Xcode Life Sciences Private Limited

Our genomic code carries a wealth of information about us and can be used to identify genetic disorders. There are approximately 4000 genetic disorders that are caused by mutations in individual genes. Additionally, there are several disorders like asthma, autism, obesity, diabetes etc. that are caused by mutations in multiple genes.

We intend to use genetic as well as environmental parameters to predict onset of diseases and susceptibility. The genetic parameters would comprise of markers (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms – SNPs) specifically for Diabetes, Obesity and Coronary heart disease. The environmental parameters would comprise of diet, weather, lifestyle, quantitative traits etc. We plan to utilize these parameters to calculate risk of diseases. We hope this will aid in promoting preventive health behavior in India, create an educated society that practices good health behavior early on so as to control the environmental influence that cause diseases and establish cause and effect for major disorders.

Xcode has developed technology to analyze genetic data that is obtained by means of saliva sample from an individual and provide information on their risk to certain non-communicable diseases based on their genomic profile.

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X2wave Systems Inc.

X2wave’s Patent-pending fully integrated single unified EMR (Electronic Medical Record), PHR (Patient Health Record), EPM (Electronic Practice Management), and EHR (Electronic Health Record) is a complete healthcare product innovation called “HealthSync”, a state-of-the-art solution in delivery and quality healthcare in connecting healthcare professionals, providers, patients and information via hybrid (private/public) mobile Cloud Computing-based platform. With HealthSync, healthcare professionals and patients are offered accurate
and timely information through accessibility to our Secure Single
Unified Patient Repository (SSUPR)TM and seamless integration and
applicability to our Secured Unified Record Gateway (SSURG)TM.
Combined with x2wave On-Demand & Online-Offline Multi-Synchronization Technology thus enable a borderless multi-tenant architecture for all users, even reaching remote villages or hard to reach areas/population, and therefore advancing e-Health or TeleMedicine capabilities to the next level.
Our cloud computing solution are fully integrated into a single platform and engineered for ease-of-use applications making our solution easy and quick to deploy, customize and inter-operate or integrate with other third-party software applications supplemented by value-added services. As a result, our competitive advantage lies on our ability to provide healthcare professionals, providers and patients with speedy and quality access to SSUPRTM at low-cost, low-risk and ease-of-use On-Demand services.

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