Playnote Limited

Playnote is founded by a team of professional musicians and technology experts in 2010, specializes in products and services for music education and appreciation. Our mission is to make music learning and appreciation easy for everyone through our innovative and state of the arts technology with human-oriented design.
Our product, AURALBOOK is an application software for mobile education, which main objective is to help students to practice the aural skill required in professional music examination worldwide. AURALBOOK can recognize students’ singing and clapping through “digital ear” . It will then analyze students’ performance, including pitch, beat, singing skill, clapping strength, etc. and give feedback to students how to improve through “artificial intelligence” by showing and comparing the original music score and student’s performance on the same music sheet and telling the comments in real voice.
It significantly help music students to learn music in a faster, easier and much in-expensive way. All what we have done will change the business model of the entire professional music education industry completely.
Playnote is the winner of a number of regional and international awards, including:
– Grand Award, Startup Category, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award (APICTA) 2012
– Merit Award, e-Learning Category, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award (APICTA) 2012
– Gold Award, Best Lifestyle Award (Learning and Living), Hong Kong ICT Award 2012

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Optical Sensing Ltd.

Optical Sensing Limited (OSL) was established in 2011 by the founding partners / shareholders. The mission is to provide intelligence based monitoring systems to organizations / operators who operate systems of power, energy, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), transportation and hydrology/geology. The objectives of the monitoring system are to protect their asset investment; promote green environment; and to enhance service quality.

OSL launched the first solution in July 2013. The first solution is a Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system. The DTS system makes use of an ordinary fibre optic cable to sense and measure the temperature of the host system to which a sensor fibre optic cable has been attached. The whole fibre optic cable is a sensor thereby providing continuous monitoring contrasted with discrete sensors.

DTS is based on Raman back scattering. Raman back scattering was discovered by Professor Raman in 1983 at University of Southampton, UK.

OSL obtained patents from Chinese and HKSAR Governments on the system software developments. OSL has also developed advanced application software for analysis of temperature profiles to effectively identify abnormal operating conditions of host systems.

The DTS system can greatly enhance service quality and improve environmental quality as well as protection of valuable assets.

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Neo Mechanics Limited

Neo Mechanics Limited was established in September 2011 to promote and commercialize a revolutionary high pressure seal, trademarked as Ultimate Seal™, which was invented by its Korean partner Mr. Moses Chang, a serial inventor and an expert of mechanical engineering, and jointly developed with his Hong Kong partner Mr. Stanley Ko. They have applied for more than forty patent applications worldwide, of which nine certificates have been granted: two in America, two in Germany, and five in China.

The metal-made Ultimate Seal™ is a uniquely designed and precisely engineered patented invention with no similar technology/product currently in the market. Its flexible radial tension automatically adjusts its shape and size continuously, significantly reduces friction against sealing surfaces. Simultaneously its multiple sealing layers can provide repetitious complete sealing effects, maintaining close to zero-leak sealing function. It can tolerate extreme temperatures from -220°C to 550°C, cope with both hydraulic and pneumatic ultra-high pressures up to 10,000 bar, and withstand concentrated acids or alkaline solutions.

This technology significantly improves performance in high pressure mechanical devices, reduces fuel consumptions, meanwhile substantially lowering the device’s manufacturing and operational costs. Ultimate Seal™ technology has the potential to change conventional industry practice, making machines stronger and more powerful.

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Cascube Limited

Animal testing is an indispensable part of drug discovery and biomedical research. The US & Europe alone invest >US$ 20B annually on animal testing. Currently tracking of lab animal activities, which is based on video recording, is extremely inefficient since it can only be done one animal at a time and for a short period of time. Consequently, the data collected are often inconsistent and unreliable due to small sample size. Thus, there is a huge pent-up demand for a better and more efficient technology for behavioral tracking systems.

The mission of our company is to drastically improve the efficiency and quality of drug and biomedical research through innovation in animal testing. We aim to develop a first-in-industry behavioral tracking system for laboratory animals using proprietary wireless technology and behavioral analysis software to monitor the precise real-time activities of hundreds of laboratory animals at the same time and for an extended period. Our breakthrough product would save over 95% in time and 85% in cost in animal studies by comparison with the existing products, enabling new research opportunities, and a much more sustainable pipelines and richer portfolios for the drug industry to tackle unmet worldwide medical needs.

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PSP Security Co. Ltd.

Traditionally, facial recognition product is associated with high security and has a limited market scope and applications. Understanding facial recognition technology has competitive edge over other biometric technologies, PSP Security (PSP) objective is to enhance the capability of facial recognition technology/product, expand the use of such product to broader market segments, and ultimately provide a convenient and safer working and living environment to everyone.

Our facial recognition technology and products have competitive edge over our competitors in terms of capability, flexibility and scalability. In particular, our products share the same hardware platform (EFR-M1) which is a credit card size multi-functional module designed for intelligent video applications. We can port different intelligent video algorithms (e.g. facial recognition, object counting) onto EFR-M1 to quickly develop product with specific function. This system design approach has shortened our product development lifecycle, lower development cost, and made our product more scalable and product customization easier.

Since the launch of our core product (AccuFACE) in mid-2009, we have executed our marketing strategy carefully and expanded our reseller network to cover over 30 countries. We continue to develop new features for AccuFACE to meet changing market requirements and our company objectives.

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Lively Impact Technology Limited

The company focuses on customer interaction analytics and offers Fingereach as its flagship platform. Fingereach is a Mobile Advertising Platform designed for advertisers to buy mobile ads across thousands of apps and webs in real-time, supported by the analytics found using Big Data technologies. Fingereach integrates with leading global and regional Ad Exchanges (e.g. Google AdX, Smaato, Adsmogo) to buy mobile ad slots in real time, based on the data pattern found in billions of usage behavior data made by different mobile users.

Fingereach has proprietary technologies in discovering under-priced inventory, identifying deep customer segments and has a social scheme to enable physical social connections. The platform was benchmarked to have a 30% impression-fee-cut and 50% click-fee-cut compared with other competitors. Fingereach has won numerous awards, including HK ICT Award 2015 (big data), Cloudera Data Impact Award Top 3 (amid AMD and Mastercard), GD-IOT Most Creative Award, and TechCrunch Beijing Top 15.

Fingereach has generated from 0 to US$300,000 revenue, 30 customers (8 channels) and enabling 3 social communities in the last 12 months operations.

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Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre Limited

Founded in 2012, Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre Limited (HKOWRC) is the first and leading organic waste recycling company in Hong Kong. HKOWRC’s mission is to integrate R&D, regular recycling service and public education in a holistic and commercially feasible approach. In HKOWRC, several innovative organic waste upcycling products (e.g. animal feed, edible mushroom, and mini-garden kit) have been commercialized and recognized by the public. More than 20 local food production and catering companies have joined our organic waste recycling service, and tons of organic waste is recycled everyday into valuable products via the advanced biotechnology developed locally with the support from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and local institutions. Several R&D Projects that recycle organic waste into building materials, fine chemical for fragrance use are still under-going.

Besides our works in recycling and research works, efforts are also devoted to promote the importance on treasury food and foodwaste reduction to the public. Only in 2015, more than 10,000 visitors have come and joined our education tour and workshop that aims at promoting food treasury and food waste reduction. A wholly own product brand “FoodCycle+” is also developed that sells high quality locally grown Veggie to supermarket. The fresh and tasty veggie helps demonstrate the cycle of “Waste to Food” into everyone’s home.

We sincerely hope the participation in Asian Entrepreneurship Award can help HKOWRC build up potential complementary relationship with other Asian’s enterprenuars and produce synergy in environmental protection and R&D sectors.

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