Onward Health

Onward Assist is a machine learning platform focused on oncology, that provides decision assistant tools across the clinical process – including Diagnostics as well as treatment decision assistance. Onward Assist provides Oncology analytics tools that help clinicians be able to look at information of a large volume of patients and come to accurate clinical diagnosis and diagnosis. These analytics tools are built for Histopathologists (Microscopic examination of the Tissue), Radiologists (Medical Imaging such as X-rays) and Oncologists.
The key focus today is in diagnostics assistance in Radiology, and Computational pathology (around Breast càncer and Cervical cancer). Their tools does the work of a radiologist and pathologist respectively, and helps improve productivity by 30-40% (reflected by the reduction in the time taken to complete the reporting of an image, or a slide).
Onward Health is run by CoFounders, Dinesh Koka and Vikas Ramachandra who bring a combined 30+ years of experience in Healthcare, Business Development, Computer Vision, and Deep Tech. Dinesh is a 16+ years Healthcare Industry Exec, having worked with GE Healthcare, and then startups. Vikas Ramachandra (Ph.D) heads Data Science, and brings 10+ years of deep expertise across computer vision, machine learning having worked with Qualcomm and healthcare analytics startups in the US.

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Optical Sensing Ltd.

Optical Sensing Limited (OSL) was established in 2011 by the founding partners / shareholders. The mission is to provide intelligence based monitoring systems to organizations / operators who operate systems of power, energy, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), transportation and hydrology/geology. The objectives of the monitoring system are to protect their asset investment; promote green environment; and to enhance service quality.

OSL launched the first solution in July 2013. The first solution is a Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system. The DTS system makes use of an ordinary fibre optic cable to sense and measure the temperature of the host system to which a sensor fibre optic cable has been attached. The whole fibre optic cable is a sensor thereby providing continuous monitoring contrasted with discrete sensors.

DTS is based on Raman back scattering. Raman back scattering was discovered by Professor Raman in 1983 at University of Southampton, UK.

OSL obtained patents from Chinese and HKSAR Governments on the system software developments. OSL has also developed advanced application software for analysis of temperature profiles to effectively identify abnormal operating conditions of host systems.

The DTS system can greatly enhance service quality and improve environmental quality as well as protection of valuable assets.

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Trigger finger is one of the most common disease that widely occurs. Statistic-wise, there are 1% of national population who have the disease and need surgery. The surgery usually takes around 15 minutes to perform by a doctor and one assistant. The patients take 7 days to recover and need to came back to the hospital for unstiching. Therefore, the usual process is costly, time-consuming and risky for patients to get infect. A-Knife is an innovative medical equipment to aid all doctors in performing the surgery for patients with finger disorder. The equipment is designed in the form of unique knife which could pierce into the finger and finish the surgery within 2-3 minute without any stitching. Thus, A-Knife could reduce the cost and time consumed for hospital as well as reduce the risk of infection for patients and make them recover faster than current method. By solving these problems, the technology could enter into the market which has the value around 118 million dollars in Thailand, 937 million dollars in ASEAN, and 12,500 million dollars worldwide. Nevertheless, A-Knife is a disposable equipment; thus, it could sustain the revenue stream through repurchase from hospital.

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Omnimatics Sdn Bhd is an early stage startup focused on connected cars. Based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Omnimatics is building its flagship product, CARdio™ – a FitBit for Cars! In the same way that FitBit quantifies various metrics of the human body to help individuals improve their health and lifestyle, CARdio™ is designed to do the same for car owners by helping them solve various problems associated with driving.

We are engaged with automotive manufacturers, and are poised to initially roll out to the B2B market in the 2nd half of 2016. There is potential revenue of up to RM1.4 million (USD 350,000) in the first year alone, and more so once we hit the consumer market via motor insurance telematics – which is a multi-billion ringgit industry by itself. By capturing even just 5% of the market share of cars produced and sold in Malaysia annually (30,000 cars), Omnimatics will be looking at revenues of at least RM15 million ringgit (USD3.75 million). Once the company matures and is ready to open operations in other countries in South East Asia, Omnimatics will be able to generate 2 – 3x more revenue at similar market share of 5% in those respective countries.

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Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre Limited

Founded in 2012, Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre Limited (HKOWRC) is the first and leading organic waste recycling company in Hong Kong. HKOWRC’s mission is to integrate R&D, regular recycling service and public education in a holistic and commercially feasible approach. In HKOWRC, several innovative organic waste upcycling products (e.g. animal feed, edible mushroom, and mini-garden kit) have been commercialized and recognized by the public. More than 20 local food production and catering companies have joined our organic waste recycling service, and tons of organic waste is recycled everyday into valuable products via the advanced biotechnology developed locally with the support from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and local institutions. Several R&D Projects that recycle organic waste into building materials, fine chemical for fragrance use are still under-going.

Besides our works in recycling and research works, efforts are also devoted to promote the importance on treasury food and foodwaste reduction to the public. Only in 2015, more than 10,000 visitors have come and joined our education tour and workshop that aims at promoting food treasury and food waste reduction. A wholly own product brand “FoodCycle+” is also developed that sells high quality locally grown Veggie to supermarket. The fresh and tasty veggie helps demonstrate the cycle of “Waste to Food” into everyone’s home.

We sincerely hope the participation in Asian Entrepreneurship Award can help HKOWRC build up potential complementary relationship with other Asian’s enterprenuars and produce synergy in environmental protection and R&D sectors.

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OliveWear Pvt. Ltd.

Olivewear has launched Project SaveMom, an initiative to provide better maternal care and healthcare ecosystem in both urban and rural areas. We have created two unique versions of solution powered by wearables, iOT based medical devices and cloud technology.
Our solution comprises of a fashionable wearable that monitors pregnant women 24×7, an AI based mobile app that acts like a personal assistant and contains doctor reports, and a cloud system that continuously processes the data. For advanced care we also have iOT based medical devices such as Blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, weighing machine, fetal heart rate monitor and blood glucose monitor, which provide antenatal care at remote places.
In Rural, we sell our solution to pregnant women through hospitals, governments and foundations who wish to improve the personalized care for pregnancy in remote areas. Our mode of operation is through grants and funds from foundations.
In Urban, we provide the entire solutions as “First 1000 days” which provides pregancy care, parenting tips and health tips to mothers for 1000 days. We sell our wearables and iOT devices through the app. Each sale we expect to make a profit of 35%.

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