Wish-Alize CO. Ltd.

Legislation of medical Device traceability will start in the United States in 2020 first and EU and other countries will follow.
Medical professionals pay attention to surgical instrument traceability issue in various countries including Japan as it contributes to patient safety in the end.

Looking at objective of tracability, some Japanese medical professionals misunderstand it as “Identification of indivisual surgical instrument” through barcode but it should include “evaluation of surgical instrument condition (cleaness, functionality and deterioration)” to avoid surgical site infection to the patients. Our goal is realizing quantitaive evaluation system of surgical instrument condition to contribute patient safety.

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Warden Machinery/Machine Vision LLC

Warden Machinery – Russia-based startup with an office in Lithuania specializing in serial R&D and integration of machine vision-based solutions for the following industrial applications: quality control, sorting and segmentation, manual service labor control and augmentation, compliance control, safety and security monitoring, robotics, and automation. In brief, we optimize manufacturing and service procedures wherever possible, reinforce compliance control and support for those who are essential, enabling our clients to do more with less — more yield with less energy, fewer materials, and fewer labor hours.

 Our three major domains of operations comprise human behavioral analytics, visual defects detection in complex engineering systems and conveyor manufacturing, and real-time vision systems for industrial robots based on AI. Our neural networks can work in both GPU server and edge computation architectures.

 Our team consists of 16 PhD/PhD Student-level researchers in Computer Science and Robotics.

 We have received international recognition within startup contests conducted by large corporations including, for instance, Hager Group and Schneider Electric. Being focused on back-end technologies, we scale up by outsourcing sales and marketing to our strategic industrial partners, such as SAP CIS&SE, Schneider Electric, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
SAP and BIG4 consultants trust us. Will you?

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Widuz Pte Ltd

Widuz is developing a new class of renewable and sustainable material called BVL™ (Bamboo Veneer Lumber), which is a high-performance patented structural lumber synthesized from bamboo fibres. BVL is up to 3 times stronger than timber while is not susceptible to any decay or degradation, and is much more dimensionally stable. BVL is suitable for construction of modular prefab buildings in place of other non-renewable construction materials such as concrete and steel.

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Wuxi Hisky Medical Technologies Co., Ltd.

Hisky Medical has successfully developed the world’s first image-guided non-invasive liver fibrosis diagnostic system which can be used to quickly and accurately determine liver fibrosis level, allowing the patient to know the health condition of his liver without suffering liver biopsy and monitor the development and corresponding treatment effect of his chronic liver diseases through multiple examinations. The clinician can also determine the progress of the patient’s condition and carry out the corresponding treatment

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Wifinity Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Wifinity Technology is an architect in the IoT space. With Internet of Things (IoT), objects or people are provided with unique identifiers and gives the ability to automatically transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Wifinity Technology’s vision is to be the Facebook of connected devices. The wireless sensor and wireless control world allows enterprises to lower energy, water and resource consumption.

Wifinity’s solutions use disruptive technologies like M2M (Machine to Machine), Artificial Intelligence and wireless sensor networking to enable enterprises to lower their energy and water consumption levels. The solution uses disruptive meshed wireless technologies, making it easy to install, mount & configure. The artificial intelligent system learns, adapts and controls lighting, HVAC and water supplies – thus lowering the total cost of ownership to the customer. The solution has helped customers save up to 20% of their utility bills and 15% of the water bills

Wifinity is one of the fastest growing ventures backed by IIM Ahmedabad & IIM Bangalore., two of India’s top 4 business schools. Ever since its inception in 2010, Wifinity team has won numerous international awards for our innovation.

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Beijing weiming imagination science and technology Co., LTD.

Our company located in the traditional field of Chinese massage in good health, we are the first company in this area depends on pattern implementation of Internet health O2O concept of the company. Company positioning platform to provide services to connect consumers and massage technician, provide consumers with housebound massage service, at the same time, ensure the massage technician benefit maximization.

Health O2O entirely is a new business models, getting rid of the traditional health club for stores, decoration, such as the huge cost of fixed assets. Our company do not need to hire a large number of employees in advance, in accordance with the signing of orders, recruiting and training of technicians, can effectively avoid the artificial cost of idle and waste.

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WorkLohas Technology Co., Ltd.

Justaple is a social curation service where users can save any webpage permanently. The service includes numerous functions which can not be found on traditional bookmarks, such as making a traditional bookmark visualized, full-text search, synchronization of PCs and portable devices, and off-line reading. In addition, it enables the users to categorize thousands of webpages by their specific perspective and share the contents with friends and families. Therefore, people using this service are not just receivers of information, but curators who actively share the information.

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Webgears WGT

Webgears ( is a software technology company focusing on novel web-based 3D graphics for industrial applications, and gaming. Our product is a graphics engine, which lets our clients extract significantly more value from 3D models and interactive 3D graphics by almost eliminating hardware requirements and moving interactive 3D content to the cloud.

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