uses a direct transaction service, “Gazee”, on her smart phone. She posts photos and description of unnecessary items on “Gazee”. Some of friends from contact on her smart phone will leave a message about items of interest. Thus users bring their unneeded items and exchange them for some items they need on “Gazee”.

Markets and consumption patterns are changing.

  1. Shared economy and second-hand market are growing.
    1. Environmental protection and energy conservation becomes increasingly important.
    2. Development of production technology contributes to lengthening of the life spans of product.
    3. Product replacement cycles are getting shorter as shown in smart products, fast fashion, etc.
  2. Smart device products help people easily participate more in social activities.
    1. Contacts on smartphone have high levels of mutual trust.
    2. People in contact list on smartphone have similar lifestyle.
    3. People can easily produce product information with Smartphone.
    4. Geo-Location information can be obtained from the smartphone devices.
    5. Social networking services helps people to be more socially active.

Needs of reliable private direct transaction service

Private direct transaction is based on mutual trust. Trustworthy networking environment should be established and maintained.

“Gazee” is the online private second-hand trading.

  1. Human Relationship-oriented trading network
  2. Exchange of used goods between contacts on smartphones
  3. Target goods
    1. Used books, kids bikes, beginner exercise equipment, outdated clothes, wine gift, chair and desk, audio equipment, electronic products, small appliances, labor, experience, wisdom etc.
  4. Service scenarios
    1. No longer needed varied items that occupying my living spaces
      i. Users can sell or hand over them to their friends.
    2. Pile of useless items in friends’ warehouse.
      i. Users can buy or take over them from their friends.

“People need jobs and things need someone to use them.”

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Brew Glass Inc. Inc. is a data-driven vertical platform developer, which focuses on integrating recommendation, communication, and commerce features into a single versatile application service. We aim to apply innovative recommendation algorithms and image recognition technologies to real life as a form of mobile/web application service to enhance customer experience. By utilizing our original user preference tracking technology, Inc. provides with a multi-feature integrated platform for a given set of multifaceted finished goods.

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