SmartPeep Pte Ltd

SmartPeep has a mission to provide better elderly care with AI, by offering virtual elderly-sitter systems to help caregivers to monitor and respond better to older adults who are at risk, and who need help. They aim to penetrate the huge aging population market in Asia in the next 5 years. The company was co-founded in Oct 2017 by a machine-learning and pattern recognition specialist, a mobile software developer, a product, sales & marketing person, and a camera hardware expert. The team has grown to over 10 members now.

 SmartPeep has received several awards in Singapore and Malaysia, and has been covered by media including The Edge Singapore, Oriental Daily News Malaysia, and KrAsia. SmartPeep has secured more than US$400,000 funds from accelerator and angel investors.

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System Stone Company Limited

Industry 4.0 trends are now impacting manufacturers and igniting awareness and desire for emerging technology that can improve business competency in our fast-evolving world.
 The major mission of any manufacturer is to improve the productivity and quality of their products. To do this they need highly conditioned machinery and facilities. Companies depend and rely on their maintenance teams; however, the human factor has an inherently high risk of error. Unpredictable situations like machine breakdowns still occur as nightmare scenarios for every manufacturer.
 System Stone specializes in industrial technology. We have developed machine maintenance management software on mobile application which ensures full transfer and control of maintenance engineering tasks to be regulated through our app. The workforce can no longer fail to achieve maintenance schedules.
 The System Stone predictive maintenance platform operates VIBRO as a cutting-edge ultra-sensitive vibration sensor IoT device with AI capability to track and predict future machine failure. This revolutionary technology will accelerate global manufacturing to the next level.
Our platform is now used by 415 factories in Thailand, including large companies (CPF, SCG, Kubota) and small companies alike.

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Social & Mobile, Inc.

ColorNote, our flagship product, is a notepad app that hit over 35MM downloads recently. We have focused on global market to acquire 92% of users outside Korea. In particular, US is the key growth area with the largest user base, and ColorNote ranks the highest among note apps in U.S Google play stores.

We don’t see ColorNote as the tool to just save and collect information like other notepad apps. We aim at making simple for people to remember and manage things so that they can concentrate on their lives without stress. For example, ColorNote allows people to effortlessly stay organized and to easily transfer the data with online sync service. Also it actively reminds people of important things.

Currently, we are working on developing ColorNote’s paid versions to generate revenue. We will charge users for enhanced cloud service and better organization. At the same time, we are planning to promote ColorNote.

In long term, we want to provide ColorNote’s cloud platform as a service to other developers. Opening our API would enable us to grow with 3rd parties together. In this sense, we believe ColorNote can contribute to not only individual users but also eco mobile system.

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Shanghai CamRay Photonics Co., Ltd.

Established in Oct. 2012, CamRay has 2 R&D centers in Nanjing and Cambridge and one head office in Shanghai. CamRay is a high-tech company dedicated in researching and producing new X-ray generators and X-ray image system with superior properties including lower radiation, higher resolution, instantaneous scanning time, longer lifetime and lower power consumption. Our founding team invented the world’s leading new cold cathode X-ray generator technology after ten years’ R&D in Cambridge, and have owned over 20 patents. By now, we have established strategic cooperation with several leading enterprises in the field of X-ray image. CamRay obtained A round financing from VC in 2012, and “Leading Talent” and “Science and Technology Entrepreneur” awarded by the government.

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AK Surya PowerMagic Pvt. Ltd.

We are technology based renewable energy company with a focus on developing high efficiency, cost effective & sustainable irrigation solutions for the farming community. We empower the farming community to take up irrigation independent of the grid, at any location with adequate insolation and access to a reliable water source. We have created a sustainable ecosystem including farmers, technology providers, Banks and large agro-based corporates – to facilitate mass adoption of our solution. This ultimately helps bring more land under cultivation and thereby directly benefiting all stakeholders involved.

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Few of the common things we noticed from marginalized island communities are their inability to access electricity, the use of fuel-based lamps and the abundance of seawater. These encouraged us to develop a lighting system that runs on the very basic items seen on every household — water and salt, or for the islanders — seawater.


There are over 7,000 island in the Philippines, most of these islands do not have access to electricity, and kerosene had become a commodity to households in unelectrified marginalized communities. Over the past few years of studying such living conditions, developing the correlation between geographical location, status quo and the use of fuel-based lamps, we have come up with a conclusion that the practice of using such light source had been passed on from generations thus, these people never deviated from using fuel-based lamps. The method of refilling kerosene in lamps (according to a native, southwest of the Philippines) brings about emotional security despite its many cases of fire accidents caused by tipped over lamps and candles. About 16 million Filipinos could possibly suffer the consequences therefore making local governments and even private sectors more concerned, extending their efforts to replace such customs. And to contribute to these efforts, we have developed a more cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly lamp that runs on saltwater. Our mission is to decrease the light inequality in the Philippines and the world which has about 1.4 Billion people without access to electricity.

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Soft Space Sdn Bhd.

Soft Space is a digital payments company that was incorporated in March 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our business primarily focuses on development of Mobile Point-of-Sales (MPOS) and innovative solutions for the banking and payment industry. Soft Space’s MPOS solution is the first in Asia to obtain Europay, Mastercard & Visa (EMV) Level 1 and Level 2 approved and certified. Soft Space’s solution and accelerated growth had won recognition both locally and internationally.

Today, Soft Space is steadily growing market share in South East Asia (ASEAN) with live deployments in 13 banks across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

Soft Space has won multiple awards including the Red Herring Top 100 Asia 2014, Merit Winner of the WITSA’s Global ICT Excellence Awards, APICTA’s Best Financial Application Award 2013, APICTA’s Best Start Up 2013, and AICTA’s award for the Best Start Up in the ASEAN region.

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Shanghai Van-chance Transportation Technologies Ltd is founded in 2010 and supported by Shanghai Oversea High-Level Talents Innovation Supporting Center, and also funded by government department of Yangpu Shanghai ( Plan 3310). The service fields are covering Intelligent Transport, Intelligent Parking System, Intelligent Building , Transportation planning and traffic design, Simulation & IT technologies.


Cooperation with research institutions, Tongji University Intelligent Transportation System Research Center, USST-transportation system research center, VC works with the goals to be a international traffic technology entity with high level and strong technical strength.


The project team consisted of overseas and domestic experienced experts, senior managers and traffic technician, with broad international perspective and rich professional experience. The team could apply previous successful experience from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore and China (Hongkong) to traffic project.


Our technology services cover Intelligent Transport/ Traffic Planning / Traffic Design, also including Traffic solution, Road system, Parking supply and demand, Pedestrian system, Vehicle traffic system, Public transportation system, Transfer system, Logistics system, Vertical traffic aspects. We focus on city traffic characteristics and road traffic actual resources; provide comprehensive solutions to meet the various needs of transportation issues.

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