Ningbo Gexin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Through independent research and development of equipment, processes and systems, the company can produce high-quality silicon nano-particle products with small particle size, uniform and controllable, high sphericity and purity, nano-material dispersion through silicon powder. And silicon carbon coating technology, can be used in the negative electrode of lithium battery to greatly improve the energy flow density of the lithium battery, that is, greatly improve the endurance of the lithium battery to enhance the mass per unit volume.
Lithium batteries are widely used in mobile phones, computers, electric vehicles and other fields. They have a very broad application prospect. The market capacity is 100 billion. The project aims to improve the application capacity of lithium batteries and greatly enhance the market demand and customer experience. Solve the pain point of lithium battery in the application is not stable enough and endurance is insufficient.

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Neurobit Technologies Co. Ltd.

Our mission
Neurobit is dedicated to providing a solution — A portable, wireless, eye movement/ nystagmus recording and analysis device (Neurospeed). When the medical imaging database established via artificial intelligence, we can make early detection and prediction to prevent the stroke and other brain diseases.

Company and management
Neurobit is headquartered and incorporated in Taipei City. The management of Neurobit consists of co-owners is listed below:

Travis YangCEONTU-MSE PhDBiomedical Engineering and Biomaterials Design
Roger ChenCOO & CFOFJCU-MGEMMarketing and Management
Jim HuangCTO & CDONTU-BME MSIndustrial and Mechanical Design
Ching-Fu WangTechnical ConsultantNYMU-BME PhDBiomedical Data Science Analysis

In addition, we have assembled a board of advisors to provide management expertise. The advisors are:
Tzu-Pu Chang, M.D., Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Ke-Hung Chien, M.D., Oculofacial plastic and Orbital surgery, Ophthalmology, UCI Health Gavin Herbert Eye Institute
Tzu-Ming Liu, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau Chun-Yi Huang, Ph.D., Former TFDA Supervisory Medical Technologist

Our services
* Rapid Screening of Stroke and Brain Diseases
* Classification of Nerve Diseases
* Pre-treatment Evaluation & Post-treatment Monitoring

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Our company focuses on using the 3D videos and tools to show the overviews or inner structures of houses as well as design the decoration of the houses in the real estate industry based on the Building Info Modeling technology. We provided two products that are 3D virtual tours and online 3D virtual design tool. Our customers are real estate developers, house buyers as well as house decoration companies.
The company can support itself by the cash cow product of the 3D virtual tours. The online 3D virtual design tool is the promising product for the future with leading technology and innovative business idea. We have now developed corporations with many large real estate developers who can be further leveraged as our promoting and expanding channels.
The core team members are excellent and experienced with rich knowledge in Building Info Modeling technology, real estate market and start-ups operation.

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NEOFECT is developing the RAPAEL Smart Platform based on our desire to revolutionize the current rehabilitation treatment paradigm through digital solutions for rehabilitation. NEOFECT launched the first commercial product, RAPAEL Smart Glove, in December 2014. Major hospitals in Korea adopted RAPAEL Smart Glove as a new way of rehabilitation therapy. RAPAEL Smart Glove was approved by Korea FDA and FDA. NEOFECT established the U.S. office to enter the U.S. market, which is the biggest market in healthcare industry. In addition, NEOFECT formed clinical research partnership with major hospitals, universities, and research centers in Korea and U.S. We believe that we can solve this problem through the digital innovation by providing affordable service to people marginalized by the current system. Our solution can give hope of the normal and happy life of patients.

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Currently nanotechnology is the most advanced technology in materials engineering and will continue to grow until at least the next 20 years. As a tropical country, Indonesia has various natural nutritious resources, especially herbs. For centuries, Indonesian natural herbs have been used as nutritional and natural medicines by the Indonesian people and the world.

Public awareness of natural drugs and nutrients usage is increasing. A survey by World Health Organization (WHO) showed that around 80% of the world’s population currently uses herbal medicine and natural ingredients for healthcare. In 2015 transaction value of herbal business in the world reaches US $100 billion, and in Indonesia reaches US $15 billion. It encourages manufacturers to compete on creating high quality herbal products (supplements, drugs, cosmetics, functional foods) which are natural, effective and safe.

This opportunity motivates us to apply nanotechnology on herbal ingredients, such that manufacturers can manufacture herbal products which are natural, have quick reaction, and both effective efficient in usage.

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Neo Mechanics Limited

Neo Mechanics Limited was established in September 2011 to promote and commercialize a revolutionary high pressure seal, trademarked as Ultimate Seal™, which was invented by its Korean partner Mr. Moses Chang, a serial inventor and an expert of mechanical engineering, and jointly developed with his Hong Kong partner Mr. Stanley Ko. They have applied for more than forty patent applications worldwide, of which nine certificates have been granted: two in America, two in Germany, and five in China.

The metal-made Ultimate Seal™ is a uniquely designed and precisely engineered patented invention with no similar technology/product currently in the market. Its flexible radial tension automatically adjusts its shape and size continuously, significantly reduces friction against sealing surfaces. Simultaneously its multiple sealing layers can provide repetitious complete sealing effects, maintaining close to zero-leak sealing function. It can tolerate extreme temperatures from -220°C to 550°C, cope with both hydraulic and pneumatic ultra-high pressures up to 10,000 bar, and withstand concentrated acids or alkaline solutions.

This technology significantly improves performance in high pressure mechanical devices, reduces fuel consumptions, meanwhile substantially lowering the device’s manufacturing and operational costs. Ultimate Seal™ technology has the potential to change conventional industry practice, making machines stronger and more powerful.

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“Gazee” Direct transaction mobile application service scenarios

Sera sent unnecessary used things to thrift stores or second hand shops for money or free. However, she does not have to take the trouble to carry unused items to such stores any more. Now she uses a direct transaction service, “Gazee”, on her smart phone. She posts photos and description of unnecessary items on “Gazee”. Some of friends from contact on her smart phone will leave a message about items of interest. Thus users bring their unneeded items and exchange them for some items they need on “Gazee”.

Markets and consumption patterns are changing.

  1. Shared economy and second-hand market are growing.
    1. Environmental protection and energy conservation becomes increasingly important.
    2. Development of production technology contributes to lengthening of the life spans of product.
    3. Product replacement cycles are getting shorter as shown in smart products, fast fashion, etc.
  2. Smart device products help people easily participate more in social activities.
    1. Contacts on smartphone have high levels of mutual trust.
    2. People in contact list on smartphone have similar lifestyle.
    3. People can easily produce product information with Smartphone.
    4. Geo-Location information can be obtained from the smartphone devices.
    5. Social networking services helps people to be more socially active.

Needs of reliable private direct transaction service

Private direct transaction is based on mutual trust. Trustworthy networking environment should be established and maintained.

“Gazee” is the online private second-hand trading.

  1. Human Relationship-oriented trading network
  2. Exchange of used goods between contacts on smartphones
  3. Target goods
    1. Used books, kids bikes, beginner exercise equipment, outdated clothes, wine gift, chair and desk, audio equipment, electronic products, small appliances, labor, experience, wisdom etc.
  4. Service scenarios
    1. No longer needed varied items that occupying my living spaces
      i. Users can sell or hand over them to their friends.
    2. Pile of useless items in friends’ warehouse.
      i. Users can buy or take over them from their friends.

“People need jobs and things need someone to use them.”

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Our product is a complete set of solution to an innovative classroom interactive mode. By the features of notes management, online interactive system, permanent storage in the cloud and a learning objective-based SNS mode, we inject efficiency, convenience, and environmentally friendly solution to the traditional classrooms and meeting rooms. The solution relies on the comprehensive utilization of smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops, wireless networks and cloud services. This innovation can be applied to the education industry, public cultural industries and business areas.

Our customers can be categorized into two groups: the high-end training institutions (such as the EMBA, private schools, business meetings, and PR firm), and the general education institutions (such as public universities, middle schools etc.).We make the pricing strategy corresponding to different group of customers.

Compared with these competitors, Notemate is a low cost and more convenient solution. It combines all critical functions into one solution, saving additional cost for the users. In our tryout experience, we receive highly positive responses from the users such as teachers and students.

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