Rehab Happy Walk

Globally, eight million people suffered from Parkinson disease (PD) symptom called freezing of gait, which cause walking difficulties, high risk of falling ,fear and depression. PD number is about 1/100 after age of 60 and is rising associated with aging society. Rehab Happy Walk was founded by Dr. Peeraya, an inventor specialized in rehabilitation, and teams who strive to improve quality of PD’s life by living independently, not the burden of society.
 Our solution has been developed and proved based on patients and caregivers’ feedback in clinical research. The product was patents pending and will be launched within 2019, while continuouslly improving second version by 2020. Our market plan will initiate and focus in Thailand with collaboration with two Mahidol University hospitals, six hospitals in same district, and Thai Medical society, while attempt to find alliances in Japan in order to expand internationally, given Thailand and Japan moving to full aging society.The potential PD people are 150,000 in 2020. Our revenue in 2020 is $ 1.4 million and increase to $10 million in 2023, while NPV is $540,000 at 40% discount rate and IRR is 80%.
 We are looking for investors and fit alliances to join our vision and move forward.

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Rayark Inc.

♦ 2011.9 Rayark Inc. founded
♦ 2012 Q1 Cytus, music rhythm game, released on iOS and Android, to great acclaim
♦ 2012 Q4 Mandora, character based casual game, released on iOS and Android, 4 million downloads in 3 months
♦ 2013 Q2 & Q3 Scheduled releases of 2 new music rhythm games on mobile platforms
♦ 2013 Q4 Scheduled release of next-gen 3D action game

Rayark is a team of passionate game developers who are dedicated to creating high-quality gaming experiences on various platforms.

As a content provider, Rayark also seeks for integration of online/offline applications, such as the following events;

♦ Cytus live concert 2012 @Taipei
♦ Cytus musical 2013@Seoul
♦ Mandora collectibles pre-order
♦ Rayark artist collaboration 2013

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RAD Green Solutions Inc.

As global population increases, the volume of garbage also increase and while we have made great leaps and bounds in digital and mobile technology, this has not been the case for waste management.

The real challenge for waste management solutions is sustainability. Is the solution economically viable? Can we afford to build, operate or maintain this solution? With the heightening awareness for global warming, we also now need to ask ourselves, is this solution environmentally sound?

RAD Green Solutions is a cleantech company based in Davao City, Philippines and we are here to take this challenge. We have developed a technology that allows us to produce more heat with less fuel with the aid of water which we call HYDROBURN.

With lots of potential applications for this technology, we decided to initially focus on an application for bio-medical wastes and we hope to eventually develop the most economical waste to energy solution for municipal garbage currently rotting in dumpsites and landfills all over the world.

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In an extremely fast moving mobile app ecosystem, the user acquisition cost is now surpassing the average revenue per user. At the turn of 2015, it has become extremely important for marketers and developers to push user engagement and retention to push up the ARPU. Retention, employs advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to figure out why users are leaving and deleting your app giving you actionable insights on how to decrease user churn and increase retention. Currently retentionai is the only product in the world that can accurately identify the user who deleted app and with this head start of technological advantage, we intend to process huge amounts of data for app marketers and developers to create better mobile apps.

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We suggest a new traffic infrastructure “Codekake”. We place the ultra-compact electric vehilcle, is a single-seater or a two-seater, in the city. You may rent a these vehicle anytime anywhere if there is a “Codekake-station”, and before you rent these electric car, you can see the remaining battery power, drivable distance, position of the vehicle on the WEB.

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Repertoire Genesis, Inc.

Our primary mission is to contribute to super-personalized medicine by providing platform technology on the immune system. There are huge issues as follows: drugs do not always have the desired effect and adverse drug events are among the leading causes of death. Approximately, half of global drug sales, corresponding to $500 billion per year, are wasted on ineffective treatments and more than 2.2 million severe adverse drug events occur each year in the United States including more than 100,000 deaths. By identifying each patient’s drug targets with our company’s two analysis platforms, which are immuno-profiling and somatic gene mutation analyses, we could appropriately combine existing standardized therapies and develop personalized therapies.

We believe that our detailed understanding of the immune system, particularly that of the behaviors of T and B cells and disease-specific mutations, is key to developing personalized medicine.

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Recruiting key talent is the No 1 business challenge facing any CEO. Top talent helps companies make a greater impact on the economy. Every good employee hired helps a company reap significant impact. Employees and employment are social activities and teams that like each other get much better results. RippleHire is a young and highly ranked company solving a Global problem of talent acquisition from India. Bringing together many disparate but very important concepts – Gamification, Social Networks, Technologies based social networks, RippleHire address a “Top 3” business problem for any company in any industry in any part of the world.

Every organization has a wealth of talent within the workforce. Top talent knows top talent and Rippleire helps an organization unlock the value in their employee networks to find talent that fits their culture and can succeed in that environment.

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Robotics Plus Ltd.

Manufacturing and distribution businesses around the world are being dramatically disrupted by robotics, automation and data analytics. However, primary industries such as horticulture, agriculture and forestry have struggled to adopt this hi-tech revolution and are viewed by independent reports as been the least automated industries globally. Harsh and highly variable environments in these industries have traditionally made measurement and automation very difficult. Processes are highly labour intensive and data collection is fragmented and disparate.
RPL’s success is to deeply understand complex food and fibre value chains as well as have a deep understanding and experience with emerging technologies such as machine vision, artificial intelligence, computing, electronics and robotics. We partner with leading research organisations to ensure that our solutions are at the forefront of technology capability.
We consequently have a track record of developing robotic, automation and analytics solutions which free the primary industries workforce of repetitive work as well as minimising waste, optimising hygiene and creating more control for farmers, crop managers and post-harvest industries who seek to power up productivity in food and fibre value chains.
“Robotics Plus is the future of in-orchard and post-harvest automation, with its real-world, sophisticated, precision robotics being developed today to meet the significant and increasing agricultural demands of tomorrow.”
Andrew Dawson Acting Group Manager – Sensing & Automation at Callaghan Innovation

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