Quantum Biosystems Inc.

Quantum Biosystems is developing a nanopore-based sequencing system called “Gating Nanopore” that will accelerate the use of DNA/RNA sequencing with broad applicability. The concept of the Gating Nanopore was originally proposed by Prof. Kawai and Prof. Taniguchi at Osaka University. In order to translate Gating Nanopore science into practical and commercial application, Quantum Biosystems was founded in Jan 2013. The platform consists of various innovative technologies including nano-technologies, electronics and informatics and is designed to provide excellent user benefits over important features as a DNA/RNA sequencer such as cost and speed with excellent quantitative capability. The Gating Nanopore technology together with new business model is expected to provide a huge economic and clinical impact on the market.

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Quality eXperience Design Co., Ltd. (QXD)

• Make it 3D
Provide integrated services in relation to stereoscopic (3D) conversion and imaging technologies in which binocular disparity is added to two dimensional (2D) images.

• Remake it 3D
Build a new business model based on remaking of past 2D image content by 3D conversion and imaging technologies.

• With QXD
Perform as a player capable of striking a balance of the above-mentioned services between the perspective of quality and cost at the global top level.

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Qubit Security is a professional information security company. We have been exceedingly studied ‘hacking’, and developed real-time hacking detection cloud platform ‘PLURA'( for the first time in the world.
We have changed the paradigm of security based on Big data analysis, machine learning, the largest scale of security log database in Korea, and real-time hacking detection technology. Our goal is to solve chronic troubles of security incident that could never be solved by traditional post-audit way.

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