Algal Bio Co., Ltd.

Algal Bio Co., Ltd., a biotech startup, was established in March 2018 based upon 20 years of research results at the University of Tokyo. We possess around 3000 algae strains.These algae strains produce naturally occurring functional substances such as carotenoids, long chain unsaturated fatty acids , protein and oils. In addition to the strains isolated from the environment, these algae strains include strains obtained by mutation breeding with heavy ion-beam irradiation. The need for biologically-derived functional substances is increasing globally due to consumer health and natural orientation, the avoidance of genetic modification, and various regulations on chemically synthesized substances. Our algae strain does not use genetic recombination technology, so it can meet a wide range of needs. We can provide functional substance, functional foods (health foods and supplements), cosmetics, functional beverages, natural additives, medicines and biofuels, etc.

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Exergy Power Systems, Inc.

Exergy Power Systems, Inc. is a startup company from the University of Tokyo that provides IoT solutions to flexibly adjust sudden fluctuations of the electricity originated from renewable energy. Electricity generated from solar power and wind power always fluctuates under the influence of clouds and wind. As the proportion of renewable energy increases in the power system, conventional methods of preventing a sudden loss of renewable energy output can no longer be used. The company developed a new way of dealing with sudden fluctuations and provides a solution as a flexibility service. Flexibility services are especially needed in countries and regions that are engaged in energy transition from fossil resources to renewable resources. The company develops and manufactures next-generation energy storage systems which utilize proprietary storage batteries. The company’s storage battery has excellent rapid charge/discharge characteristics and durability, and can stabilize the power system when renewable energies are introduced into the power grid. Currently, MW-class energy storage system demonstration project is underway in Europe and Hawaii.

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Hachi Tama Inc.

Our product is called “Toletta®” it is a smart IoT cat litter box that has different layers to separate urine and feces for easier and more convenient clean up. This system also ideal for detecting any abnormalities in your cat’s health that may not be directly noticeable, such as Chronic Kidney Disease. Chronic Kidney Disease is an incurable disease that affects 30% of the whole cat population, it is also tone of the leading causes in cat death. Early symptoms of this disease include an increased urine volume and decreased body weight, which toletta can measure simultaneously. We can also distinguish between various cats via our camera/face recognition technology, and all of your specific cat’s information will be available on our app, which makes our product more convenient for those who lead busy lives like those in the workforce or those who have limited energy to take care of their pet, such as the elderly. Our technology is very unique and innovative to the pet industry because we can help provide early detection, which leads to early treatment to one’s cat, which can prolong their lives so that everyone can live a happy cat life.

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Metcela Inc.

Metcela Inc. is a pre-clinical stage biotech startup in Japan. At Metcela, we are developing an innovative, clinically viable and efficacious cell therapy for chronic heart failure using a specific type of fibroblasts found in the heart, called “VCFs” or VCAM-1-positive cardiac fibroblasts. The effects of VCFs in cardiac function have been demonstrated in various animal heart failure models. VCF’s main function is to modify the microenvironment of the infarcted heart to promote survival and proliferation of pre-existing cardiac cells. Unlike many other technologies, our approach is to simply yet truly regenerate the cells that already exist in the heart and help them thrive in a more favorable environment that VCFs create.

 For cell delivery, we have teamed up with a leading catheter manufacturer in Japan to develop a unique injection catheter system which can assist the clinicians to precisely inject VCF to the infarcted areas. Combining the novel characteristics of VCFs and a cutting-edge technology of the precision delivery catheter, we are preparing to initiate an investigator-initiated phase I clinical trial in Japan in early 2021 and later bring the technology to other parts of the world.

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Wish-Alize CO. Ltd.

Legislation of medical Device traceability will start in the United States in 2020 first and EU and other countries will follow.
Medical professionals pay attention to surgical instrument traceability issue in various countries including Japan as it contributes to patient safety in the end.

Looking at objective of tracability, some Japanese medical professionals misunderstand it as “Identification of indivisual surgical instrument” through barcode but it should include “evaluation of surgical instrument condition (cleaness, functionality and deterioration)” to avoid surgical site infection to the patients. Our goal is realizing quantitaive evaluation system of surgical instrument condition to contribute patient safety.

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PLIMES Inc. is a university spin-off company launched to create a pathway to market for academic research innovations originating from the research achievements at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Center for Cybernics Research and Center for Innovative Medicine and Engineering at the University of Tsukuba, Japan.
PLIMES Inc. is managed by the cofounders Kenji Suzuki, PhD(Eng.), Tomoya Shimokakimoto, PhD(Eng.) and MSc (Med. Sc.), Dushyantha Jayatilake, PhD(Eng.) who each have over 15 years of experience in developing healthcare/robotics technologies and Atsushi Nitasaka (CEO of ZINE), who has experience in launching successful startups and the know-how to reach out using modern media strategies. In addition, we have a comprehensive board of medical advisors to accurately shape the technology to match the need. We are social enablers and PLIMES Inc. focuses on the social problem-solving business by operating to dramatically enhance user experience and social interaction for people with special needs. We spent over 10 years in the academia developing these fundamental technologies that are finally ready to be transferred to the society.

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Epigno Systems Corporation

Our core product is an AI based operation room (OR) management system for hospitals.
Hospitals have been suffering from degradation of management, declines in quality of life (QOL) for doctors and nurses due to long working hours. Also, because of inefficiencies in the workflow process around OR, we can see an increase in patient waiting time.
Our AI platform can optimize the schedule of surgeries and staff by allocating each intervention to its appropriate time slot, reducing overtime and inherently minimizing the waiting time for the patient.
The reason why we have focused on operating rooms is because 70% of revenues and 40% of hospital’s costs in Japan come from the OR, which means OR are at the centre of hospital’s management.
To our knowledge, there are no companies within Japan that offer a similar product or service. However, IT companies such as Fujitsu, NEC and others, do offer traditional OR management systems. We have adopted a monthly subscription model to our SaaS offering. Already, we have early adopter and a paying customers. As a next step in our strategy, we plan to forge an alliance with a nationwide medical distributor, in order to expand our product all over Japan.

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Girasol Energy Inc.

Girasol Energy Inc. was founded in February, 2017 based on the power line communication technology invented by Dr. Hideya Ochiai, Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo. The company provides IoT platform for the solar power plants. By using patented power line communication technologies, the company enables the power plant operators to monitor the solar panel modules remotely. Monitoring of solar panel modules is a big problem for the solar power plant operators since the degradation of a single solar panel among hundreds of panels causes significant performance loss of the entire PV system. By installing a simple IoT sensor to each PV(Photovoltaic) panel, power plant operators can gather data from hundreds of sensors over the power line without installing any extra communication lines or additional nodes. Data from IoT sensors are collected at a gateway unit and then sent directly to the cloud platform. By using PPLC system, solar power plant operators can monitor the performance of each panel remotely in real time and can detect the degradation of a PV panel automatically. The maintenance cost of solar power plants will be reduced significantly by using the company’s platform.

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