Value and Trust Co., Ltd.

Value and Trust Co., Ltd.(hereafter VNTC) develops solutions to maintain the correct shape of the spine. Our main product is spine correction brace, Spinamic, but we also develop advanced diagnostic and prescription system to help produce more sophisticated devices. Our focus at the moment is on teenage patients with scoliosis(AIS) and we aim to ensure that children with scoliosis maintain the correct shape of spine without surgery.
Our product, Spinamic, is a fabric type scoliosis brace, which is easy to wear and washable, thus more hygienic. Through our brace, we can treat AIS(adolescent idiopathic scoliosis) patients the most effective way with minimized side effects that existing rigid braces have failed to deal with. Our focus is to improve the quality of life of the scoliosis patients without side effects, especially depression. We are now preparing to develop and apply our product and system to various vertebral deformities.
For our goal of improving patients’ quality of life, VNTC works with many spinal experts including spinal mechanic engineers, doctors, product designers, and textile experts.

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VMFive Inc.

VMFive is a cloud-based technology company, targeting global mobile market with its leading virtualization and streaming technologies. The premiere innovative product, AdPlay, is a cloud service that transforms mobile apps into playable ads, and enable users to try apps before downloading. In December 2014, VMFive announced collaboration with Japan’s top-three mobile advertising companies D2C and ADWAYS to introduce to Japan playable ads solution and the world’s first app pre-order platform “Yoyaku Top 10” with instant demo features. And in March 2015, VMFive announced the partnership with Trend Micro and General Mobile on Mobile World Congress. By integrating collaborators’ products and resources, VMFive has quickly established its presence in the Japanese market and is moving on to the Asia-Pacific market, actively engaging potential collaborators to create a brand new mobile advertising model.
VMFive not only earned high recommendation from customers, but also from competitions. It won the championships at TechCrunch Beijing in August 2014 and Slush Asia Tokyo in April 2015.

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Vibrasindo Inc.

Started from our meeting with BIC (Business Innovation Center) as an institution founded by Indonesia Ministry of Research & Technology (MRT) to bridge the innovation process contained in Academia, Business and Government, then BIC actively brings us to the Associated Research and Technology Institutions until we meet R&D Center of Mineral and Coal Technology (TEKMIRA) and R&D Center of Machine Tool, Production Engineering and Automation (Meppo). BIC has set up a formal-cooperation agreement between us to cooperate with each others in developing this technology.

Idea is to make a product that can prevent loss of beings life with providing an early warning system with competitive price. Learning from other competitions while most of them are expensive and complicated brings to less familiar for Indonesia communities. This product provides the high economic potential. Geographic of Indonesia have a lot of hills and landslide prone areas.

PDM (Positioning, Diferentiation, Marketing Mix) together with other strategies are our ways to control market and persuade the customers to use this product by training to public and mining industries about landslide hazards. It is expected being standardization of instrument for monitoring landslide-prone from Government.

This product bring advantages of economic and social impact especially to prevent beings life victims, relieve publics worry who live in landslide-prone areas, more security for mining employees to do their works and open the new job vacancy . And we also participate raising the economic and reduced losses caused by landslide.

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Mission Statement

Doctors perform surgery in three-dimensions but rely on two-dimensional imaging to prepare and plan their surgeries. At Vasoprint, we 3D-print patient-specific vascular templates that allow surgeons to hold the closest physical representation of a patient in their hands.


Vasoprint Pty Ltd was registered as an Australian company in January 2016. The development of the software and associated technology stemmed from engineering principles used to investigate the vascular modelling of cancerous tissues.


Our first product is software that transforms stacks of medical images into 3D-printed templates, providing a unique pre-surgical experience. This novel and readily-scalable technology has the potential to serve as the foundation of new and valuable medical solutions, especially with the rapid expansion of tissue-engineering.


Our product has the potential to serve doctors on a global scale as it is applicable to hospitals that use state-of-the-art equipment or those searching for affordable solutions. Vasoprint is committed to giving surgeons access to the necessary tools that will ultimately improve patient

outcomes. We believe our product will be conductive in the medical industry and become a must-have for all hospital environments.



We are currently speaking with investors in and outside of Australia in raising $230,000 of initial funding. This will accommodate the regulatory approval and associated requirements for our device. We are expecting the device to become clinically available by 2017 with profit expected in late 2017/early 2018.

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VP9VN is founded in 2013, specializing in manufacturing Internet of things devices like surveillance camera, set top box, smart TV, video conference, and providing online services of video content delivery, computer vision, video analytics. The initial technology breakthrough which bring high growth rate to VP9VN is the invention of an bit rate optimization algorithm to improve any video encoding standard like H.264, HEVC, that helps improving quality and reduce bit rate at the same time. We produced first ever in the world smart surveillance cameras based on Android OS and embedded computer vision technology into cameras which provided low cost AI enhanced surveillance camera. VP9VN is manufacturing high quality camera with growing maturity, started exporting to other market in 2nd half of 2017. The security camera sales of VP9VN alone has projected revenue of $6m/month by the end of 2017.

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ViSenze powers visual commerce at scale for retailers and image recognition for enterprises.
Built with proprietary computer vision and deep machine learning technology, the company creates highly optimized Enterprise visual solutions for retailers that shorten the path to action as consumers search and discover products they are looking for using only images. Leading retailers like Uniqlo Japan, SEARS, and H&M use ViSenze today to improve search experiences on their shopping platforms. Major shopping sites like Rakuten Ichiba, ASOS and adidas also use ViSenze to convert any UGC content into immediate product search opportunities, uplifting conversion rates.
Media companies like Singapore Press Holdings use ViSenze’s image recognition solutions to turn any image or video into an engagement opportunity, driving more new and incremental dollars.
Spun-off from the National University of Singapore in 2012 by web entrepreneurs and computer vision scientists, the company’s mission is to simplify the way people search and discover the visual world. ViSenze is venture-backed by Rakuten and WI Harper, and officially supported by MasterCard.
ViSenze was recognized as Singapore’s Most Promising Startup in 2015, amongst 5 deep learning companies to watch in 2017 by Venturebeat, and named an Interbrand Breakthrough Brand 2017.

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