Nocnum Inc.

Wastewater treatment for more than 10 million people in Japan depends on the purification process by an advanced septic tank. Advanced septic tanks (AST) and their proper maintenance are necessary for sustainable wastewater treatment in Japan. However, the majority of AST maintenance companies have big challenges: insufficient staff, inefficient work culture caused by paper-based administrative work, and technical difficulties in remote monitoring of ASTs. It is an urgent task to increase human and time efficiency in the operation of the AST maintenance company by the digitalization of their business, and to ensure that proper and sustainable maintenance reaches all ASTs.
We provide AST maintenance companies with an “automatic maintenance scheduling” based on sensored AST condition, an “operation assistance system” that digitalizes the administrative tasks, and a “visualization for AST condition”. Three services are geared by an IoT sensor newly developed for AST. By implementing these systems, maintenance companies can increase the number of ASTs maintained per unit of staff. Monetizing model is that the maintenance companies pay a sensor installation fee for each AST, a system installation fee, and system usage subscription fee.

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Nervotec is the world’s first provider of HaaS (Healthcare as a Service), a software only solution that measures and analyses physiological biomarkers remotely and contactlessly across multiple mobile platforms.

Nervotec’s proprietary video-based technology enables the rapid measurement of physiological biomarkers with medical grade accuracies, while creating actionable insights on stress and heart health.

Nervotec’s solutions are used in professional sports, construction, insurance, healthcare, and governmental sectors worldwide.

Through its technologies, Nervotec is transforming the way people access healthcare, truly enabling healthcare anywhere.

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Nanotronics turns highly renewable indigenous plants into nanotechnology materials for use in various industrial applications. Our nanomaterial products serve as key ingredients in the production of advanced materials suited for both conventional and additive manufacturing. Currently, the primary market we are serving is the packaging industry due to the need for sustainable materials.

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Ningbo Gexin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Through independent research and development of equipment, processes and systems, the company can produce high-quality silicon nano-particle products with small particle size, uniform and controllable, high sphericity and purity, nano-material dispersion through silicon powder. And silicon carbon coating technology, can be used in the negative electrode of lithium battery to greatly improve the energy flow density of the lithium battery, that is, greatly improve the endurance of the lithium battery to enhance the mass per unit volume.
Lithium batteries are widely used in mobile phones, computers, electric vehicles and other fields. They have a very broad application prospect. The market capacity is 100 billion. The project aims to improve the application capacity of lithium batteries and greatly enhance the market demand and customer experience. Solve the pain point of lithium battery in the application is not stable enough and endurance is insufficient.

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Neurobit Technologies Co. Ltd.

Our mission
Neurobit is dedicated to providing a solution — A portable, wireless, eye movement/ nystagmus recording and analysis device (Neurospeed). When the medical imaging database established via artificial intelligence, we can make early detection and prediction to prevent the stroke and other brain diseases.

Company and management
Neurobit is headquartered and incorporated in Taipei City. The management of Neurobit consists of co-owners is listed below:

Travis YangCEONTU-MSE PhDBiomedical Engineering and Biomaterials Design
Roger ChenCOO & CFOFJCU-MGEMMarketing and Management
Jim HuangCTO & CDONTU-BME MSIndustrial and Mechanical Design
Ching-Fu WangTechnical ConsultantNYMU-BME PhDBiomedical Data Science Analysis

In addition, we have assembled a board of advisors to provide management expertise. The advisors are:
Tzu-Pu Chang, M.D., Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Ke-Hung Chien, M.D., Oculofacial plastic and Orbital surgery, Ophthalmology, UCI Health Gavin Herbert Eye Institute
Tzu-Ming Liu, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau Chun-Yi Huang, Ph.D., Former TFDA Supervisory Medical Technologist

Our services
* Rapid Screening of Stroke and Brain Diseases
* Classification of Nerve Diseases
* Pre-treatment Evaluation & Post-treatment Monitoring

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Nitium Technology Sdn Bhd

Nitium Technology just founded 4 years ago but able to bring competition to other global implant manufacturers, not to mentioned that this start-up company can produce competitive solutions with better material at lower cost. This start-up not only has developed the world’s first porous Nickel Titanium dental implant but also reduces more than 60% of average production cost. With correct business model, this advantage enables them to venture into ASEAN market and overcome the issues in dentist expertise and lack of disposable income.

While participating in niche market industry, Nitium Technology already obtained awards and recognition not only from Malaysia, but also globally such as Japan, South Korea and Germany. The start-up company is putting Japan as one important target country, not only to tap on higher disposable income market but also to partner up with Japanese companies that capable in advance materials and precision machinery.

Nitium Technology was nominated because the future of its technology in different types of implant, for example Orthopaedic and Cranial implant market, without the need to repeat pre-clinical trials to enter the markets. I believe what the company require now is financial support and technology collaboration with Japanese high-tech companies.

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Nplasty Pte Ltd

nplasty Pte Ltd (“nplasty”) is an X Reality (“AR/VR/MR”) company that leverages immersive VR technology for orthopaedic surgical training through visual simulation. nplasty’s pioneer product is an orthopaedic surgical training solution for the healthcare community that utilises haptic feedback to provide a more realistic and immersive experience. It provides solutions for various use cases – knee and hip procedures currently with further orthopaedic subspecialties (spine, trauma, upper limb, lower limb, etc.) planned for the future.

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Our company focuses on using the 3D videos and tools to show the overviews or inner structures of houses as well as design the decoration of the houses in the real estate industry based on the Building Info Modeling technology. We provided two products that are 3D virtual tours and online 3D virtual design tool. Our customers are real estate developers, house buyers as well as house decoration companies.
The company can support itself by the cash cow product of the 3D virtual tours. The online 3D virtual design tool is the promising product for the future with leading technology and innovative business idea. We have now developed corporations with many large real estate developers who can be further leveraged as our promoting and expanding channels.
The core team members are excellent and experienced with rich knowledge in Building Info Modeling technology, real estate market and start-ups operation.

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