TurtleYogi Technologies Pvt Ltd

TurtleYogi is a startup founded by telecommunications veteran with 15 years of industry experience and incubated at the prestigious IIM-Bangalore. OneKlikStreet, a flagship product from TurtleYogi technologies, is a virtual office setup in the ‘clouds’ with seamless Audio-Video facility. OneKlikStreet is a zero download, zero plugin, simple to use browser based video and audio, cloud hosted service offered to businesses with subscription pricing. With web API we offer businesses customizable video and audio collaboration services. We offer the best price-bandwidth performance in the video collaboration industry. Our promise to businesses is to enable wide customer reach at the lowest cost with simple user experience.

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Terra Motors Corporation

Terra Motors Corporation will create a new mobility lifestyle in Asian region. With elaborate strategy and technological capability, we will not only introduce ecological and economical products, but also create whole new eco-system that many electric mobilities will be built upon.
We have become No.1 electric motorcycle manufacturer in Japan in three years. We have gathered human, financial, and technical resources through our business experience in Japan.
We opened our branch in Vietnam and the Philippines. There will be new branch in India as well in the near future.

With the Tesla Motors business model combined with a battery checking station, we will give the electric motorcycle a whole new image as a business and as a lifestyle as well.

Through electric motorcycle and trycycles, we not only provide new means of transportation, but also tackle the environmental problems in the Asian region. In addition, establishing factories and employing local people will create new opportunities and jobs in the country. Lastly, we will lead the electric mobility as an industry, in the Asian region. This will make Asia the new industry centre.

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TaraFresh brings clean and safe water to any location that has a natural source of water. TaraFresh water purification is self-contained, use solar powered, can deploy at any location to provide 600 thousand liters of water/month, supplying the needs of 6,000 people/month in continuous service and provide emergency supplies during a natural disaster.
One TaraFresh water purification system can be installed at a remote site for approximately USD 20,000. The system is producing the disinfectant out of the minerals in the water by and does not need any addition of chemicals. Running costs are virtually non-existent: the entire system is solar powered, and the filtering system can be cleaned with a simple toothbrush brush and lemon juice; the primary maintenance is the need to replace water pump every three years (USD 300/time). TaraFresh is investigating a number of pricing models, but one of the most likely ones would yield an annual gross profit margin of 95%, while providing a rural village continuous healthy water supply.
In a world of water problems, TaraFresh represents a technological, social, and economically sustainable water solution, and is seeking like-minded investment partners who can provide the resources and networks to scale as fast as possible in order to take on the challenge of providing clean water, community by community, to the world.

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T.Ware Pte. Ltd.

A technology company based and incorporated in Singapore in 2011 with a global user base, T.Ware aims to design and bring to life the most innovative, elegant, useful and user-friendly technology products that use touch to communicate and comfort to expand the human experience. T.Ware’s vision is to bring touch to life. The core innovation is the ability to apply continuous and varying pressure to the human user, through devices that are lightweight, wearable and mobile. T.Jacket is the first product. Built on a flexible multi-functional wearable haptics platform that can both detect and reproduce touch sensations, T.Jacket simulates a hug by applying deep pressure points to the wearer’s body to produce a calming effect. Touch is a fundamental human need, and we envision the huge potential of touch technology in the intersection of heath, wellness and lifestyle. T.Jacket has undergone successful trials in Singapore and we are looking forward to mass production and overseas expansion in by forming partnerships with distributors in the segments of healthcare and wellness. Some areas of application include the autism community and therapy for the elderly with dementia, stress management, personal communication and gaming.

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Trunk Busters Sdn. Bhd.

The Trunkbuster™ machine is a Malaysian invention designed specifically to unlock the enormous value contained in Oil Palm Trunks (OPT). This is achieved by rapidly pulverizing the trunks into fibres averaging 1 inch in length. Once reduced to this size, the OPT fibre can now be easily processed to produce an amazing range of downstream products ranging from biochemicals to brown paper. Studies have shown that the sap of OPT contains large amounts of fermentable sugars potentially providing a significant source of glucose which has an enormouse worldwide demand. The final solid residue is ideal for producing fuel pellets, which has a growing demand worldwide as a continuous source of renewable energy for heat and power while producing significantly less greenhouse gases compared to fossil fuels.

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Tiino Techmations Pvt Ltd

Agriculture depends upon the weather condition, and water scarcity has led to great decline in agricultural output leading to poverty. Suicide rate has increased among farmers especially in developing countries due to the decline in agricultural yield. Cultivation land area is declining due to infrastructure development. So the need for more yield in less area while maintaining the fertility of soil has become the major problem for the farmers. So in order to overcome these issues farmers need to use technology in agriculture which will support in effective utilization of resource (water, fertilizer, pesticide, etc.) at the right location and at the right time to enhance production and improve quality, while protecting the environment. If agriculture is looked at individual perspective, farming is getting more and more subject of less interest for young generation due to the problems involved, profitability, scarcity of water, electricity, labor etc. Agriculture also confines the farmer and family to the land due to the necessity for monitoring and watering. Bringing the farm in the portable devices could create interest for younger generation also to plunge into this field

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TsingVisual Technology

Tsingvisual Technology focuses on virtual reality and replying this technology to enterprise-level business. Our team has been established for more than one year. Relying on our advanced software technology, we have serived some honored companies, including customers in military, UAV and entertainment fields. Beacause the virtual reality and augmented reality technology facilities are seen as the new culculate centre, and we have the basis technology, we got equity financing from venture capitals which think this field as a good chance.

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Telehouse International Vietnam

TELEHOUSE is a recognized global pioneer in carrier-neutral data centers, launched by KDDI in the United States in 1989. We are currently available at 43 sites in 12 countries.

TELEHOUSE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION OF VIETNAM established in July 2010, as an joint venture between FPT Information Systems (FPT IS Vietnam), KDDI and ITX (Japan).

We provide world-class data-center services, facilities and operations under the brand name of “TELEHOUSE”. The services provided include server co-location, cloud computing, system integration, IT system rented and tailored to specific needs, enabling customers to streamline operations and reduce IT costs.

With the expanding business of MNCs in Vietnam, the need for local back-up facilities to retain business continuity is raising sharply. There has been a rapidly increasing demand for information communications infrastructure configuration and operations support cored on highly reliable data centers among many corporations. Therefore, TELEHOUSE Vietnam, with TELEHOUSE standards of global quality, cover a wide range of conditions including facilities, operation, security and quality management, shall meet the above customers’ requirements. For systems that incorporate data centers as one element, KDDI and FPT IS will collaborate with TELEHOUSE Vietnam to offer comprehensive planning, design, maintenance and consultation covering total system integration and solutions.

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