uHoo Pte Ltd

Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of every person by creating products and services that creates the importance of knowing the kind of environment people live in, how it affects their lives on a daily basis, and guide the actions needed to improve their environment, health and wellbeing.

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UNIM is a Russian medical IT company who develops solutions for oncology diagnostics. Company has created Digital Pathology© system – end-to-end solution for digitalization of the pathomorphological laboratory. UNIM has opened 100% digital pathology laboratory in Technopark Skolkovo in January 2018, where more than 3,500 patients get their diagnosis every month. More than 1000 highly specialized consultants use the Digital Pathology© system to meet remotely via the Internet same as they would at a multi-head microscope, and perform real-time case analysis. Digital Pathology© provides collective work on each case, attraction of narrow specialists from all over the world, transparency of the diagnostic process, opportunities for interdisciplinary communication and integration of neural networks in diagnostic process. The company combines all the competencies necessary to develop a competitive convenient product and its successful commercialization: management, developers, doctors, sales.

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ucfunnel Co., Ltd.

ucfunnel is an AIaaS pioneer in Martech & Shoppable Media. ucfunnel is an AI toolkit suite provider that helps our partners to manage their workflow. We offer end-to-end automated solutions (including bidder, Ad Exchange, SSP, DMP, CDP, ad serving system, OM SDK, and EC) that cover the entire platform-based technology space.

In addition, our product line extends to Trading Desk, Smart Media on CTV, visual search app, and the EC recommendation engine. All of which was collaboratively developed with ucfunnel’s partners, who include the chipset manufacturer MediaTek, numerous CTV vendors, telecommunications operators, and various premium global media brands.

ucfunnel presently serves over 150 billion impressions monthly worldwide (especially in the APAC and NAMER regions) by partnering with over 50,000 publishers such as Tencent JOOX, WeTV, TVB, and Samsung.

ucfunnel is backed by well-known angel investor Inventec (TPE.2356), a premier international Cloud Server vendor. In addition, we offer a 24/7 online technical support service to ensure our partners can trade and deliver via ucfunnel’s AI platform without any service interruptions.

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When businesses in developing countries like Vietnam want to enter the world market, when poor people want to explore the outside world, the first thing they need is to understand others and make themselves understood. In the world like a global village nowadays, being able to speak a foreign language is one thing that can help businesses and people in poor countries live a second beautiful life. Taking into consideration of the importance of language, our company design a package of solutions not just products in order to
– help schools, businesses, and government agencies change their ways in training and testing foreign languages.
– help people change their way in learning and using a foreign language.
– reduce the costs of training, testing and learning.
– make a foreign language become a companion of people not just a tool.
– make a foreign language go in line with knowledge to enrich people’s life.
The formation of our solution is based on the fact that:
– Vietnam has been spending a lot of money and decades to improve the foreign language competency of people, but finding itself far losing behind many neighboring countries.
– It is urgent for Vietnam to become more competitive in the world market.
– Vietnam and Vietnamese people are trying hard to be more integrated with the rest of the world.
– Vietnam’s tourism industry is facing language obstacle.
– Vietnamese people need one tool to learn more about the outside world.

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